Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Driving to POST OFFICE....

I have lately started to sell a part of my huge wardrobe on my FACEBOOK page...

and here is how I brought your parcels to our Post Office...

But I must tell you it was now a common day...

We had 2 days off in France last week-end ...

So it was like short vacations!

 I don't drive my vintage car every day!

That would not be really practical...

and too expensive with actual gas price!

I discovered on that day that my radio antenna is so high... incredible!!!

A few words about my outfit... 

I bought this 40's skirt in Viva Las Vegas last march.

This huge brooch is also from VLV but last year!

Some bakelite bracelets... I don't have a lot of bakelite bangles because I don't want to spend so much to buy them... I'm waiting to find them in flea markets but it's pretty rare.

Snake skin 40's purse with repro bow wedgies. 

I have not enough of these vintage sweaters, I would want to have them in every colors!

Time for Sylvain to go out with one of his vintage hawaiian shirt...

I hope that so much colors will help to warm up the upcoming weather...

 I must still sell a lot of stuff, but I must find time to picture all items.

It's not an easy task to choose what you want to part with....  

 But Sylvain and I must give a new home to a lot of clothes or accessories that are sleeping in our dressing room because they don't fit properly...

Stephanie Tyler Hastie, you are the winner of my Shabby Apple giveaway but you have still not contacted me thru my e-mail adress:
You have till next week-end to contact me, after that I will have to choose a new winner, sorry...

Do you often sell vintage clothes ?
What works the best for you: friends, FB, Ebay, Etsy... ?


  1. I love the color combination of your outfit, and of course your car. I go to the post office to use an old bicycle wand.
    Have a nice day.

  2. I cant wait to get my dress! I will send pics!

  3. What a gloriously pretty spring day! Weather like that really does call for a lovely drive. You're so lucky to have found even just a few Bakelite bracelets at flea markets and the like, I've not had that luck rub off on me yet. Great outfits, both of you - isn't it marvelous that we don't need heavy coats for our outfit shoots any more? :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I'm so jealous of your car and also the weather where you are!

  5. the colour of the car is perfect! ... and your outfit is perfect aswell.

  6. Now thats what I call travelling in style! And a beautiful Spring day - you look fabulous :)

  7. Oh!! Your car is *so beautiful*!!! My boyfriend and I 'ooo'ed and 'aaah'ed over it for a long time!


  8. THE CAR IS AWESOME! And the photos GREAT! Like watching old films :-) LOVE IT!