Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Claus has already come....

It seems that Santa Claus has already come for my husband... He brought a big toy for him... a CAR!!!!

I cannot say that I welcomed it with a smile... We already own 3 vintage cars so why a FOURTH??? Moreover I'm not really fond of this huge late 50's cars.

But my husband is like a child when it comes to vintage american cars: the biggest they are, the best it is for him! That's why he chose this 1958 LINCOLN Continental, the longuest and the widest car ever made in the 50's!!!

This car is not in mint condition and will need some care. It's our first convertible... I think I will have to buy some vintage late 50's coton dress to cruise this summer!

You can see the 3 tones seats made of leather.

Here is an TV ad from 1957 for the NEW Lincoln and Continental III.

I was in a very bad mood all the week because of this car arrival... but it's already here at home... so after a good meal at restaurant with familly my smile come back...

Now our garage is full, no more place for any other car... so if he wants to welcome an other vintage car, he will have to sell one!!!!

What do you think about this car?
Love or hate?


  1. Love it! But I understand, my ex-husband was a car lover (Porsche 914-6's) we had several in various stages of "restoration". It's can be hard when ANOTHER one comes along! lol!

  2. Don't worry, my husband is exactly the same!! Fortunately we have run out of room already so he will have to sell also. I DO like the Lincoln, and what a fab excuse to buy more dresses!

    Maxine xx

  3. The problem is that there are not only cars but a lot (A LOT!!!!!) of vintage everything: furnitures, hairdriers, mixers, heaters, vaccum cleaners....