Thursday, December 29, 2011

My collection of GLASSES

Do you want me to show you what you can find in the cupboards of my kitchen????
I'm pretty sure you are curious about that so I choose to show you a part of my vintage glasses collection.

I will only present water and juice glasses, they are really more fun than wine glasses. Most of them are from the 50's.

There are several themes on those kind of vintage glasses. The first one is of course ATOMIC THEME with a lot of geometrical forms.

A lot of these sets were displayed in small wire baskets usualy by 6.

This gold set was made by the MONACO Crystal factory, I think one glass is missing.

The glasses can have several sizes. The above ones and the next must be water glasses, they are smaller.

Sometimes you can be lucky and find a complete serie but it's quite rare due to the fragility of these glasses.

Look at those nice set above... unfortunatly one is missing... they are so delicate!

The glasses on the pictures above are quite common in french flea markets. Some old people told my that these atomic glasses contained mustard in the 50's-60's. You can find them in 3 sizes. It's the glasses I use everyday because they are so easy to find so I don't fear to break one....

When a glass have a nice design I buy it hoping to find some more one day and perhaps complete the set in future.

Another theme is ANIMALS.

Those 2 sets above are my favorite ones!!! I think that the one with the butterflies are one of the first set I have ever purchased, the one with the swallows are a more recent purchase. Those 2 sets are complete and one even with the pitcher.

CHINEESE theme was also really popular in the 50's-60's.

ASTROLOGY was also a popular theme.

This set is quite special because I didn't find the set complete like that, I first bought 2 glasses and after 2 others and after the pitcher...

I really love the JAZZ SINGERS set. I own the complete set but I saw one same glass sold on Ebay UK for £15!!! I must have paid less than 5 euros for the set...

FLOWERS can also be printed on those vintage glasses.

Those ones with lillies must be older than the 50's because they are really heavy.

I also own some ADVERTISING glasses.

Look closely at the set above it's glasses from the inaugural flight of the Jet Clipper with the PANAM. I found these glasses somewhere in a french flea market... They must dated from 1958 judged by the following film :

So incredible ... for first time people could cross Atlantic ocean in only 6 and a half hours!!!!

PLAYING CARDS was also a really popular theme. I own several of those theme sets.

The following colored and granited sets are really common and can be find in differents sizes, colors, with gold or not...

I love those sets because of their colors, it's so beautiful when you display them on a table.

I sometimes find some separate umpty basket for a few cents and a set looks so much nicer in those kind of basket, isn't it?

You can also find some glasses made like cups... I don't think they are made to drink hot beverage because they are so thin. I think they were made to drink cold beverage with ice in hot summer!!!

So I'm hoping you loved these pictures because I spent some hours to get this post ready and share with you a part of my collection.
But what a pleasure to discovered again some of those sets!!! I had forgotten some of them...
I have a secret to tell you... I quite never used a lot of them fearing to break one of the glass of those amazing complete sets!!! I think sometimes I'm quite an idiot to buy them and don't use them... but they are like ART to me!!!!

Do you like and use vintage glasses?
What is your favorite set in my collection????


  1. The pan am collection is quite rare and soooo cute ! !

  2. Im sooooo jealous of your collection!Don't ever consider yourself "idiot" as you said for not using them.Fragile collections like that are ment to be safely kept!This is trully the finest glass collection i've ever came upon!

  3. I love them all!! I have some 1950s abstract pattern ones in the loft I keep away from my parents as they're just too clumsy! I see a few in charity shops, so I'll have to grab some more when I see them, they're only 50p each!

  4. Wow! You collection is amazing!~ I wish I had a collection even close to yours!

  5. This post is just so lovely! Thank you so much for the hours it took you to get it ready for us..I was thinking it would have taken a long time, just before you wrote it. I am currently wanting a 1950's lemonade jug and glasses myself. xx

  6. I just love this post so much I reblogged it....this is the best glass collection ever :)

  7. Thank you for your pics of the inaugural Pan Am Jet Clipper flight. You are correct, the flights aboard the new Boeing 707 began in October, 1958. I just acquired a "Jet Clipper Inaugural Flight" glass from 06 March 1966. They certainly are festive!