Thursday, August 11, 2016

DONKEYS all around....

We are back from our summer vacations...

But nothing really fancy for a french couple...

Paris for a few days and south of France to visit familly!

We had a great time

and fantastic weather...

but sky has been really sad since we went back home.

Sylvain has already come back to vintage ties and jacket!

But even if it's a bit chilly,

I don't want to wear my fall clothes already!!!

It's still summer afterall!!!

When will I wear those cute REMIX sandals if I don't wear them NOW?

I brought them back from L.A. last April, they are really comfy.

I wear today for the first time this donkeys skirt.

It was custom made for me from a vintage 50's fabric that I purchased on Facebook.

I like skirts with huge pockets!

As this skirt has a lot of white,

I had to find some colorfull accessories!

This scarf just thrifted in Paris was perfect!

I like to wear my new finds as soon as possible
(before I forget about them...)

like those blue bangles that I thrifted for a few cents 2 days ago!!!

They match perfectly my bakelite even if they are just plastic!

I'm not snobbish for my jewellery, 

of course I prefer bakelite but I don't care if a bangle is just plastic as soon as it looks great and have a pretty color!

My favorite season is really summer,
I like to wear vintage coton clothing and sandals...

For my hubby, it's the opposite,
he is feeling naked without a tie...

and don't ask him if he likes to wear shorts for summer...
he HATES them!!!

Do you care if a bangle is bakelite or not?
What is your favorite season?

Nous voici de retour après quelques jours de vacances... rien de bien excitant pour des français... Paris, puis le Périgord... mais au final, pas besoin de partir bien loin pour prendre du bon temps! Mais dès notre retour, nous avons retrouvé le temps maussade qui semble n'avoir pas quitté notre région de tout l'été... même si Sylvain est déjà retourné à ses vestes et cravates, c'est hors de question pour moi de me résoudre à quitter mes sandales et mes cotonnades, si je ne les porte pas maintenant, quand le ferais-je?
- Bonne fin de vacances! -


  1. Lovely skirt! And as always perfectly accessorized. Personally, I am not a fan of bakelite, but I adore lucite, which fortunately is much cheaper. Your plastic bangles are very nice. And I am glad Sylvain doesn't like shorts, most men does not look good wearing them. Sylvain is always elegant and such a vintage dish. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Fantastic outfits, both of you. I really love the tail end of summer. It affords so much fashion potential, as we can hold fast to the present season (as your outfit does) or look more towards fall, like Sylvain's. For those of us who wish we could wear everything in our closet the whole year 'round, that's just about as close as we can (comfortably) come.

    Your newly thrifted blue bangles are gorgeous! What a cheerful shade of sky blue.

    Wishing you both a fantastic weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Your outfit is amazing, especially that lovely skirt! I'm also loving the bunny brooch. Let's hope we get some more summery days before autumn comes rocking along. xxx

  4. Your skirt is just darling!!! And bravo to no shorts! Good vintage shorts are insanely difficult to come by, especially mens! So it's wonderful he doesn't like them!


  5. Bunny brooch! How adorable!
    I like each season as they come, as they all have something wonderful on offer x