Saturday, April 21, 2012


It was my third time in L.A. and it's always a pleasure to be there!
So much to do in this big city for vintage lovers like us.
We stayed in Los Angeles about one week but it was so busy: days and nights!!! So many things to show you that I will make 2 posts about it, one for our days and anothers for our evenings....

It's impossible for french people like us to be in L.A without visited again and again the chineese theater in Hollywood boulevard to compare my huge feet (I'm a 7.5 US) with the tiny ones of Doris Day or Judy Garland....

We also went to Venice Beach.... I used to love this place some 15 years ago but now about all vintage shoppes there don't exist anymore. The atmosphere in Venice about body culture is definitively not for me!

More over the weather was awfull!!!!
So we chose to go shopping on Magnolia in one of my favorite stores in L.A., it's PLAYCLOTHES.

This shop recently moved to a bigger place and it's a pleasure to visit this incredible store!

We met there a danish couple Asta and Peter. They were also there for VLV and we choose to spend some nice moments together (Hope to see you soon in Europe guys!!!)

We also met new friends from everywhere going to VLV: Benny and Jen from L.A. and Christine from Australia... Vintage world is SO small... and friendly!!!! LOVE THAT!!!

We also have the pleasure to visit the beautiful Goodies Familly's house, a french familly who has just move to L.A. We also met our friends Yannick and Madeleine there (they live less than 50km from our home...)!!!

Their garage looks a lot like ours... Full of vintage GOODIES!!!!

We enjoyed american cuisine!!! BURGERS, BURGERS and BURGERS!!!!

On sunday we visited Passadena flea market. It was a big event but we didn't find a lot of stuff and prices were similar then in shoppes.

I met there Asta, the danish girl, and a lot of new friends again. As I said before vintage world is small even in a big city like L.A.

I found two pairs of plastic flowers earrings and this baby blue 50's purse.

And I could not be in Hollywood without visiting REMIX!!! I was dreaming about one of their models since Xmas and I finally got them! My husband bought a 30s style pair of shoes.

And when we left the place of our friends of the Goodies Familly, we finally got a true Californian weather: sunny and hot!!! 

A good weather for a stroll on the beach!

After some vintage shopping in Long Beach, we could not leave this area without paying a visit to this Old Lady named Mary!!!

Our friend Benny showed us the best place to shop in Old Orange.

And that was just what we did during the day... see you in my next post for our crazy L.A. nights!!!

Do you like Los Angeles?
What are your favorites places to shop there?


  1. Ah, it looked like you had a grand time in my stomping ground. Love your photos!

  2. Great photos! That blue and plaid dress is simply divine!
    -Andi x

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