Sunday, October 2, 2011

"BROCANTE" in Belgium

I will share again our passion for flea markets after this post. We go really often to all local flea markets near our house and we are quite well known by all the regular sellers due to our look so a lot of people keep for us various objects for amazing low prices!!!

It was my first trip out of the house this week, I was quite ill and I had to keep the bed for some days...

Woke up at 5:30 AM, towards Belgium about 50km from home!

What a beautiful NOS pair of boots from 1900-1910,
unfortunatly too big for me.
I bought a 40's dress from the seller.

A cute 50's unbrella with lady bugs,
unfortunatly in bad condition.

Discovering some NOS 20's lingeries: slips and
panties with floral and Art Deco embroideries.

Here was how we were dressed today...

My husband wanted to buy a strange thing, a mexican velvet hat from the 50's, like new with amazing gold embroideries. It will be hard to store and I must organize a mexican party soon to be able to wear it....

And here is all what we bought this week-end... I'm quite ashame to have bought so much, we have a big house but it will be soon full!!!!!
But how resist to such cuties for just some euros and we often think that we must save all these kitch objects from the 50's...

And a list of what we bought :

- a bamboo cheese plate from the 50's
- 2 cakes plates from the 50's
- one small 50's poodles dish
- a set of 6 bakelite fruits knives from the 50's
- a women 50's eyeswear frame
- a pair of platic earrings from the 50's
- a 40's dress
- a plants tables from the 50's
- a pairs of triangle small tables from the 50's
- 3 atomics barkclothes from the 50's
- some others atomics fabrics from the 50's
- a mirror frame from the 50's
- a yellow lamp from the 50's
- a green purse from the 40's
- an atomic tea-pot from the 50's
- a bamboo wall plant holder from the 50's
- a 30's bakelite hairdrier
- a bar furniture from the 50's
- another small atomic table from the 50's
- 4 ski pole from the early XXth century
- a Xmas tray from the 50's
- a 50's scarf
- a bag for make-up from the 50's
- some 45 rpm records most from Elvis
- a 45 rpm holder from the 50's
- a mexican hat from the 50's
- 7 atomic pots from the 50's
- a souvenirs plate from Chicago from the 50's
- a 50's style men shoes NOS
- some 50's platic things to clip on plates to put bread or sauce
- a 50's revues holder
- 2 50's yellow plastic pots for plants
and not in the pictures a TV from 1954 and another 50's floor lamp.

Fortunatly, the flea markets season will soon come to an end due to the upcoming cold weather... we will have this winter to organize all these new purchases and perhaps have to sell some of them...

What do you buy the most in Flea Markets?
Do you buy in order to sell or just for you?


  1. Oh what a wonderful trip! You look stunning in that suit, and I love the shaped hem of the jacket.
    I usually by for my self, our house, or my child. There are so many cute babygirl dresses and I can´t resist them. I think better to take advantage now when my daughter is little and can´t decide for herself what to wear, hehe!!

  2. Forgott also to say. I love that you have completed the look with that beautiful hat! So many vintage-loving women forgett that ever so important HAT! Everyone that had good maners and were fashionable wore hat when they went out and about in the 40s and 50s.
    And the matching red accessories is also a great detail.
    I love it! :)

  3. I really love hats!!!I quite always wear a hat and sometimes a snood or silk flowers... When I make a longer trip by plane I usually don't bring hat, hat box are too big and less and less luggages are allowed in plane, what a pity!!!

  4. Oh wow! So many amazing finds. I wish we had flea markets and things like that here (that were actually good, anyway!)
    -Andi x

  5. Oh my goodness, I would love to go to flea markets with you! You find the most amazing things!


  6. You are a total gem. I wish I had flea markets like yours!!! All of mine are total antiques or faux antiques or vintage clothes or ANYTHING! Lucky for me I can live vicariously through you :-)

  7. Where are you from? Yes, I'm quite lucky here with flea markets, I know good adresses to find a lot of things. But for vintage clothes, internet is usefull!!!!