Wednesday, July 29, 2015

LIVE from the MIDWEST....

After the heat wave, here is the cold and windy weather... what a odd summer we have!!!

So it was time to experience some new things in our outfits!

Without consulting each other (like most of the time)...

we looked like directly arrived from the American Midwest!!!

I don't wear often pants/jeans....

First my husband prefers when I wear skirts or dresses,

but mainly because it's so hard to find ones that fit my figure.

I have 13'' between my waist measure and my hips one,
that's why it's so difficult.

I found these ones recently from Freddies of Pinewood.

I have a few of their jeans but it's not a perfect fit...

Even if these fit great on the front,
it's not perfect in the back waist...

But the cut is great...

So a lot of brown for these western outfits!

Here, it's the hay harvest time...

so we had the idea to use a field as photo shooting place!

And pictures turned to be SO good!!!

It was really hard to select the best ones...

that's why it's a busy post!

Look at this AMAZING sky!

The straw rollers were quite usefull and gave a nice background!

Were like 2 farmers in our field...

I also wore something else I'm not use to...

T-shirt... this one is from Atomic swag.

My vintage scarf matched perfectly the colors of this Tee!

More brown leather for my cowgirl look...

this belt is a present from my hubby... with gold metal horses!

I usually wear watches with metal bracelet but here a leather bracelet

same for Sylvain!

Brown is his favorite color...

don't know why but I use to hate brown...

thinking it's not a joyful color....

but I'm trying now to wear more, 

a few touches can look rally great.

Like here, brownish jewels...

Brooch from Belle Lurette and
necklace from Catalin Kustom Creations.

I have also another brown touch with that purse.

40's telephone cord purses are becoming harder to find,
mainly in good condition,

this one was NOS with comb, mirror and coins purse inside!

We made some nice pictures...

but also a lot of silly ones...

I always laught a lot with Sylvain...

but the craziest picture award go to...

SUPER SYLVAIN, my hero!!!

What a fun time we spent on that field among cows!

Do you like brown?
Do you often wear pants/jeans, girls? Any tips for curvy gals?

Cet été va vraiment nous rendre chèvre.... 40° et du jour au lendemain 14° avec un vent terrible... on ne sait plus comment s'habiller! Alors pourquoi ne pas tester de nouvelles choses?
Je ne porte pas souvent de jeans ou de pantalons... bien sûr mon mari me préfère les gambettes à l'air, mais c'est surtout que trouver un jeans avec une coupe sympa et qui convient à mes formes relève du parcours du combattant! J'ai trouvé celui-ci chez Freddies, mais comme avec tous leurs modèles, il y a toujours un petit quelque chose qui cloche... ici la taille dans le dos (donc heureusement ça ne se voit pas trop)... A quand un modèle qui convient enfin aux femmes qui ont des formes???
C'est le temps des moissons par chez nous et ces champs nous ont inspirés pour ce shooting très Farwest! Quel moment de franche rigolade avec Super Sylvain!!!!
- A bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures vintage!!! -


  1. I hear you on the pants issue! I have no answers as I still haven't found a good option and normally stick to skirts and dresses as well. Cute outfits!

  2. Lauence and Sylvain, What a wonderful post. The hay field and weather work perfectly for this photo shoot. I can't believe how gorgeous the pics are. Your outfits (as usual) compliment your surroundings. I love chocolate brown. The color is not as harsh as black, plus it goes well with alot of pastel colors like pink, baby blue yellow etc.
    Lauence, ever since you started wearing Bell Lurette, I've been a fan. I even contacted them via Face Book. I have the same problem when try to purchase jeans. Nothing fits perfect, I have to try on several sizes....even mayb get them altered.
    Just curious...Is the hay field near your home?
    XOXO LisaO

    1. Yes Lisa, it was just a few milles from our place!!!
      I love Belle Lurette, the best retro jewels brand that I know and run by 2 lovely ladies!!!

  3. You look so lovely in the Freddies pants! I should really try to see if I can find a pair to fit me.
    And I started cracking up with laughter seeing the silly pictures of Sylvain. It's good to see serious photos, as well as silly ones!
    You both look so amazing in your outfits <3

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

  4. I love these photos!!!! Thank you for sharing them!! You and Sylvain always look so fabulous!!! I'm always showing my husband the photos of Sylvain, hoping to inspire him! Merci, Laurence!! :)

  5. What wonderful images - you do very much look like you could be in the American or Canadian mid-west (that would be the Prairie provinces in Canada's case). I love the moody skies in these shots and how well nature's palette compliments those of the the terrific outfits that you're both wearing.

    What a fun, memorable summertime shoot. Hopefully the warm weather will return for you guys again before autumn rolls into town. It was unseasonably "cold" (aka, in the 20s, not the 30s or 40s) and rainy here last week, too. Today was nice and warm again though, which made me and cat both very happy. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Super Sylvain! What a joy your photos are :)

  7. Love everything about this post! But the bad part for me is seeing your telephone cord purse... I just the other day saw a brown and white one for a decent price and thought "Oh no, the colors are too drab compared to the colorful ones..." and now I'm kicking myself for not buying it after seeing how great yours is with your outfit! :D

  8. Ahh, you two just put a smile on my face. Happy weekend to both of you. :)

  9. I don't often wear brown but I have a different problem with only 2 inches between my waist and hips! I have friends with a difficult shape, they go to a dressmaker who alters the garments to fit them. It will make pants more comfortable for you to wear.

  10. Great location to show case your outfits! I recently bought an Atomic Swag tshirt and I'm getting used to a more casual look. Your purse is a great find too :)

  11. Great pictures! The outfit is perfect for the environment as well! Now I feel that I need to get to a field, too! :)

  12. Great pictures - I LOVE brown! I think it's a fantastic colour to combine with others, it's very versatile.

    I have, BTW, the same problem with trousers. I have a pair of Freddies too, alas, no perfect fit, and I have made 4 pairs myself, but fitting trousers to your shape is much more difficult than with a dress.

  13. These photos are great! Loved the sky and the hay (I'm a country girl, we have sheep!) and I loved seeing the cows....(I have a cow called Murray!)

  14. What a great photoshoot! Your outfits look so great with the scenery... I have been trying some vintage repro jeans like Collectif and haven't found a good fit yet. They're hard to find!