Monday, June 20, 2016

JAPAN in.... Germany!

Weather is SO bad lately....

hard to plan something when you know that rain can arrive anytime!

But we planned to visit our friends in Germany last saturday.

You must recognized Christine from Chronicaly overdressed!

(I stole this picture from her blog)

We spent a really lovely day together.

We chose to visit the japaneese garden in Kaiserslautern.

We were lucky enough to avoid rain.

This garden was so beautiful...

almost no flowers...

different shades of green with stones...

Some nice lanterns and budhas...

and a few touches of red!

We had also a nice view of the city!

This humid weather fitted perfectly these landscapes!

but we had also some sun!

One more time, you will think that we chose to match!

Absolutly not!!!

We perhaps communicate by telepathy....

Both in gray and orange!

We even matched those koi carps!

The colors of this skirt are really not the ones I like usually...

but it was fun to try to build an outfit around that beautiful piece!

Look at this cute sleeping fox!

Here are the orange details of my hubby!

I must admit that we really did match !!!

We like to discover some new places like this.

No need to feed these fishes...

they were like pets coming to see us!

Not a good idea to touch them Sylvain!!!

Do you sometimes match your clothes with your man ?
Have you ever visited a japaneese garden?

Dur dur de prévoir une sortie en ce moment avec ce temps de m..... Mais nous avons bravé les gouttes pour rendre une visite à nos amis en Allemagne! Ce fût une magnifique journée pour nous malgré quelques averses! Nous avions choisi de visiter le jardin japonais de Kaiserslautern. Balade zen au milieu des lanternes, bouddhas et carpes koï! Vous aurez certainement du mal à croire que nous n'avions pas prévu d'assortir nos tenues... c'est pourtant la pure vérité!
- Prochaine étape... le vrai été! -

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A SWEDISH sweater!

Sun is becoming so rare these days....

We had a lot of floodings all over the county.

I think that you saw the sad pictures of Paris underwater...

I was contacted by the brand Emmydesign a few weeks ago.

I was lucky enough to be able to choose a piece to review in their new collection!

I was waiting for a sunny day to present my choice on these pages...

Emmydesign is a pretty new comer in repro business

but they are trying to provide something new: 

 high quality clothes with a real vintage look!

I'm not so much in repro, I really prefer vintage...

but some stuffs are really hard to find now, mainly in larger sizes!

That's why I chose their Susie Q cardigan,

in red of course! I have never enough red in my wardrobe!

I was not dissapointed when I received it.

First sizing, I asked for advices as I don't buy new clothes often....

I was surprised to receive a size 38/40 as I'm a 40'' bust,

but it fitted perfectly!

After that, details are really nice:

nice leaves design,

pretty buttons!!!

I also like the cut of this sweater, really 40's inspired!

Short lenght, long and slightly puffy sleeves...

It is quite heavy but not too hot for summer,

I like to be able to wear sweaters with my vintage dresses,

I think it's more elegant than just a dress.

I found this late 40's dress during our last US trip.

I chose those Miss L Fire shoes to match my lovely new cardigan.

This lucite purse is a long time favorite of mine!!!

I added vintage cherries and I loved it even more.

I enjoy accessories so much, it's like a game to match them together!!!

I was so happy to find in an Antique mall that gorgeous bracelet last april!

Red hearts and egyptians coins!

I also found in Pomona some new accessories for my Bel Air...

Look at my new licence plate frames!!!!

I have been searching for these FELIX ones for years,

but they are usually so expensive!

I was so pleased to score them for cheap!!!

Full brown look for my hubby...

with a golf theme 40's tie!

And a matching tie bar of course.

I don't like brown so much expecially for summer...

but Sylvain really likes that color and always manage to find matching brown! 

That had been the first outing with my Chevy since last fall.

It had a brakes problem...

but thanks to my father everything is OK now! Thank you Daddy!!!

Have you already visited Emmydesign website?
What are you searching for when you buy repro?

Après le temps affreux de ces dernières semaines, j'ai enfin eu l'occasion de photographier un nouvel arrivant dans mon dressing!
J'ai eu la chance d'être contacter par la marque Emmydesign pour donner mon avis sur leur collection printemps/été. J'ai choisi parmi leurs nouveautés ce magnifique sweater d'inspiration 40's. Je ne suis pas très repro et préfère le vintage, mais certaines choses deviennent si dures à trouver que la repro reste une bonne alternative, surtout si la qualité est là et un design proche de l'original. Je n'ai pas été déçue avec cette nouvelle marque suédoise: les détails, la matière, la coupe... c'est du bon travail! Un basique qui s'associe facilement avec des pièces authentiques. Ce fût aussi l'occasion de sortir ma Bel-Air qui hibernait depuis plusieurs mois à cause d'un problème de frein résolu d'une main de maître par papa!
Et vous, vous êtes plutôt repro ou vintage?
- A bientôt -