Sunday, April 28, 2013

40's MEXICAN jacket

Here are some more pictures of last week-end...

My brother in law was visited us so you will be able to see us together!

I must tell you that I found during our US trip another thing that I was looking for ages!

A 40's mexican jacket!!!

Most of the time this kind of jackets are small size and full of holes.

I found it in the same shop than THIS dress in Hollywood...

These jackets were hand made in Mexico for tourists.
Did you see Janey's recent post about them?

My hubby had one of his classic outfits!
Early 50's sport jacket...
Felt hat...
50's high waisted flecked pants...
an AMAZING new 40's tie and...
his grand-father shoes!!!
Not in pristine condition but a familly treasure!
That was not easy to find perfectly matching accessories with this colorfull jacket...
Not sure if I didn't choose too much things and colors.. perhaps this scarf was too much?
This sweater is vintage of the 50's, so delicate!
Do you remember that purse bought just after our vacations?

This 40's beret was find last week in a flea market.
And look at the beautiful label inside!!!! 

My winter MISS L FIRE embroidered boots matched well...

Do you like simple outfits posts ?
Do you own one of these nice jackets ?




  1. I love outfit posts, I always enjoy seeing what others are wearing. I don't have one of those jackets but I would really like to get one. The photos at the top of the page with the two of you together are really nice :)

  2. Beautiful jacket! What an amazing find :)

  3. You all look lovely !x

  4. That jacket is off-the-charts awesome! What a vibrant, wonderful design and classic TexMex style it conveys. Huge congrats on finding another one of your dream vintage items.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You always look fantastic! I adore Mexican jackets! I find them around here fairly often, but never in wearable condition, therefore I don't have one....but I can live vicariously through yours!

  6. Oh love your darling Mexican jacket! After Janey's post I'm really wanting to find one for myself. You look simply darling in yours.


  7. I love your outfit posts. The sunglasses are fabulous. I'm on the hunt for a nice round pair from the 30's or 40's, I know good luck to me:)

  8. I adore your new jacket and love that purse! And the beret!! So perfect!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  9. You both look lovely! I love all the vibrant colours in your outfit - I have many times contemplated getting a Mexican tourist jacket, but I just find them sooo itchy! I would love to get one that was lined! :)

  10. You and your blog are such an inspiration! I am sure I have told you that before, but it's worth repeating!

  11. You are both so peachy! I have followed your blog for a year or so. How exciting for you to visit Southern California and to snag all of those great finds!
    Much love,