Sunday, July 19, 2015

Are you from PROVENCE???

I have lately a new interest....

It's 40's long dresses!

Sometimes when you are in vintage for a long time...

you want to try something new.

So I came up with this look ....

This dress is US from the 40's between squaw ones and southern belles gowns.

but I had a lot of unexpected feedbacks from this outfit...

We went to a large flea market on that day,

where I met this cute puppy...

that was under a bright sun

 and HOT temperatures!

Hats were a MUST have!

So what people thought about my unusual outfit???

For a lot of people, I was a Niçoice
 wearing a tradional outfit from south of France..

The kind of costume on the picture above...

Never thought about that when I created this outfit...

but now that I see those pictures...

why not?

even if nothing is coming from Provence in it...

It was fun to see people mistaken!

So Sylvain was like an american tourist

 with his 50's hawaiian shirt...

he visited french Riviera...

and met a local girl....

The sun was SO bright on that day...

it was hard to take good pictures...

too much light!!!!

It's sometimes so fun to hear comments of people about our outfits... 

most of the time behind our back...

they are often nice...

but they are so surprised that they can say really unexpected things!

What do you think about my Provencal outfit?
Do you try to find sometimes new styles in your favorite era?

Quand on est dans le vintage depuis longtemps, on cherche forcément à changer un peu de style de temps en temps... je me suis récemment découvert une nouvelle lubie: les robes longues 40's! Voilà donc à quel look je suis arrivée il y a quelques semaine... cette tenue a suscité des remarques plus qu'inattendues lors de notre visite à un grand marché aux puces sous un soleil de plomb! Et oui, il est souvent marrant d'entendre les commentaires des gens la plupart du temps derrière notre dos... en l’occurrence ici où les gens se demandaient pourquoi je portais un costume niçois... j'avoue ne pas avoir pensé du tout à cela en enfilant cette robe typiquement américaine!
- Bises de Provence -


  1. I enjoy trying new things. Fashion is one of those ever changing things. Even those of us who enjoy vintage fashions like to change things up sometimes!

  2. I like your little story about the outfits, very cute. And I agree that although it must be convenient to have a "look" to stick to when dressing, a bit of a change is always fun!

  3. I am from Arizona and own a few vintage dresses that are similar. I find it so interesting that native women from warm climates so far apart developed similar traditional styles. Clearly it worked, no? An interesting historical note, although "squaw" dresses is absolutely the term that was used in the 50s, and the style was a complement to Native American and Mexican women, the term squaw is today considered inappropriate. It has connotations implying that the woman is subservient. I love seeing you and your husband "dress American." All Sylvain is missing is a large camera around his neck!

  4. It looks lovely! Nice to try new things now and then.

  5. Moi je t'aurais demandé si tu étais mexicaine. ;) C'est beau ces robes longues, celle là en particulier wow!

  6. Wow, what a great look! Isn't it great that you created something special with this look, even if it was unexpected.
    I started to wear my Vintage Dirndl again and I discovered that I should wear it more often!!!

  7. That is such an excellent point. Unlike modern fashion, we don't really have new trends when we wear vintage all the time. Yes, some pieces have hot moments in the community, but that isn't quite the same as things coming along and being hot right then and there. The perk to that though, as you touch on here, is that we get to find our new "vogues" and things that speak to us.

    That pink dress looks sensational on you! Pairing it with a shawl is such a lovely touch. Very dreamy outfit!

    ♥ Jessica