Monday, March 11, 2013

Cars and friends in CHAMPAGNE

As every second week-end of march, we spent our week-end in Champagne.

It's the date of a large vintage cars show.
It's like a huge flea market but to find vintage cars parts.
But not only car parts, there are also a few vintage clothes sellers!!!
And that's what I love the most in this event...
There were a lot of wonderful vintage hats!
I found some amazing dresses but unfortunatly not my size...
Look at this atomic fabric!!!
I fell in love with this silk velvet cape...
But a bit expensive and perhaps too early compared to my other clothes.
I choose a 40's style for this unexpectied sunny day.
Rain was expectied so I wore this 50's rain coat.
And no 40's style without my new fan crocheted purse!!!
I added this cute vintage parrots brooch for more colors!
There are about no american cars parts so we not come here everyday for that but most to meet friends and see beautiful vintage cars.
Here is our friends' Buick 1953...
French make PEUGEOT have the honors.
Did you know that the first retractable roof in a car was french?
Peugeot 402 Eclipse 1937
You can better see our outfits here.
I bought my 40's wool suit last march in San Fransisco.
Here is the beautiful VOISIN's mascot, luxious french cars.

 There were beautiful vintage ads, real piece of art! 

 We did not forget to make some advertising for our car show CRY BABY.

If you want to meet us reserve the 28th and 29th of June to see us... More infos HERE!!!
And here are what we brought back home... 

To complete our collection, our friends gave us the 3 front pieces: knifes holders, cheese plate and snacks dishes.

And clothes: a New Look jacket but you must see it worn, a real beauty, perfect cut! An early 50's dress with a mexican flair, a few accessories and a crazy 40's hat!
Do you like to go to this kind of events ?
What do you think of what we brought home ?



  1. Oh, those hats are so awesome! It's so much more fun to go hat shopping in person rather than online.

  2. How fun this must be! We don't have any events like this near us but I would love to go sometime. You guys look great!

  3. I love your hair and outfit! The purse is so cute.

  4. Such fantastic new vintage treasures! I am always in awe of the wonderful things you unearth wherever you go vintage shopping across Europe.

    Love your outfit - very much including the brooch pinned to your purse. That's an idea I really must borrow from you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

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  6. Very elegant dish set! Yes, I love going to such events, but I don't find spare parts for my vintage car either.

  7. What an amazing event. I wish we had more things like that over here. I'd be zooming in on the fashions too!

  8. Such beautiful cars! We have auto-jumbles over here quite frequently, though I haven't been to one in years. I love to see classic cars and that Peugeot is spectacular! I also really love the Buick.
    I love all the things you brought back with you!

  9. I love that little parrot brooch! I also like the sound of Cry Baby - I will talk to my husband and see if he would like to would make a fun weekend away! :)

  10. Looks like a wonderful show and you two came away with some great finds. How fun to see all your photos! I especially like that you snapped one of a Heinkel Tourist! You hardly ever see those in the states.

  11. I just love the 1940s crochet fan purse, the parrot brooch is a fab addition to the purse!

    I love hats and would have been spoilt for choice looking at all those pretty hats on the stall!

  12. You both look fabulous! Gorgeous clothes and cars! And that fan purse! Beautiful! ~xoxo CoriLynn

  13. That tableware is amazing! I love the black and white in atomic shapes!! You guys look awesome as usual!


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