Sunday, July 12, 2015

50's NOLVELTY skirt....

I'm back after a long break...

Yes, I have lacked motivation lately...

Now that I'm on Instagram now,
it's such easier to share pictures with less work,

you can have hundreds view and likes in a day, whereas a blog post have perhaps 10 to 15 comments...

but we were also really busy due to CRY BABY car show.

An event that we organized with our car club The GORMANDIZERS and POWERGLIDE MAGAZINE for which Sylvain and I write.

As we were part of the organisation,
we didn't have time to take pictures...

So if you want to see goo pictures of the event, visit THIS page!

So here are some pictures back in May...

With one of the few vintage novelty skirts I own.

They are hard to find in larger sizes

and their prices are really becoming CRAZY lately!!!

It's like 50's Atomic ricky jacket for men...

They are hard to find in good condition.

Seller can ask $300 for a jacket ruined at sleeves ends!

My husband found this one in L.A. for less than that...

and it's in gorgeous condition!

This late 40's, early 50's hat was also a bargain...

I found it in a lost Antiques Mall in San Diego's suburb...

I was about not to buy it because it was not bright red but with a touch of orange! Yes... I'm picky...

but my husband wanted absolutly to take it for me!

More over the dealer proposed a crazy discount that sealed the deal!

$25 for a prestine HUGE vintage hat, what else to ask!

Thanks Hubby to care about my wardrobe!

My cute POODLE from Belle Lurette!

These pictures were taken in an abandonned castle...

it belonged to a familly who developped steel industry in our area.

It is now waiting to be restored...

We have had a CRAZY hot days recently, about 40°C (112°F)...

Not the best weather to wear vintage ties...

It's now time to think about our next vacations...

Road trip to Germany, Austria and Hungary!

Do you understand the CRAZY prices for some vintage clothes?
Where will you spend your summer vacations?

Nous voici de retour après un long break... moins motivée... très occupée... nous avons une bonne excuse! Nous avons organisé avec notre Car Club Les GORMANDIZERS et POWERGLIDE MAGAZINE, le CRY BABY car show. Ce fût un grand succès, mais faisant partie de l'organisation, nous n'avons pas eu le temps de faire des photos... mais le net regorge de superbes clichés, voici un exemple pour saisir l'ambiance!
Voilà, sinon ici quelques photos datant du mois de mai... 2 types de vêtements qui ont récemment atteint des prix de fous... les jupes novelty pour les filles et les vestes atomiques pour les messieurs... certains vêtements vintage sont vraiment devenus inabordables depuis quelques temps! Sinon, il est temps de penser aux vacances d'été... Road trip vers l'Est pour nous, et vous?
- Bonnes vacances pour ceux qui ont la chance d'y être déjà -


  1. You surely are a beauty. Love the skirt

  2. A wonderful blog post and always a good memory but I know what you mean about time consuming. I've not got into IG yet but find FB so handy.
    Difficult to know which way to go

  3. Oh my word, the skirt is really nice, but that hat?! I'm in love with your hat! Stunning photos as usual :)

  4. I really prefer blogs over instagram but if it is a choice between instagram and no postings at all, I'll take instagram. You two look smashing as usual. So happy you purchased that hat because it is wonderful.

  5. Goodness gracious, yes! Vintage novelty print skirts (and by extension, other items) have shot through the roof in recent months. I'll never forget the Disney (Lady and the Tramp) one that went for over a grand earlier this year. I wasn't bidding, just watching, as I knew it would sell for far beyond my budget, but I was still floored buy just how high it went. Granted the Disney + vintage combo often fetches big bucks, but still, how, that was just crazy (IMO).

    You are rocking this wonderful novelty print skirt. I really like the colours you pulled from it for the rest of the outfit. That's what I usually do with these kinds of skirts, too.

    Hope you're having a great July!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. As always, you look FANTASTIC! I love that hat, it's just what I'm looking for right now. Bright red and big! Oh my goodness, that sounds like an amaaazing vacation, I hope you blog all about it :)


  7. Gorgeous pieces! I especially like the little camera fob hanging from Sylvain's belt loop, and of course that amaaaazing skirt. It always troubles me too when I see a very expensive price on something vintage with lots of problems, ugh!

  8. Love your skirt and the tiny camera detail on Sylvain. And I love your blog, so please keep doing it once in a while. Wishing you both a lovely day. :)

  9. You both look absolutely awesome here ... Your here is almost one of my faves I have seen yet. The colour combination is totally on my list ...

    We had that before ... but I'm ttally with you ... I'm not that nuch into blogging lately ... Even taking outfit pictures - what i'm actually used to for over 8years now - is getting nerving. Let's see where these moods take us!

  10. I love this skirt, the box pleats are very flattering. You have inspired me to find some fabric and make my own. I am waiting for book printed fabric from etsy. I love yours and Sylvain's style and attention to detail