Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last flea markets....

It's time now for the last flea markets of the year... Fortunatly the weather was with us the last week-ends were quite sunny and let us enjoy the Autumn!

 What I enjoy the most in the last markets of the years is that all sellers make all Xmas ornements come out!!! I would like to share with you some beautiful ones.

My favorite ones were those 50's little characters...

Those birds were so elegants...

I loved these colorful collection...

Nice for the eyes but quite non-affordable, more than 10 euros for 1 ornement !!! That's why I don't own a lot of vintage ones, they are highly collectable :  often expensive and really fragile.


I was nice so see this beautiful stall: vintage truck with vintage pedal cars...

"Boule d'or" was a famous cigarettes trade mark in the late 40's and I really love its ads.

Once again a lot of nice vintage magazines and patterns !!!

Some 50's tapestries...

Some comics from the 30's...

I didn't buy a lot on this flea market. A lot of nice things but quite expensive perhaps because of Christmas which will be here very soon!!! I bought for myself a 50's brooch, a 40's green bakelite necklace and a small 50's white leather purse.

The weather was so nice that we decided to eat out and cruise in our '59 Buick.

But we had to make an emergency stop... a lonely 50's chair was waited for us on the sidewalk !!! Some people trashes can be others' treasures....

Those US vintage cars are huge but it was quite hard to squeeze this chair in !!!

Do you own some vintage Christmas ornements ?
Have you ever save some objects abandoned on the sidewalk ?


  1. ah we love you Laurent and Sylvaine !!!

  2. How crazy! That chair is so pretty I can't imagine it just sitting on the road!

    Flea markets look like so much fun. I have a set of those bird ornaments, that go on my little pink tree at Christmas. Can't wait!


  3. Vincente et Alain, on vous aime aussi!!!

    Yes Solanah, I can't too to decorate my Christmas tree... We will have a lot od Xmas market everywhere in less than 2 weeks!!!

  4. AS you commented on my page, you should open a shop on Etsy, put all your treasures on sale. I love French 50s furniture and I'd wish to see a little bit more of it ! Ebay.fr is too expensive...

  5. Coralie,
    Time is always my biggest problem....My job take me a lot of time and I have not enough time in WE to do everything I want. I want to learn how to sew for many years but I have nerver found time for that! I used to sell on Ebay some years ago but it was not really quick to make a listing... perhaps one day I will open an etsy store!!!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I have a 12" difference between my waist and hips so I know how you feel! I only have two repro pieces-one that was made to my measurements and the other piece is jeans from Freddies of Pinewood and they actually are curvy enough for me!

    And you and your blog are just darling!