Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vintage BERET girl at DRIVE-IN...

Here are a few pictures from last month...

These pictures were taken around our village's Church.

I will speak about my outfit...

For once, Sylvain will not be on pictures...
but I'm thinking of a blog post only about men's vintage fashion
because I noted that a lot of girls that read that blog would want their men to have a more vintage style!
So, this dress is vintage from the early 50's.
I won it on Ebay just before our US trip in march...
There are less and less interesting auctions in Ebay, most are now in "buy it now"... bargains are rarer...
I love this color combo: purple and green!
You can see a detail of my lucite purse, a real bargain in an antique mall in Clovis, CA last year!

My Miss L Fire wedges... oh, did you see the preview of her new A/W collection?
That seems to be more 20-30's inspired... I'm hoping for some more 40's heels or nice winter boots!
All details of this dress are so gorgeous!
Pointy sleeves!!!
Large collar...
And the surprise is the back of the bodice!!!!
And a full skirt....!!!

What else to ask for a vintage dress???

For a french touch....

 A cute purple beret found in a flea market! 

We planned a special evening for that day...
Let's go to the drive-in movie theater!!!!

Do you guess what is the movie?

DIRTY DANCING of course!!!!

Did you won some interesting auctions on Ebay recently ?
Have you ever been to a drive-in ?


  1. I love drive in movies! There is a drive in near me that even has a mostly original 50s bathroom and snack bar.

    Love your dress! Late 40s/early 50s dresses have such a great shape. :)

  2. That is a really lovely dress, all the little details are perfect. I have never been to a drive in but would love to.

  3. A drive in! Fantastic! I love it! I wonder if we have any here LOL I love your outfit-the colors look fabulous together! xox

  4. Your outfit is super cute! You are the queen of accessorizing! Love it:)

  5. I grew up in New York City, but I spent my summers with my family in Texas where there used to be a lot of drive-in theatres. So much fun! Now, I live in California and, luckily for me, there are still a few drive-in theatres left. Your post has inspired me to drag my hubby to one...maybe this coming weekend!

    Beautiful dress, Laurence! And, yes, please do a post about men's clothing!! I've shown my husband photos of Sylvain as entire post would be wonderful!


    P.S. Perfect car to take to a drive-in!!!

  6. Oh, I am so happy that you raised that point about eBay, dear Laurence, I too have really noticed that it's becoming harder and harder to find bargins on vintage there any more. Yes, some still exist, but between pricey BINs and higher listing starting rates (plus, I think, more people than ever vying for vintage garments and accessories there) it's getting harder and harder to bag a great deal on a piece in one's size and price range.

    This outfit is so pretty and feminine, without being cloyingly girly. I love that you picked up the purple from the pattern of the dress in your choice of hats. I love to do the same with my accessories and hats when wearing a patterned dress (or skirt, blouse, etc) as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. oh, dirty dancing! love it.
    a post about men's ste would be great. since my punkrock husband wants to start a swing/jive/dance class with me he wants to get some beautiful vintage clothes (actually he is more a band-shirt guy ...). He really needs some inspiration ;)
    i love your dress. all the details on the sleeves, the back the print ... are so beautiful. great find.

  8. That is such a beautiful dress, I love the pattern!
    I hardly buy vintage on the internet, because I don't want to spend days or weeks in front of the computer, searching for a bargain, but prefer to visit fleamarkets where I can actually see what I am buying. The last thing I bought via ebay was a late 50ies Schiaparelli-Hat, but no bargain, just a make-an-offer-price.
    And I have to admit, I have never watched Dirty Dancing. I always loved Grease and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I don't like Patrick Swayze and I hate "Time of my life", so I don't see any option that I would like the film :-)
    And a post about vintage men's-wear would be great, though my boyfriend is more a jeans-and-tshirt-rockabilly-guy, if he wear vintage-inspired at all. But I'm still trying to educate him :-)

  9. I can waste whole days and weeks even in and around ebay and etsy. Funny how time just evaporates. Yes, prices are very high these days. But I find that a lot of late 70s dresses reference the late 30s and early 40s... and the 70s are not a very hip period at present. Usually, the addition of a few self-covered buttons or a slight alteration of the collar can leave you with something looking every bit as mid century as the originals. One of my vintage-addict friends also resorted to taking vintage fabrics or vintage inspired fabrics and patterns to design students, who, in the name of work eperience, knock up dresses for her for the price of a good lunch.

  10. Drive Ins were plentiful back-in-the-day. Southern Cal. has the weather for it. I remember there being at least 2 close by where I grew up as a kid. Alas, it is a thing of the past. Property value sky rocketed and I guess the land owners found it more profitable to lease/sell the area to mini malls and huge dept/grocery stores. I bet if someone were willing to try and open one now the new generation of kids would probably love it and those of us who remember how much fun we had would return.

  11. OOoo almost forgot. Laurence, I know your a busy working Gal like the rest of us, but PLEEZZ post a blog about men's clothing!! Sylvain has one of the best men's wardrobes on the planet!! No pressure-when your ready. Chow LisaO

  12. My favourite movie! And so fun that you got to see it at a drive-in!!!