Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer autumnal day...

So we are back into the blogging world!!!

I didn't have time to select all the pictures from our trip in Europe the 2 first weeks of August.

So you will have to wait a bit to see more about our vacation.

Since we went back, we have had the worst summer weather ever...

It's like fall in august...

Rain, cold, it's not possible to go out without a coat or jacket!

These pictures are from last week-end, would you believe it's summer?

I don't like really hot weather, but I will not be against a bit more sun...

Here is the outfit I chose for this summer autumnal day.

40's total look with my favorite mid season coat.

This vintage beret is really unbelievable!!!

I bought it in Paris in Falbalas, see here.

This 40's set comes from the same shop.

I could not believe it when I try it on, just perfect!

It's like it was made for me, exactly my size in bust, waist, hips...

A lovely color between pink and purple, so classy!

Some black accessories and I got so many compliments!!!

Did you notice these sexy retro heels?

They are from Miss L Fire... yes, another one... yes, I'm addicted... I bought them on sale, they are so comfy and finished this look perfectly!!!!

Have you seen their new AW14 collection? I have already ordered my favorite model!

My husband has already let his hawaiian shirts to go back to wool jackets and vintage ties...

But that's his favorite look!

Pictures without sun are always a bit sad...

We went to some flea markets just before this shooting...

we didn't go to many these summer because it rained almost every week-ends!

Sylvain found this nice 40's fedora in vintage shop in Amsterdam.

What I like on my outfit of that day is I could find a way to wear 3 brooches!

I really love vintage broches.... I cannot believe that nobody wear them anymore...

Plastic, lucite, celluloid, resine or bakelite are my favorites!

If they represent animals, I can not resist!!!!

How was the month of August for you?
Do you wear brooches a lot? What kind?

Nous voici de retour dans la blogosphère!!! Il faudra un peu patienter avant de pouvoir découvrir les photos de notre petit tour en Europe début août. Voici quelques photos du week-end passé... nous avons eu un temps abominable depuis notre retour, c'est déjà l'automne, on ne sort plus sans une petite laine... bien triste! Sylvain a laissé ses chemises hawaïennes au placard et j'ai ressorti les manteaux! Le chapeau et l'ensemble que je porte sont des trouvailles récentes lors de notre escapade parisienne. Le feutre de mon chéri est un souvenir d'Amsterdam lors de nos vacances. Pour les broches, le plastique, c'est fantastique... et si elles figurent des animaux, je craque... 3 dans une même tenue, j'ai fait fort!!!! Et vous, portez-vous souvent ces petits trésors oubliés?
- Bonne rentrée -

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We made it!!!! 3 years already....
We took a small break off the blog in August due to a trip in Europe (pictures coming soon...)
This blog need so much time, it's good sometimes to rest a bit!
So here are a few pictures of the 3rd year of the blog... you can click on the tittles to find the original posts. I hope you will discover some that you missed!
So much work to maintain the blog alive, but I'm quite pride of last year result!


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I hope that I will find more inspiration for the next upcoming months. I want to thank my husband for his help on this blog. I think that if he was not there I will have stop it a long time ago... that's sometimes so hard to find motivation to make good pictures and write the posts after that!!! I'm always reading all your comments and messages, I really enjoy all of them even if most of the time I don't have time to answer to all of them. 
I hope to be able to meet more of you in real life my dear followers, that's really the best part of this blog... meet people that share the same love for vintage!

Thanks again to follow us!!!

What was you favorite post from last year?
What do you want to see more?

Déjà 3 ans...difficile d'y croire, c'est parfois si dur de trouvé la motivation et l'inspiration de maintenir ce blog, cela demande tellement de temps et d'investissement! Je remercie mon mari de me soutenir dans cette grande aventure car si il n'avait pas été là, je l'aurais arrêté il y a belle lurette....
Au final, je suis assez fière du résultat pour l'année passée, ci-dessous quelques photos des posts des mois passés, cliquez sur les légendes et vous accèderez directement aux posts originaux!
Tous vos messages et commentaires me font toujours hyper plaisir, n'hésitez pas à commenter en français!