Thursday, September 17, 2015

LONG dress? Yes, please!

Those pictures come from the last real summer day we had.

Really sunny but not too hot!

A perfect day to wear vintage!

I have told you in a prebious post that 

I'm really in love with long 40's casual dresses lately...

So when I saw this one on Etsy, 

I immediatly put it in my cart!

These kind of dresses were supposed to be wear at home...

to feel confortable for lounging!

But what a waste to keep this beauty inside!!!

Sylvain tried something new on his outfit...

A vest!

I have tried to convince him to wear some for years,

but he was not sure to like or not...

till he found this beautiful yellow plaid one!

Really dapper, isn't he?

I now want a vest for me!!!!

A lot of vinage girls don't like floral dresses...

Me, I LOVE them perhaps as much as novelty!

Flowers give great color touches,

so it's easy to match accessories!

white vintage basket,

patriotic costume jewelery,

My Lea Stein fox... I'm pretty obsessed with her design lately...

When I was in their shop in L.A., 

I could chose between the red and the blue, so I bought both!

They are so stylish and comfy!

My hubby also like to choose perfect accessories.

Plaid tie for plaid vest!

Gray hat for gray pants!

He finally really liked his new style.

So you will perhaps see more vintage vests on him!

Let's hope for a bit more sunny days before winter comes...

Do you like floral prints?
What are you obsessed with lately on your outfits?

Un post qui apporte un peu de soleil après cette semaine si pluvieuse! Une nouvelle robe longue 40's, une coupe que j'adore récemment... et dire que ces beautés étaient juste destinées à se prélasser à la maison!!! Quelle folie, je n'ai qu'une envie, les porter dans la rue, trop belles pour les cacher!!! Une fois de plus, j'ai pris plaisir à assortir mes accessoires, de même pour Sylvain!
Une petite nouveauté pour lui, cette petite veste qui me donnerait presque l'envie d'en trouver une pour moi...
- En espérant un automne moins pluvieux, A+ -


  1. Great dress, definite a shame to keep it indoors! Love the last photo!

  2. You both look fantastic! That dress is perfect on you

  3. Yes, Sylvain should start a vest collection.

    You look lovely. I love your dress and I love the floral print. And what adorable shoes!

  4. quelle elegance tous les deux! ces photos sont a couper le souffle, comme d'habitude. j'adore les robes fleuries.

  5. Superbe cette robe, sa longueur la rend plus élégante encore.

  6. Love both your's and Sylvain's outfits. I like how you each are always so well put together without being matchy/matchy. Sylvain's vest is perfect for his style, so it is a matter of finding just the right vests.

  7. Beautiful dress and I love the color palette - so vivid and cheerful!

  8. Sylvain looks stellar in his natty new vest. They're one of my favourite garments for men ever. I wish way more chaps would still wear them in a dapper way like this.

    I love florals so much! I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but I feel so at home in them and they super appeal to my perpetually feminine side. They rock on you, dear Laurence, and this gem of an Etsy find is no exception.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Great dress! I also love those shoes, I was very tempted to buy those too - there were so many great styles in the S/S 2015 range.

  10. Oh I loved this post! You and your hubby make such an awesomely retro pair!

  11. I also love flower desses, yours are very beautiful. And do tell Sylvain he is a dish in that vest. Wishing you both a lovely weekend. :)

  12. You look great- I love your hair although I'm a bit jealous as updos are really tricky and always look rubbish on me 😊

  13. Your dress looks great on you. Nothing wrong with a good floral print! And Sylvain is indeed very dapper in his waistcoat.