Monday, May 21, 2012

A Rock'n Roll WEDDING !!!!

Last saturday was THE day for our friends Aline and Vincent!

There was a dress code for this event: black and white!

The day started really well with the groom's car which didn't start.....

And it was time to go to pick up the bride! I let my husband drive my car because it was hard to drive for me with 2 large petticoats!!!

All friends with working machines took the road to follow the groom, a nice drive on a sunny afternoon!!!

What fun to drive between nice vintage cars!

We should have driven  my husband 's 58 Lincoln but the weather was not so sure for the night and he had a problem to put the top up.

All friends were all so elegant in B&W...

What lovely ladies!

Here is the Hot Rod of our friend Rémi, I love this picture!
I was wearing a black early 50's french dress bought in Paris about 10 years ago.

Here is the small church were they get married!

Black and white petticoats just to fit the dress code perfectly!!!
I usually wear only one small petticoat but this dress is so full, more than a circle skirt!

My hat is a 50's velvet one, a present from my husband years ago.

And it was time to welcome the star of the day: the bride!

An arrival better than Cannes Festival with an amazing dress, like a small balerina!!!

Here was the car of this glamourous couple: a 48 pick-up CHEVY.
And here are us waiting to enter in the Church!

The groom was fully vintage dressed with a 40's tuxedo bought with us here and the bride's dress was just designed for her, just perfect!

The party was so much fun and so well prepared with so much good things to eat... and drink!

Our friends from the Mos'cats played good old Rock'n roll!!!


It should have more friends' wedding it's always so much fun!!!!
All like kids again.....

Oh, did you notice my perfect hairstyle!!!! My own creation with hair rolls... you will not see them like this often it takes so much time to have a perfect hairstyle!!!!
Some really fun portraits...


A small picture with the STARS of the day...

CONGRATS to this lovely couple!!!!!
What a beautiful table with every details thought with care... and love of course!!!!
You will not see so much pictures of the party because I was low battery, what a pity, you will miss their amazing wedding cake!!!!

Join me to wish a happy life to
Aline and Vince!!!!
You will perhaps cross their road in their honeymoon this summer in California!!!

What do you think of this beautiful just married couple?
 Just perfect, isn't it?
Have you some friends' weddings planned this summer?


  1. Wow, you both look stunning, as usual :-)
    The bride dress is simply breath-taking!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW what a stunning wedding dress!
    And you look adorable too. I can imagine how much fun you guys had!

  3. OMG! The bride is PERFECTION! What a wedding. Loving the photobooth, as well.

  4. What an awesome wedding! Love your outfit!


  5. The wedding was so sweet and beautiful! I LOVED your dress and your shoes were stunning! Looks like you and your hubby had a fabulous time!! xox

  6. Génial ! De bien belles photos !

  7. Very stylish! Looks like a fun wedding too!

  8. wow looks like great fun and what a picturesque setting!I have my own wedding to organise in the next few months but it will be very small and casual-just a ceremony really and of course a few drinks hahaha- price you pay for moving to the other side of the earth away from friends and family!

  9. Wow, awesome photos of a very stylish wedding. You look gorgeous. Love the hat^^
    The dress of the bride is really beautiful as well and I love her shoes. And I like the tuxedo of the groom. All together very stylish and nice cars all around (love yours most though)^^

  10. they are such a great couple!! And the bride's dress is amazing!

  11. It really looks like it was such a fun wedding! Everyone looks grand. The bride looks beautiful, and I love your black dress with the black and white petticoats. Your hair looks great (but I always think it does!). :)

  12. OMG! I love it! I'm getting married in a year and I wish we could hire a rock and roll band :)