Monday, February 23, 2015

We are BACK!!!!!

I'm so sorry for my lack of posts last month....

thanks for those who wrote to us

 to know if we were still alive!

Yes, we are!!!

But winter is really not a good season for pictures,

we have had a lot of rain and snow...

so when we had time for a small photo shoot,

the weather or the light was not with us!

And I must tell you that I was also a bit ill.

But if you want to stay in touch a bit more with us,


So a few words about what we wore on that day...

A vintage princess coat found in Brussels flea market

and a 50's wool/jersey dress,

I really fell in love with its color, so BRIGHT!

For the accessories: black and red.

Gorgeous tartan shoes in sale here on MISS L FIRE.

This cute owl is from ERSTWILDER.

A few bakelite bangles...

A 50's box purse...

An easy snood, a large flower and some sexy stockings

 and here is an outfit that makes me smile

 on those cold winter days!

Sylvain found his inspiration with a new tie!

A really seasonnal touch!!!

Those skiers are so funny...

and he found the perfect matching pants and jacket,

with touches of red and blue!

While going back home we crossed paths of a circus...

so here are 2 bonus pictures!!!

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Déjà un mois depuis mes derniers mots sur ce blog... que le temps passe vite! Pas facile de prendre de bonnes photos en hiver, les conditions climatiques n'ont pas été avec nous ces dernières semaines: pluie, neige, froid... Bref, merci à ceux qui se sont inquiétés pour nous, tout va bien, il nous faut juste encore quelques semaines pour sortir de notre hibernation!
Donc voici quelques photos avec des tenues aux couleurs pour sortir de la tristesse de l'hiver pour vous prouvez que nous sommes bien toujours vivants!!!
Si vous souhaitez rester un peu plus en contact avec nous, n'hésitez pas à nous suivre sur INSTAGRAM
- Bizzz -

Thursday, January 22, 2015

50's vs MIDDLE AGE !!!

One more round of WINTER vintage clothes...

I have already mentionned how difficult finding a good shooting place is.

Most of the time we want to find places with no modern car...

no modern building,

 not crowdy...

and believe me, it's becoming harder and harder...

a lot of buildings have been modernized and cars are everywhere!

So for this shoot, we chose a medieval place...

it's called the Germans' gate in the city of Metz.

It's a bridge castle from the 13th century...

most of the fortifications of this city were demolished,

 but the part was saved in the XIXth century

 and was restored a few years ago.

You must think but why such a nice place is SO empty?

Just because it was SO cold and windy!!!

Nice COSY 40's coat to be kept warm...

I also wore this vintage brooch,

it's in fact a medal from the french school of ski!

But definitively not my ski level, I'm so bad skying...

I like to still wear some flowers on my hair for winter....

they make me think that spring will come after those crazy cold days!

But for now no fancy heels, warm boots that's all!

It's in such period that I wish to live in a warmer place...

but vacations under the californian sun are not so far...

I don't know why men don't wear ties anymore...

It's perhaps not so comfy during summer,

but for winter, it's so elegant 

and give a fun color touch to every outfit!

A lot of my readers mentionned to me how lucky I am

 that my man shares the same love for vintage!

Of course I am!!!

This 50's wool dress is pretty new to me.

It has a touch of orange in it.

A perfect match with that 50's rust umbrella.

It's pretty simple, but look at that holder...

A gold treble clef!!!

Perfect for "Singing in the rain..."

Jezzy my cute Jack Russel from Erstwilder is like a ghost on this picture...

 it's matching my large lucite bangles!

How do you choose your shooting places?
Do you share you love of vintage with your man ?

Pas facile de trouver des décors intemporels pour nos petites séances photos... on ne se rend pas compte à quel point nos villes et campagnes ont été "polluées" depuis les 50's, les voitures sont partout, les bâtiments ont souvent été modernisés avec plus ou moins de goût... Bref, voici ce que nous avons trouvé comme décor pour cette fois: la Porte des Allemands à Metz. Datant du XIIIe siècle, elle est l'une des dernière de ses fortifications encore en place, sauvée au XIXe, elle a été récemment restaurée. Le froid glacial avait totalement vidé l'endroit!
Encore des couches de vêtements en laine... on a vraiment envie que le printemps arrive... heureusement nos vacances sous le soleil de la Californie ne sont plus très loin!
- Bises glacées -