Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nights at VLV!!!

Yes, I know.....

I'm really late for this post!!!

I was finally thinking to not share my VLV pictures because it was already 3 months ago but some of my followers asked me where were my pictures from Vegas...

So here they are!!! 2 heavy posts: one for evenings and one for days to come soon...

So we spent a nice time with our finish friends.

Viva is the place to meet people from all around the world!

You can chat with old friends...

but also meet new ones!!!

It seemed that LOST IN THE 50's is also appreciated in Japan!

Viva is also THE place to be for a good vintage shopping!!!

Sylvain and I found a lot of good stuffs, that was hard to close our suitcases to come back!

Here are for example my new 50's glasses, they are now waiting for lenses.

But VLV is also THE place to have fun with friends!!!

4 days and nights NON STOP!

The problem is that it's so big that you cannot see everything!

I also met a lot of bloggers and missed some because of the size of this event.

Main ballroom is often so crowdy...

that's it feels good to just share a drink in a friend's room!

A few words about my VLV outfits...

I didn't plan any special ones, just a mix of what I had already wore during vacation and new purchases...

I had already had this dress for our Disneyland visit. Sweater was purchased in L.A. and hat bought in an Antique Mall in Vegas.

And here is the Friday night...

Dress bought a few hours before in vendors rooms...

Sylvain was also inaugurated new stuffs.

50's flecked jacket freshly bought...

Vintage guitar tie bar from a Vegas Antique Mall...

Crazy vintage lurex tie shopped in L.A.

White shoes seemed to be fashionnable among our friends...

Nice backs guys!!!

When I say people that we were in Las Vegas...

and we never touched a slot machine, they don't believe us!

But VLV is also CONCERTS!

One more time, you cannot see all of them, so you have to choose.

Our favorites were doo-wop ones of course!

When I said that main ballroom was crowdy...

We didn't last long on that night...

Viva can be so exhausting...

you want to not miss anything and see everybody...

so you are running from here to there all the day...

your feet cannot accept any nice shoes on the evenings...

But you are in Viva so you must look great...

Have I ever mentionned that VLV is like a vintage fashion show?

For men and women!

Closed in this Casino you are losing time sensation... 


So you often eat in the middle of the night!

The concert we enjoyed the most was The Cleftones, original doop-wop group from the 50's!

And here is our last evening... 

Our friend Benny had a KILLER tie!!!!

40's 3D boobs pin-up tie!!!

That was time for a last minute shopping with the best bargains of the week-end!!! 20 to 50% off...


Exchange clothes with friends in rooms is also a must...

Fortunatly, Sylvain didn't buy this hat... :-)

I was so tired on sunday after 3 weeks partying almost every nights...

But some were still full of energy!

Our last concert was Ray Collins!

And it was time to say good bye...

But we will come back for sure!

See you next year friends!!!!

Stay tuned for VLV days...

Have you ever been to Viva Las Vegas?
What was your favorite part of this huge event?


  1. Wow! I love Vegas but I've never been to VLV - I think I ought to try and go next year! Love the dress with the white collar that you bought there - looks like vintage heaven!

    1. You must try at least one VLV!
      I also love this dress, white, green and blue, I will be able to match it with many accessories!!!

  2. No, I have never been to VIVA LAS VEGAS, but I would go immediately to shop. It seems an event full of activities, with the opportunity to meet new people. The Italian version is called SUMMER JAMBOREE, this year will be in early August.
    You know this event? you're never gone?

    I really love ♥ the blue dress with white collar.....

    1. Yes, I know Summer Jamboree but I never been there... I must tell you that I don't like hot weather and I'm always fearing that Italian in August will be too hot...

  3. <3 I miss Viva. Is it time again for it yet? More Viva posts please, I love them!!!!

  4. I'm glad you posted your Vegas series. It's so much fun to see all the events. I love also seeing your great accessories and fashion:))

    1. No easy to wear vintage and look great all days after 3 weeks out of home.... Happy that you liked this post!

  5. You looks fabulous as usual! I really want to go one year!

  6. I'm happy to see the pictures even if they are late. I think he should have gotten the cowboy hat! I love the red dress on the girl dancing in the background. Must be nice to be so energetic - wish I had half that!

    1. Yes, I don't know how they could be so energetic in sunday night... I was so tired!

  7. It's never, ever too late to share fabulous travel snaps like this - especially of VLV! Love each and every one of (both of your) outfits - the colour palette of your blue tropical dress really looks wonderful with your blonde hair.

    Thanks for injecting another wonderful dose of VLV fun into the blog realm this week, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I have never been to VLV, but so want to go. :) You all make it look so much fun. And I've never really had a full fledged, fun all the time, vacation.

    The Fictionista

  9. it's never too late for a post like this! great outfits!

  10. Bonjour
    Je vous ai pris en photo ce matin mais ce blog ne me permet pas de vous les envoyer Avez vous une adresse mail ?

  11. Elle est écrite en haut de ce blog:

  12. VLV is great! Try it once and you cannot live without :-)
    I have been to VLV twelve times (starting from VLV 1 in 1998 and with a short break 2002 - 2005) and I just could not miss it! It's such a fun, with great friends, great music and great vintage!
    It's a must!