Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NEW colorful OUTFITS!!!!

So a lot of you wanted to see new outfits with our recent finds...

So here are our first inspirations...

a tribute to our first stop in the USA... Portland!

With a Pendleton jacket for Sylvain and a Pendleton skirt for me.

My husband found it in a vintage shop in Oregon where the brand comes from.

My skirt was found in an antiques mall in Las Vegas far away from where it was produced!

Except my purse, shoes and sun glasses, 
everything is new in my outfit!

I love trying to match new (to me) clothes and accessories!!!!

My 50's orlon sweater comes from Meow in Long Beach.

This vintage mexican jacket was my last purchase...

but not the least!!!!

I could have it for a good price because there are huge SALES at Viva sunday evening!

I like these kind of jackets a lot , but they are hard to find in good condition and in a larger size...

I have only 2 of them: one in red (here) and this green.

I bought this 40's silk scarf in Seattle, in a vintage shop where I had the pleasure to meet Sara from Lillies and Remains.

This hat is a present from Julie, 
the lovely lady who runs Fab Gabs Vintage.

We had the pleasure to attend to one of her famous cocktails parties in Portland!

After the crazy sun of Vegas we are back to wool...

New jacket for Sylvain but also new tie!

That 40's tie comes from Viva.

A lucky horse shoe tie bar....

My husband loves tie bars, he's always looking for unsual ones.

New saddle shoes also from Oregon.

I will tell you more about them in a next post.

Did you notice the brooch on my purse?

I bought it at VLV car show...

from "Miss L Fire" herself!!!

That was a great pleasure to meet one of my favorite shoes designer in person.

She's now making some really nice vintage inspired plastic jewels.

We will need some time to post about our US trip...

a lot of pictures to sort... even if we didn't take as much pictures that we would want....

for example I don't have pictures of all my VLV outfits...
too busy partying with friends ;-)

Do you like colorful clothes?
What do you think about our Portlander outfits?


  1. Too too too cute! Love all the Portlandia! Perfect Pendleton's! Can't wait to hear about these new saddle shoes...
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. So much color I love it! I was excited to finally meet the woman behind Miss L Fire, too! Love that brooch you got from her. They do have a lot of great jewelry items on offer. And of course some of the best, most comfortable shoes ever!

  3. Ooh love the colours in both of your outfits and I love the Pendleton brand too (I own a couple of their wool skirts!)

    I'm going to make a note of the Meow vintage shop in Long Beach as I'll be visiting America next year! Do you have any other vintage shops in that area that you recommend?

    1. E-mail me at lostinthe1950s@yahoo.fr with the cities you want to visit and I can probably give you some advices!

  4. You guys are power shoppers! I love the mix of textures, colors, and patterns! I wish we got to see more of you while you were here!!!

  5. Dear Laurence and Sylvain,
    I can't believe you shopped in Long Beach and I missed you!! So close but yet so far. Was the sweater the only item you bought at Meow? I literally live about 10min from 4th street. I love your outfits and it's so ironic that I too recently purchased a Pendleton jacket myself. Soo comfortable to wear. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely treasures!

  6. I love your and Sylvain's new colorful duds! I can't wait to see more.

    Did you and Sylvain get your new saddle shoes at Muffy's?

  7. You are inspiring and creative and have so much style and elegance. It's the greatest pleasure to watch you guys. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful clothes and looks with us! Please continue! I send you warm greetings from Berlin, Germany. Whenever you might visit our german capital i would be glad to meet you in person. All the best to you ♡

  8. I love your colourful outfits, and Mis L Fire brooch. I will keep my eyes out for them. :)

  9. Your beautiful bright clothes are fantastic! Good for you!

    I love your blog so much, and I apologize for being one of the people that follow you in silence. How dull my life would be without your fun posts to look forward to.



  10. What a lovely tribute to Portland! Such fun outfits! And gosh! What exciting news from Miss L Fire!


  11. Gorgeous outfits and such lovely accessories!

  12. your outfits are super fun. i love strong colours and colour mixes ...
    i didn't found only one pendelton piece without a hole in my whole life. you're lucky, guys ...