Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We have had an incredible sunny weather lately...

Was like june in march!

So Sylvain could not resist....

he HAD to drive his convertible!

Not really compatible with my huge hat...

Because when it's sunny outside, I cannot keep my straw hats packed!

Sylvain like to enjoy sun in his car,

but I prefer a stroll in forest!

I could worn these NOS 50's sun glasses.

I'm trying to wear more separates these days...

but it's not easy.

My wardrobe is lacking of some basic color tops, quite hard to find,

it's more simple to wear dresses.

Sylvain is always looking for some unique color vintage pieces.

Dark colors are more easy to find than brighter ones.

Look at this yellow sweater, it makes a huge difference in an outfit!

Flowers are everywhere, that gives a good mood.

That's why I chose a colorfull outfit.

That circle skirt is really nice, isn't it? One of my last find.

What a great pleasure not have to wear coats!

My hat is from the 40's.

I found it in a flea market not to long ago.

I like the unique style that a large hat gives, always more elegant.

A few more pictures at sunset...

just in front of our garage.

What a really nice day we had!

Do you prefer dresses or separates?
Do you also enjoying summer in spring?


  1. Pour moi, c'est les robes qui arrivent en pole position, loin devant les jupes, tops, pantalons... Je trouve que porter une robe est si confortable ! Tout reste bien en place, on peut bouger facilement...c'est ce que je préfère !
    Ceci dit, de temps en temps, je fais une entorse et je porte une jupe avec un petit top en maille, ou un chemisier. Pour changer un peu !
    Très joli ensemble en tous cas, et j'adore ton top ! Sylvain, toujours la classe, c'est super !

  2. I love those sunglasses! With that beautiful weather I can see where he could not help but take that beautiful convertible out for a spin. We were having great spring weather in Northern California until this last week. As long as it is nice for Viva I’ll be happy!

  3. I love your red sweater! I find it so much easier to buy dresses but recently I have tried to expand on my separates but it's so difficult finding 50s blouses/ sweaters in good condition and in my size!

  4. That is one fabulous outfit! I love those sunglasses and that bracelet is amazing! I find myself drawn to separates more than dresses sometimes. Nothing is better than a well-tailored sweater top and a full skirt- so classic and flattering! I do wish they were easier to find, though!

  5. that hat is so glamourous! everything is always so perfect in your world... xxx

  6. Sylvain a toujours tellement la classe

  7. Totally adore that skirt, amazing fabric. Only just discovered your blog and I love it: if you're going to be lost anywhere the 50s is undoubtably the place to be!

  8. Those sunglasses are grand. I have such a difficult time finding the right sunglasses and I'm especially weary about buying them off of ebay in case I don't like them. I love the sparkle effect. Very nicely accessorized:) We don't have any spring blooms yet so it is so nice to see yours.

  9. Hello, I'm so happy you are having fine weather. Our weather has been a bit bipolar, 2 weeks ago it was hot and now we are preparing for rain. Dresses or Separates? I prefer separates because of the versatility, you can create more outfits by mixing and matching. I have a vintage Dynasty black silk three piece suit. It consists of a skirt, sleeveless blouse, and a bolero jacket (no buttons). I've worn the jacket with several other skirts and dresses. It very simple and I can even pair it with jeans. The skirt has been worn several times with my vintage beaded sweaters or other jackets. Dresses are convenient, you just put it on and go.
    You both have on lovely outfits as usual, and I love the glasses. Sylvain, where on earth do you find men's vintage?! It's hard enough to find women's vintage in good condition but men's has to be twice as hard OR more expensive!
    Just a suggestion for a future post. Perhaps, Sylvain modeling more of his wardrobe, documenting a shopping spree with him (his favorite shops to find men's clothing) or how he puts together or decides his own outfits. What outfits or pieces of his wardrobe are Lauren's favorite?
    Chow LisaO

  10. You lucky ducks, you!!! The upbeat, lovely sunlight filling these awesomely stylish snaps is a sight for sore (or at least cold ;)) eyes. We're still struggling to turn winter into spring in this corner of the world. Soon I hope!

    Love, as always, both of your fantastic ensembles!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Ah, sunshine!

    Love this outfit! Especially your skirt! I adore separates lately, but I agree, they can be difficult. Maybe your trip to the states will help you fill some gaps!


  12. Doesn't the sun feel lovely? It's been back and forth sun then rain here, an actual Spring! You both look fantastic!!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn
    PS... so hope I run into you at Viva!! ;)

  13. C'est vrai que ces derniers temps... Qu'est ce qu'il faisait beau on s'y croyait presque !
    Je trouve les robes peut être plus faciles à accorder alors je suis d'accord que le défi "separate" este une bonne chose !

    À bientôt,


  14. wow! a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress.This is a fantastic website, you look fabulous with your dress.I like the outfit really nice!

  15. gorgeous ... i love the red little sweater most.
    true vintage tops are baerly to find in europe.
    maybe you're lucky to find some nice solouful tops in the states, when you join vlv.

  16. If I had a nice car like that, I'd drive it *everywhere*. (Well, I would if I could drive!) Can you get someone to make you some tops from vintage patterns, or do you prefer things made in the 1950s?

  17. I have just discovered your amazing blog through the Atomic Redhead. You and Sylvain have the most wonderful vintage looks I have ever seen. I'm still enjoying looking through past posts. All I can say is, WOW!

  18. Whenever I stop by, I spend most of my time picking my jaw up off the floor. You both have such impeccable style, and now that car?! It's all so perfect!

    The accessories have it here, that bracelet is to die for and your brooch and earrings are so sweet.

    I agree that dresses are simpler, but sometimes putting together separates to make a successful outfit is just so satisfying!

  19. Love seeing what you two are going to wear. I myself have been favouring separates, but since my vintage collection is fairly new, I'm on the hunt for anything.