Sunday, September 13, 2015


And here is the last part of our vacations!

After Salzburg, we arrived in Vienna.

I have always wanted to visit this city,

perhaps because of the Sissi's movies I loved when I was a child...

we started to visit Schonbrunn castle.

The weather was so HOT (38°C) that 

we didn't enjoy the city as much as we expected.

After that we went to the Prater.

It's a parc with a permanent fun fair since the late XIXth century.

There are still a few vintage 50's carousels.

We stayed in this castle, 
our room had a breathless view on the city.

With this heat, we had no choice...

resting at the hotel the afternoon and enjoying the city by nigh...

it was more than 30°C even at 10:00 PM!!!

It seemed that a lot of people had the same idea,

streets were full of tourist in the evening and empty in the day!

Of course, Vienna is a beautiful city...

but I didn't enjoy it as much than Salzburg.

Yes, Sylvain was dying to wear his new to him vintage tie despite of the heat...

Vienna's flea markets were also a bit dissapointing but a few thrift stores were pretty good.

After Austria, Budapest!

We started with the most famous flea market of the city:

it was a bit outside of the center...

but definitively it's worth a visit!

It can be compared to St Ouen parisian flea market with a lot of small shops full of antriques.

You can find a lot of sovietic pieces...

and prices are quite good.

As for Vienna, weather was crazy hot!

So you will not see many pictures of the city...

because we visited it in majority by night!

But why all their statues looked like Dracula????

We met a lot of elders visiting Vienna but Budapest was definitively a student destination!

You can see that the city were really rich before the WWI.

The architecture is really beautiful,

but a lot of buildings need a urgent restauration.

For our last day, we chose to visit a small typical hungarian village.

Szentendre near the Danube.

It's quite touristic with a lot of restaurants and shops.

And for that last day we could finally breath a little bit more!

after a strong storm which paralized Budapest for several hours...

we had only... 28°C!

One more time a lot of the buildings need works...

but you can see that a lot have already been done!

If you ask about vintage... there are a few shops and thrift stores in Budapest, we found some stuff even if it's definitively not a destination for vintage!

Have you ever been to Vienna ?
Have you ever been to Budapest ?

Et voilà les dernières étapes de notre voyage, Vienne et Budapest! Je rêvais depuis des années de visiter Vienne, peut-être parce que j'étais une grande fan des films de Sissi dans mon enfance... mais je dois dire que j'ai été un peu déçue... la chaleur étouffante ne nous a peut-être pas permis de profiter de tous les charmes de la ville, nous obligeant à parcourir ses trésors de nuit. Alors qu'à Vienne nous n'avons croisé que des touristes du 3ème âge, on s'est senti nous-même du 3ème âge parmi tous ces étudiants qui visitaient Budapest! Cette ville vaut définitivement le détour, on sent encore les séquelles de l'ère soviétique, mais cela participe au dépaysement!
Côté vintage, nous avons pu visiter quelques boutiques, friperies ou marchés aux puces... et bien sûr rapporter quelques vieilleries. Mais Vienne et Budapest ne sont pas des destinations pour le shopping vintage.
- A+ -


  1. Those look like lovely places. That heat, though! It's what I'd expect in southern Spain, not central Europe.

  2. Not yet (to either), but I would truly love to one day. If only Europe wasn't thousands of miles away!

    Your travel posts are always such a joy. It's awesome to see a city through the eyes of two devoted vintage fans and to get your take on these well known destinations. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I can hardly wait to see where your travels will take you both next.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Now I really want to travel again. :) I adore you plaid dress. Have a lovely day. :)

  4. What a pity you were there during this incredible heatwave. I always wanted to see them too, but have not managed so far. I love places with history and good food. ;-)

  5. j'adore vos photos de Vienne et Budapest, malgre la chaleur vous avez l'air impec! j'aime beaucoup visiter ces deux villes, etant moi-meme une ex-voisine: je suis nee et j'ai grandie en Tchecoslovaquie.

  6. Amahhhhzing photos ... I especially love your plaid dress ... What a wonderful garment!
    I've never been to Vienna or Budapeste ... I always wanted to see Vienna ...