Tuesday, May 26, 2015

THANKS to be a girl!!!

Here are pictures from a few weeks ago...

this dress has been one of my favorite for years.

It's so comfy and easy to match...

but I'm always a bit dissapointed

when I see pictures of me wearing it.

I think it makes me look a bit curvier...

perhaps because it's 2 sizes too big...

but I don't care I love it so much!

Its details and colors are really great.

Despite the fact that I'm trying to buy more skirts,

 dresses are really my favorites!

Men don't have so many choices for their outfits...

Only separates...

Not fully true, because Sylvain has a few overalls to do odd jobs.

I love to be a woman and being able to wear so much fun accessories!

My husband also love fun things...

but the choice for men is really narrow compared to women!

Here he matched a fun kites 40's tie

with a sword tie bar!

A great belt can be also a beautiful add to a man outfit.

For women accessories choice has no ending!!!

Look at those sparkling silver sun glasses...

and moreover from a NOS!

Another so cute brooch from Erstwilder collection!

And one of my score from last Viva....

this Enid Collins purse!!!

I'm usually not a fan of this kind of purses,

there are often too 60's but
who can resist to this poodle design???

Another great add for this chilly spring,

this amazing 40's knitted cape!

Probably handmade with light blue and ... SILVER (!!!) wool.

What is your favorite kind of accessories?
Do you prefer skirts or dresses?

Et voici quelques photos diffusées encore avec un certain retard... Me voici dans une de mes robes favorites! J'adore son confort, ses détails, sa couleur, cependant quand je vois des photos de moi la portant, je suis souvent un peu déçue... je trouve qu'elle me grossit un peu... probablement car elle est 2 tailles trop grandes... mais au final, je l'aime trop pour ne pas la porter! Même si j'essaye d'enrichir ma garde robe avec des jupes, j'ai une réelle préférence pour les robes, plus facile à assortir. Je remercie souvent le ciel d'être née femme, nous avons tellement plus de choix en habillement que les hommes!!! Mon mari essaye de rendre ses tenues les plus fun possibles avec des accessoires de qualité, mais rien à voir avec le nombre d'accessoires disponibles pour nous les filles! Bijoux, sacs à mains, lunettes... on peut s'en donner à coeur joie!
- Bonne semaine à tous -


  1. This dress is too great. If it was me, I'd keep it too even if it was a bit big. As far as skirts vs dresses, I find I like more dresses for a 50s look but more separates for a 40s look. The fact that it's easier to find 50s dresses that fit me than 40s ones might have something to do with it.

    You always accessorize perfectly. I've been admiring your Erstwilder collection for quite a while now and I finally ordered myself a few brooches. Can't wait till they arrive!

  2. That caplet is so incredibly pretty - as is this whole outfit. I have a couple of dresses like that, too, but can never bring myself to part with them (despite every last cm of space in my miniscule closet being worth its weight in gold, which means that objectively, I should only keep things that fit me really well). We can always justify holding onto them by reminding ourselves that we're preserving history with each vintage piece that we own. :)

    Big hugs & tons of happy end of May wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I think this whole outfit is lovely on you! That capelet is so perfect, as are all of your pretty accessories.
    I know the feeling that comes with finding the perfect dress and having it be the wrong size. It's a very pretty dress, and I love the colors on you - have you thought about just having the dress taken in? A good tailor could probably do it without actually making any cuts, so you could still resell it later if you wanted to. I know altering vintage is kind of a big decision, though.

  4. I think you look lovely in your dress, and sometimes you've just got to have something comfy. That blue is such a cheerful colour.

    I'm rubbish at accessorising...

  5. But dear, you look lovely - as always, in that fabulous blue dress. Looking at the photos I did not notice that you should look curvier. And what's wrong with your curves? :) The dress has a fantastic colour, and you are a master at accessorizing it. Sylvain is an elegant charmer as usual, give him a hug from Denmark. Here is pretty cold too. Have a nice day, both of you. :)

  6. Oh you both look wonderful and I can't to show my hubby Sylvains outfit. He will love it.
    Thank you for popping over and commenting on my liverpool blog post.
    I'm off to read more if your now.
    Ps. Dresses but I do love a skirt and jacket suit xx

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    2. Now I'm really confused sorry. It was a lady called Maureen who commented on my blog and she is a follower of yours. But anyway I'm so glad I got confused as now I can follow you. You have such style. We love vintage and I wear it every day

    3. I wonder if that was me, I might have found you through Vintage Vixen.

  7. Ohh that dress is a gem! Absolutely gorgeous look. You are inspirational. Sylvain's sweater looks comfy!

  8. What a fab look! I really love the delicate texture of your capelet, so very chic!

  9. I adore both of your styles! I am trying to get my husband subtly to wear his vintage trousers and shirts more often, but he is always too lazy to dress up. For myself I love dresses, you wear one main piece and are perfectly dressed. But Skirts can be mroe practical, especially in warmer weather when you sweat more - a simple T-shirt is easier to change than get a whole dress to the drycleaners....

  10. Dresses are good when it is very hot but I prefer separates. I think the dress looks lovely on you, interesting that you think it makes you look 'curvier' because I didn't notice anything different!

    The cape is adorable.

  11. Oh my! This is a stunning outfit. As is your husband's. That shade of turquoise is beautiful. I love your hair too- I've never really ever managed to do any vintage hairstyles, I just fail when it comes to my hair! x