Monday, July 15, 2013

"14 juillet".... BASTILLE DAY!!!

Yesterday was our National Day...

14th of july is a day off here in France.

But it was a sunday this year so it doesn't change anything...

It was a beautiful sunny day!

Time a enjoy a ride in our vintage convertible.

It was like vacations even if we stayed at home...
Just taking time to enjoy life!

We went first to a small flea market where I found this lovely 50's purse and it's NOS!
And I chose to wear a quite patriotic outfit...

Blue, white, red...

If in the USA it's quite common to see people wearing those 3 colors on the 4th July...
it's rare in France but I had a few good reasons to wear them...
First, I love those 3 colors, they match perfectly...
Secondly, it's not often that I can wear my patriotic costume jewellery!
Moreover, I bought a new necklace at flea market last week...
A cross of Lorraine in rhinestones from the 40's!!!!
(By the way, Lorraine is the area of France where we live)
These kind of crosses were used during the WWII and was the symbol of free France.
Cannot believe I managed to found such an unique pendant,
I LOVE it!!!
One more reason to wear our flag colors is.... (except the fact that I love my country...)

NEW WEDGES!!!!! I discovered these shoes a few days before french sales so I decided to wait...
And I got them with 50% off on the first day of Sales!!!!

But my outfit was not so patriotic... look at the pattern of my skirt... so BRITISH!
I also asked to Sylvain to wear the same colors than me....
but he didn't feel like wearing them...
so he chose a brownish style!

With early 60's coton pants with attached belt...

a plaid 50's shirt...
and a pair of 2 tones shoes!
My new shoes are from my favorite shoes designer MISS L FIRE...

they are available HERE for 50 euros!

Oh, my skin is really white there... we need more sun!
We had a nice stroll in a small medieval town near home...

It was so hot!!!!

but we could not complain.... we wait so long for summer to come!

We must now wait for true vacations...


What a nice door!

Did you know that the 14th july is french National Day?
Do you often wear patriotic outfits?


  1. I do wear red, white and blue a lot because they are my country's colors too plus they just look good together! Love your new wedges! Super cute!

  2. I didn't know it was Bastille da, I only know the 4th of July. Here in Italy sometimes I like to wear green, red and white:)

  3. Damn great outfit of Sylvain, I love it!!!!

  4. Wow, you looked wonderful! Though I have to admit I especially love that british skirt.
    And I didn't know about the croix de Lorraine and that it was a symbol in WWII, but it looks very beautiful.
    Well, as a german I am not used to celebrate national holidays or dress in patriotic colours, but here in Switzerland they are very fond of their national holiday, too. And white and red wouldn't be that extraordinary for me to wear, but I know that I wouldn't feel very comfortable walking around like this on August 1st.

  5. You both look magnificent! I adore your patriotic ensemble, dear Laurence. I always wear Canadian colours on Canada Day (July 1st), too - and love coming up with new festive vintage outfits each summer. This year I didn't have too much white, but was heavy on red and fun Canadian touches like a vintage totem pole brooch (from the town of Jasper) and a maple leaf print scarf used as a belt.

    Wishing you both a terrific week!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I was walking downtown Toronto on July first and was surprised to see how many people wore red and white and the maple leaf! I wore red for the weekend as I was at a Music festival (Digital Dreams) where they call for your best Canada pride!

  6. Omg those shoes and that purse...gahhhhhhhhhhhh drool! Love your outfit and the day looked beautiful!!! xox

  7. Love both your outfits! I wear a lot of my country's patriotic colours (Great Britain) which also happens to be red, white and blue! I tend to wear those 3 colours as I love a good nautical theme to my outfits!

  8. I'm glad that you both got enjoy some long awaited sunshine. You both looking smashing (as always)and although Sylvain didn't wear patriotic colours it's nice to see that his car seats matched you perfectly! Bon Bastille Day xx Shauna

  9. i'm sorry, i have to say, i didn't knew that the 14th of july is a special day for the french... as being a newly wed to an american guy i just spent my first 4th of july. hahaha, the patriotic colours are the same at least. ;)
    the striped top is so amazing, i wozld wear it right away. i already know with which pieces from my wardrobe i would like to pair it.