Saturday, September 22, 2012

50's American Diner

One of the thing you think about when it comes to the 50's must be 50's american diners... Everybody saw young teenagers coming there after school in Happy Days, American Graffiti and so....

We went last evening to this kind of 50's style restaurants...
but we wanted a special something to make a fun meal together with friends... something like this Happy Days picture... Burgers, 50's cars, poodle skirts!
We drove our '59 Cadillac...

despite a sucking bad weather...
We chose to dress up like a teenage couple from the 50's even  if High School is very far away from us!!!
The place where we were invited is FONZIE Diner, it's a few miles away from home. This kind of vintage american style restaurants is
really fashionnable in France and a lot opened recently.

This kind of "clichés" about the USA is not my favorite, but it's a fun place to share a meal with friends!

Sailor Simon and his wife were also part of the party...
To speak more about my outfit... hard to look like a teenager when you are aver 30... First, I had to wear a full skirt with petticoat of course! A charms bracelet was also a must have!!! 
Beaded sweater with a bullet bra and a cute fur sweater guard and I came back 15 years ago...

For my hair, what is more teenage than a ponytail???? I had never made this kind of style before, but I think I will wear my hair more like this in future! Quite flattering...
After a few drinks...

Time to eat!!! The Empire Steack building for Bibi...
New York wrap for me and Texas Burger for Sylvain!

We laught a lot of course!

No complete 50's style meal without a huge milk-shake... Coco-Choco for me!
We want you sailor!!!
A big thanks to our friend Fred and the Fonzie Diner's boss for the free meals!!!
In the following picture you will be able to better see my hair style...

2 teenagers girls...

and just a teenage romance....

Are 50's style diners fashionnable where you live?
What do you think about my teenage outfit, did I look 16 years old?


  1. Oh my, I wish I had a ´59 Cadillac to drive around! Your cardigan is the cutest and you wear that teenager style quite well.

    And I want a milkshake now ;).

  2. We have a place called Ed Debevics in Chicago. They are really rude to you and do dance numbers every so often. It's a lot of fun though.

  3. I'd say 17 or 18 yrs old. I love that you both dressed up, and I think you both look excellent! And a letter sweater - how fabulous! I love Sailor Simon's outfit and moustache very much!

  4. You two look so marvelous in your teenage inspired 50s threads. I especially love your beautifully detailed sweater and that awesome fuzzy sweater clip.

    Happiest start of autumn to you both!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love it:) You two look like you have so much fun together:)

  6. This post is absolutely divine, every bit of it! I'm exceptionally jealous of both your sweater clip and the venue. xx Princess Pin Curls

  7. The 1950's teenager style looks so good on the two of you!:)

  8. love this 50s teenager look. fun post!

  9. Just found this blog and love it! new fan from!


  10. cool looking peoples! And a nice american diner! funny pictures too!