Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blogging BAD HABITS....

To be a blogger can make you develop bad habits....

one of my bad habit since I have run this blog is...
to not want to wear the same outfit twice!

Sometimes I really love an outfit but
 I just don't feel like wearing it again,

because I want to give something new in each post.

That's quite silly because some of my favorites clothes just sleep in my wardrobe because I have already presented them in these pages...

Sometimes, Sylvain is feeling the same way...

but as his wardrobe is smaller than mine he has already presented the same clothes several times just mixed differently.

Have you ever noticed that?

So can you tell if I have ever worn this outfit on this blog?

No? So HERE is the answer...

I loved to wear that skirt so much, 
so I asked myself why not wearing it again and presenting it with different accessories?

And what motivated this outfit with something old and something new were these shoes!

Blue, white and blue for a nautical inspired outfit!

Starfish earrings...

Squid brooch from Erstwilder...

and my vintage fishes and mermaids scarf!

I managed to tie it just to show this little fish!

You never know how it will turn when you start to tie a scarf like a turban...

Sylvain was also in a nautical mood...

with this fishies hawaiian shirt!

Perfect outfits for our hot summer.

Blogging also provides some good aspects...

for example trying to give the best of you!

I think that because of this blog, I learnt more about what to match together.

So my question for myself was here:
"Did I enjoy wearing almost the same outfit twice?"

My answer is definitively a BIG yes!
It was fun to find new accessories to match...

and I felt like Carmen Miranda on that day
whereas last time I felt a bit like a bavarian girl!
Weird, isn't it?

I think I must stop refrain myself with this bad habit and just wear what I like even if it's an outfit I have ever pictured here... Crazy me...

Did you get bored by this similar outfit?
Did you even noticed that I had already wear that skirt?

Avoir un blog peut développer d'étranges habitudes... une de mes mauvaises tendances est de ne pas vouloir porter 2 fois la même tenue dans ces pages... j'ai voulu combattre cela dans ce post. J'avais adoré porter cette jupe ICI alors pourquoi ne pas la représenter sur le blog avec de nouveaux accessoires, j'ai trouvé cette expérience assez agréable, c'est fou comme quelques babioles peuvent vous donner un sentiment différent... je me suis sentie proche de Carmen Miranda avec cette tenue alors que la dernière fois, je m'étais sentie un peu bavaroise... étrange... bref, au final, aviez-vous noter que cette tenue avait déjà une jumelle dans ces pages? Fun ou ennuyeux? Pour moi, ce fût fun sans aucun doute! Expérience à réitérer!!!
- Bel été à tous -


  1. Two words - Shoes - Watch - Gorgeous
    Oops that's three 😍

  2. No I did not get bored at all! I love the fact you can take an already worn outfit and make it look different! That's a perfect post to give this small vintage wardrobe owner ideas on how to change up my wardrobe!

  3. I did not get bored. In fact I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said so. It's such a cute outfit. I love any kind of nautical theme. And even though your outfits don't match in color, it works great that the theme ties them together.

  4. I love this outfit and your idea of sharing repeated clothes. It's real to life that we mix and match and wear things over and over. I remembered your Bavarian tourist world outfit and I love the compare and contrast of ways to use the same basic items. We have differing seasons to dress for and need to do this especially when travelling. I also think this highlights the importance of accessories to make an outfit too. Thanks for your lovely blog Sylvain and Laurence

  5. Oh my word, what a stunning outfit. I wouldn't have noticed it was repeated if you hadn't said. And even if I'd noticed, I would have just thought it was a favourite ensemble :)

  6. Please do wear your outfits over and over again, since you are such an expert accessorizing them, you are a great inspiration for me. And I didn't remember this outfit, not even when I saw the Halloween post, which I had red before. Lovely outfits, both of you. Have a sunshiny day. :)

  7. I think most people wouldn't notice unless the outfit was worn twice with in a very short time. Personally, I love seeing the same basic outfit styled differently. It really shows of your creativity. So I say more repeats!

  8. I love to see outfits styled in different ways!

  9. I agree with everyone else. I love seeing the same outfits styled again (although I also probably wouldn't notice) with different accessories. It's good to see how different they can look!

  10. I totally agree with you, when I'm getting dressed I always am thinking "Oh, I need to come up with something new to show the blog!" but my closet really is not so large! I love seeing pieces styled different ways on other peoples' blogs, though, and seeing what pieces others have as their favorite or signature pieces.

  11. Fabulous outfit!!! I too have not fully repeated an outfit (to the best of my memory) on my blog, but I don't have a big enough closet to not rewear some pieces on camera. I do really try to mix them up and also space out posts involving one or more of the same pieces. Between that and dressing for the various seasons, I think I'm able to keep things quite fresh on that front.

    You guys both look fantastic! I adore your lovely red, white and blue outfit and had to smile ear-to-ear, because of the two Erstwilder brooches that I own so far, one of them is the very same delightful ship and squid one that you're sporting here. We're brooch twinsies! :)

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. I wear outfits again and again - and try to find little variations of them, not just for the blog, for myself. Some looks are just too good to be forgotten and just worn once.
    Anyhow - i love your outfit so much, I'd love to see it again and again. It is just stellar!

  13. Love the colours in your outfit! I too am guilty of feeling that I can only blog about new outfits... Maybe I'll mix things up a bit! :)

  14. definitely fun to wear the same things differently! you do it wonderfully!

  15. I love seeing your outfits - it's never a bad thing to get a second helping of something so stylish! I look forward to seeing more of your adventures in mixing-and-matching.

  16. I think it shows much creativity when you wear the same articles with slight differences. All of us must do the mixing and matchng and it is helpful to see how delightful the end result can be!