Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome in WINTER !!!

Hello guys! How are you?

Did you spend nice Christmas season?

We want to wish you a really HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We spent a nice end of the year with familly and friends

and enjoyed a small trip in Amsterdam.

Till this week, we haven't had any winter...

some spring flowers were already there...

but snow decided 2 days ago that it was time to visit us!

We started this photo shoot with almost a snow storm

and we finished under a bright sun!

I love snow so much, even more under the sun!

To speak more about my outfit of the day...

I found this bright purple an green wool fabric in a vintage store in Bruxelles.

I didn't know what it would become but it was so soft and warm with a good yardage, I could pass on it.

I contacted Debora from the Black Pinafore few months ago with an idea.

I wanted a pleated skirt and a matching vest from a 50's pattern.

The result is breathless, isn't it?

I paired it with a green 40's coat.

A purple 50's umbrella,

some Miss L Fire boots from a previous collection,

a shiny 50's handbag,

a cute cat brooch (so real!),

a 50's lucite bracelet

and this green velvet 40's hat.

Sylvain chose to wear what Santa brought to him.

This really nice varsity jacket!

Don't from where it comes, bust must be from Texas.

It dates from 1957.

It was so nice to have a stroll in snow...

Sylvain wore knickers with wool socks to be warm

and also his vintage "animal" (poney, cow???) shoes! 

We found those crazy ones in Bavaria last summer.

Snow always brings us back in childhood...

His sweater is also a present of his personnal Santa (me!).

It's the first thing I have ever found for him on Ebay...
almost 15 years ago!

I chose it because it was from 1959

like his Cadillac!

What a lovely winter outfit!

Like if we were in the Alps!

I was so happy to see that this beautiful fabric came into life!

This suit is so cosy, warm and... classy!

Have you had already snow this winter?
What do you like to wear for cold winter days?

Bonjour à tous et Bonne Année! Avez-vous passé de bonnes fêtes? 
Après avoir passé Noël sous un temps quasi printanier, la neige a fait son entrée cette semaine!
Ce qui n'est pas pour nous déplaire... une partie de notre enfance remonte toujours en nous en voyant ces magnifiques paysages blancs...
Voici donc nos tenues pour une petite promenade hivernale!
Mon ensemble mauve et vert a été réalisé sur mesure avec patron d'époque en utilisant un beau coupon de laine douce et chaude d'époque, trouvé il y a des années dans une boutique vintage à Bruxelles.
Sylvain a choisi d’étrenner son cadeau du père Noël, cette veste universitaire de 1957 avec un look très chasseur alpin!
Après s'être finie en beauté avec famille et ami et une petite escapade à Amsterdam bien plaisante, la nouvelle année commence donc doucement pour nous.
- A bientôt - 


  1. I love the photos!! I would love to keep speaking to you as I'm trying to learn to speak better French!! Maxine

  2. Love both outfits! It was 44C here a couple of days ago so it is very soothing to see the snowy winter around you. Sylvain looks like he's taking tips from Tin Tin the king of knickerbockers :) The green and lilac colours of your suit are a lovely combination and I am in awe of your winter coat collection. The shape of this one and its details are lovely.

  3. Hello Laurence, you are so beautiful couple, and yes, even I envy your collection of coats! Thanks for having mentioned me, the set looks like a vintage piece. We talk soon.

  4. Seriously you two are the best looking couple! :) I loveeee what you wore to welcome the snow! That coat is bloody fantastic!!

  5. You two are really amazing. Sylvian looks like a naughty schoolboy and your outfit is fab!

  6. Nice pics and lovely snow-filled scenery! :) And I really want an Americana varsity jacket like that! It is in excellent condition and so cool! :)

  7. Welcome to winter wonder land ... Yes, Berlin has snow right now, the second time this winter. It's beautiful and fun the first day, but then the lovely white turns into brown mud or slippery ice ...
    You both look as adorable as ever. Love the beaded embroidery on your green 40s coat. So wonderful!

  8. WOW! Both outfits are amazing! I really like the varsity jacket and lettermans sweater. Here in the mid-west you got snowy single digit degree weather. When I first started wearing vintage. When winter came I was not sure what to ware for the winter but I did learn the art of still wearing a dress and looking vintage. I even wrote a blog post about it called How Does A Girl Keep Warm.

  9. What a fabulous outfit you two have put together! I love the colours of your green plaid set, and was sure it was vintage. But it is, in some kind of way. And I envy you your green coat. I would love to be in a snowfigth with Sylvain. ;) Such beautiful photos. We also have snow in Denmark, and down to -10C, very Cold! Have a lovely day, both of you. :)

  10. We don't get snow here, ever. So to me, the background is just beautiful. I love your outfit. Plaid with those colors is one of my favorite fabrics and the skirt/vest idea was great. The coat is also beautiful and goes so nicely with it.

  11. Happy new year to you too! The purple in your dress really pops against the snow.

  12. Wonderfully lovely outfits, you two. I really dig the gleeful collegiate-like aspect of his ensemble and the chic, vibrant hues of yours (as well as that cuter-than-cute kitty face brooch).

    Happiest New Year's wishes to you two as well!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. You guys look so fabulous - I couldn't even pick which outfit I like more. It's wonderful what you had done with that vintage fabric though, and it fits you so perfectly!

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