Monday, July 21, 2014

HONFLEUR's harbor...

So here was our second day in Normandy...

Our hotel were in a charming small village.

So we had time to take some pictures there.

People living here were so friendly...

and came to us to tell us the story of their place.

We could even visit some private buildings...

like this XVIIth century manor!

It helps to wear vintage sometimes!

Normandy has an english flair, isn't it?

We wanted first to visit Deauville's beach on that day...

but it seems that every parisians had the same idea!

So to avoid traffic jam with a vintage car...

we changed our plans for another destination!

HONFLEUR and its old harbor!

It's from there that Samuel de Champlain, the famous french explorer, left to create Quebec city in early XVIIth century.

The steeple of the Honfleur's church is separated from the rest of the building,

it was to prevent this wood structure from fire.

The roof is like a hull boat upturned.

You must remember this outfit from my Viva's pictures!

It is so comfy and I had so many compliments for it that I chose to wear it again.

Here are some of our backstage secrets....

Here is what you usually see...

and here is one backstage picture!!!

The harbor is really beautiful but so crowdy on a sunny week-end!

We even saw a nice vintage shop there...

unfortunatly closed the day we visited.

My husband, always overdressed....

We came back to the 50's event from my previous post for a few hours...

and it was already time to park the car back in its garage.

I was so tired after these busy 2 days...

but after a nice diner, we even found the energy to go to cinema to watch JERSEY BOYS!
Like fireworks to end this beautiful week-end!!!

 Have you ever been in Normandy ?
Have you already seen JERSEY BOYS? We really like it!

Et voici notre 2ème jour sous le soleil de Normandie... un petit coin bien dépaysant avec un avant goût d'Angleterre! Nous avions initialement prévu de visiter Deauville, mais étant donné que tous les parisiens semblaient avoir eu la même idée, nous nous sommes dirigés vers le vieux port de Honfleur. Sans regret, de quoi se sentir vraiment en vacances!
Malgré 2 jours forts remplis, nous avons même trouvé la force de nous rendre au ciné le dimanche soir pour voir JERSEY BOYS! De quoi finir le week-end en beauté... Vous en avez d'ailleurs pensé quoi de ce film? Nous on a adoré!
- A bientôt -

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to NORMANDY!

Another late post from June....

we left for a week-end in Normandy with some friends.

We were driving their '55 FORD.

Weather was just perfect!!!

We were not there for cows from Normandy...

but for a 50's event!

Cars, bikes, music... and friends!

        Some followers asked me a few posts ago if Sylvain
          and I work because we are travelling so much...

I was a bit surprised with those comments because we have both full time jobs!

We are travelling on week-ends and we are lucky enough to have 5 weeks of paid vacations in France!

Normandy is about 6 hours drive from home 
but we first stopped in Paris.

It was nice to meet new people...

even some that were already our blog followers.

We really spent a nice day there.

Here is what I wore on that sunny journey...

A really old 50's french sweater (one of my first vintage purchase ever...)

and a new circle skirt made of a vintage fabric.

It was custom sew for me by Debora from The Black Pinafore.

I must tell you that I'm always dissapointed with repro clothing and had 2 bad experiences with custom made items, but I was so pleased with what I received from her!

Did you notice my new lucite cat?

Matching sweater and car...

Being quite far away from home...

we were able to see some new (to us) vintage cars.

This day finished with some doo-wop around a street corner...

and going back to our charming hotel for more adventures in Normandy!

How much paid vacations do you have in your country?
Did you have some good experiences with repro and custom made items?

Nous avons passé un petit week-end en Normandie fin juin pour le festival Back in the 50's. Nous avons eu la chance d'y être conduits en FORD 1955! Le temps était parfait pour cette petite escapade improvisée entre amis... certaines personnes m'ont demandé il y a peu si Sylvain et moi travaillions car ils avaient un peu l'impression avec le blog que nous étions toujours en vadrouille! Et bien oui, on travaille à temps plein, mais nous passons nos week-ends et vacances de ci delà pour nourrir notre passion!!!
Juste un petit mot sur la jupe magnifique que je portais ici, elle a été confectionnée pour moi dans un tissu d'époque par Debora de The Black Pinafore. Cela me reconcilie un peu avec la repro car en général, je suis toujours déçue...
- A+ pour de d'aventures normandes -