Saturday, March 2, 2013

WELCOMING SUN near water...

I have a great piece of news....

Sun is finally back after having disapeared for many weeks!!!
So we took a stroll along water...
But it's still freezing cold...
However, sun always gives a happy mood...
and makes you want to feel pretty to go outside!
I even risk my life (...!!!...) for some good clichés for you my dear readers!
In my outfit some really new purchases.
I bought this sweater a few weeks ago on Ebay, it's in fact a wool suit but unfortunatly the skirt is too large for me...

Another new purchase is this purse from Etsy... I have always dreamt to own one of these fan crochetted purses from the 40's....
but they are often expensive or in bad condition, so I found mine after years of hunting... LOVE IT!!!!
Did you notice the cute brooch I added? It's from the Australian brand ERSTWILDER, they handmade cute retro style jewellery.
My hubby also wanted to go out with an elegant outfit.
A stylish vintage 50's cocktail jacket found in a vintage shop in San Fransisco last year. The cut of this jacket is quite unusual...
He usually wears 40's ties but here he chose a late 50's pink one to match his jacket! I love men in pink!!!
His vintage 50's pants come from Hong-Kong and these 30's style shoes are from REMIX.
This vintage swing coat is an old find from Ebay. I don't think black is a sad color, I LOVE black!
This skirt is one of my first vintage purchase... found in the biggest european flea market (in Lille every first week-end of september) many many years ago. 

I have worn it a lot in my early vintage life but I still love it a lot!
I must also show you this lucite bracelet...
I also have the matching earrings, those kind of sets are not easy to find at an affordable price...
My hat is from a flea market in south east of FRANCE. I'm not sure how it should be worn but I think it looks pretty good like this.
My hairstyle is just a quick improvisation from this morning...

 What were you last finds from Ebay or Etsy?
Do you like black color? Sad or elegant?




  1. I love black! I have a great black taffeta circle skirt that was one of my early vintage purchases and it's so great and versatile!

  2. Your hubby looks just as I pictured Nick Carraway when reading the Great Gatsby!
    I adore those flowers in your hair - are they a vintage find?
    Beautiful pictures - what a gorgeous couple :) x

    1. No, those flowers are from H&M some years ago.

  3. I love the lucite bracelet with matching earrings. As usual, you and your husband have fantastic ensembles!

  4. Fabulous! You both look so wonderful and I do wish I could find vintage to fit me but no such luck. But I do wear hats, jewelry and purses! You can always find those in the perfect size for anyone!

  5. Lovely as always! That handbag is such a great find, and must feel even more special as it took you so long to acquire it! I am also happy that we have had some sunshine in London....but it's still freeeeezing! I can't wait for some more Spring-like weather...x

  6. Black is quite elegant as it is so classic. I love the fan purse and brooch.

  7. Fabulous outfit, I love the hat and bag!

  8. I love your brooch! I have a little white fox from the same designer.

  9. you guys look great as always! i think black looks elegant. and how sad could it be with that cute brooch!?

  10. That purse is so neat!!! You guys look perfect as always! We will see you soon - can't wait!

  11. Three wonderful cheers for the return of spring on your end! You both look terrifically stylish and lovely. I adore your whole ensemble, very much including that incredible 40s handbag. The shape is so eye-catching and statement making.

    Wishing you a fabulous spring filled with tons of sunny day!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. your bag is totally adorable. what a fabulous find!!!