Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last hours of SUMMER....

It seems that summer is coming to an end...

We had a really sunny summer...

but on the first day of september it was already time to wear sweater and stocking!

Fall is definitively not one of my favorite season....
I saw with your comments that you will be really interested with a post about vintage men fashion...
Just to tell you that I'm working on it... must take a few weeks....

I tried another hairstyle in order to forget that gloomy weather...

Huge flowers on both sides, looked great I think, isn't it?

That matched perfectly my 50s dress....
White dress with pink roses.... I love floral patterns!!!
I like to choose accessories in order to improve a simple dress.

This vintage ones is quite plain,

 but with black accessories and cute shoes...

that was an elegant and comfy oufit!

Sylvain also like to create his day outfits...

He's most of the time bolder than me....
He don't fear to match together strange colors or patterns...
 Who would say that atomic can match plaid????
But it works!!!!

 We have had recently a lot of problems with our cameras...

we have 2 LUMIX Panasonic that had really good feedbacks on the web...

but we want to shout at them all the time because of flaws on intern lenses... bad light... cannot focus... and one was bought only 1.5 years ago!

We need some tips if you have a good camera, I don't want a reflex one because they are too big but if your camera is compact and takes good pictures, please contact us!

What do you think of the upcoming fall ?
Are you pleased with your camera ?


  1. My compact cam for the past 4 years is a Lumix TZ7...I don´t know which one you have, but I never had problems with the lens.
    Check out the smaller reflex versions from Canon for example, they are not that big and heavy ;-)
    I dislike the fall, it´s raining the whole day, it´s dark outside like winter :-(

  2. like the tie! for me is the tie bar to large for the tie. but still style

  3. I love your outfit! I'm a 40s gal myself, and this outfit is spot on.

  4. Love! I am picking up those Miss L Fire shows tomorrow. I just love them!

  5. Coucou ! On a acheté la Panasonic Lumix G3 pour partir en Afrique et on était satisfait de la qualité :-)

  6. You guys always look smashing! I think it is so cool that Sylvain is unafraid to pair bold patterns together! I too have had the worst luck with cameras lately. I'd love some recommendations also!!!

  7. goodbye summer. sniff. you're right, in the end this was a quite good summer ... i will miss it.

    love your sandals. they look so comfy and cute.

  8. Hello Laurence and Sylvain,
    I have to say that I do love the Fall/Winter. Living in SoCal, we don't get the harsh weather the way you do in France. I love how the leaves change color and how the sky gets cloudy right before it's going to rain. I also like layering my cloths and being able to finally wear my beautiful sweaters, jackets, scarves, leather gloves etc. for winter.
    Love the outfits you and Sylvain are wearing. Where were these pictures taken? LisaO XX

  9. I have a Canon Ixus 310, it is pocket small and takes amazing photos. Can also take movies in full HD and you can use it half-manual. I have a big camara too and compared to it, it is really good. :) I love your outfits as usual. :)

  10. Love your hair! And I am loving those Miss L Fire shoes!!
    Every post is fantastic... Thank you so much for continuing!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  11. I own a lumix too and never had a problem... the hairflowers on both sides and the matching pink jewels are soo fab! Xxx