Sunday, March 15, 2015

SNOODS are my best friends!!!

Sorry to be so quiet recently...

so to not feel so guilty, I have prepared a long and busy post!!!!

The weather is not bad lately...

still cold but SUNNY,

it's like to be born again!

Straw basket is out again after a long winter....

You must have noticed that I'm wearing snoods a lot.

I think that they are the best option when you don't want to set your hair!

My hair are really not easy, not curly, not flat, really freezy...

so snoods are so convenient when I don't want to put rollers.

Some followers wanted to know where I buy mines.

The best are for me the ones created by Naomi from Arthelia's attic.

I have just ordered some new shades for VLV!

Acrylic's ones are my favorites and give a real 40's look.

Visit her ETSY shop and

don't hesitate to contact her for a custom order: special colors, to add pearl or rhinestones, for different bow colors....

On these pictures, Sylvain is wearing my birthday present for him.

It's that gabardine coat from the 40's.

He really LOVED it

 and I felt relieved that it fitted like a glove.

This jacket is like new, look at this gold lining!!!

He paired it with nice pattern vintage slacks.

You must have noticed another present from me...

this nice 40's tie with a mexican theme!

I'm wearing more blue recently.

perhaps hoping for a more blue skies!

it will be really soon for us....

we are leaving for California in a few days!

So I was really busy this week-end to get my suitcase ready.

I hate that so much: 
cleaning, ironing, trying to pick as few as possible...

 but with VLV it's so difficult, 

you want to pack all your wardrobe!!!

As I'm really stressed with my suitcase....

Sylvain has still nothing prepared....

he is always so calm and not worry,

we are really 2 opposites!

Hope you liked this small chapel in the middle of now where!

Do you like to wear snoods?
What colors do you wear the most?

Encore une longue absence du blog... alors je me fais pardonner avec un post bien long et bien fourni! Avec les quelques jours ensoleillés que nous avons eu, on se sent revivre!
Vous avez certainement noté que je porte beaucoup de filets dans les cheveux, je les trouve tout simplement si pratiques! Des caches misères qui en jette un max quand on a la flemme de mettre les bigoudis! Pour ma part, je les fait faire par Naomi de Arthelia's Athic. N'hésitez pas à la contacter sur sa boutique ETSY, elle réalisera tous vos commandes sur mesure!
Sylvain porte ici 2 cadeaux de ma part: un petit manteau 40's an gabardine et une cravate des plus originales.
Après un week-end la tête dans les valises, je suis enfin prête pour notre espacée californienne... plus que quelques jours... YEAH!!!
- On se voit à Viva pour les petits chanceux qui y seront -

Monday, February 23, 2015

We are BACK!!!!!

I'm so sorry for my lack of posts last month....

thanks for those who wrote to us

 to know if we were still alive!

Yes, we are!!!

But winter is really not a good season for pictures,

we have had a lot of rain and snow...

so when we had time for a small photo shoot,

the weather or the light was not with us!

And I must tell you that I was also a bit ill.

But if you want to stay in touch a bit more with us,


So a few words about what we wore on that day...

A vintage princess coat found in Brussels flea market

and a 50's wool/jersey dress,

I really fell in love with its color, so BRIGHT!

For the accessories: black and red.

Gorgeous tartan shoes in sale here on MISS L FIRE.

This cute owl is from ERSTWILDER.

A few bakelite bangles...

A 50's box purse...

An easy snood, a large flower and some sexy stockings

 and here is an outfit that makes me smile

 on those cold winter days!

Sylvain found his inspiration with a new tie!

A really seasonnal touch!!!

Those skiers are so funny...

and he found the perfect matching pants and jacket,

with touches of red and blue!

While going back home we crossed paths of a circus...

so here are 2 bonus pictures!!!

Are you following us on Instagram?
Did you miss us?

Déjà un mois depuis mes derniers mots sur ce blog... que le temps passe vite! Pas facile de prendre de bonnes photos en hiver, les conditions climatiques n'ont pas été avec nous ces dernières semaines: pluie, neige, froid... Bref, merci à ceux qui se sont inquiétés pour nous, tout va bien, il nous faut juste encore quelques semaines pour sortir de notre hibernation!
Donc voici quelques photos avec des tenues aux couleurs pour sortir de la tristesse de l'hiver pour vous prouvez que nous sommes bien toujours vivants!!!
Si vous souhaitez rester un peu plus en contact avec nous, n'hésitez pas à nous suivre sur INSTAGRAM
- Bizzz -