Monday, September 19, 2011


Yes WRESTLING, you read this tittle correctly. I never tought I would attent to some wrestling fights, but it was so much fun!!!
We planned to go to Nancy with some friends for this event about 2 weeks ago because it was also a burlesque performance.

Here is what I wore for this "special evening".

We leaved with 4 vintage cars including our '59 Cadillac for a 200km trip, happy to cruise together with our Gormandizers friends!

The show took place in an old beer factory.

The beauties and the beasts!!!!
All fighters were so laughable and quite ridiculous, the fights were so fake but it was part of this show!!! We had a lot of fun to support our favorite wrestelers shouting together all along the fight some ridiculous slogans and crazy words like "Raaaouhhh!!!".

We also met some new friends like the famous french pin-up Miss Liz Cherie and her husband.

Between 2 rounds, there was a burlesque show made by Lily DesLys, it was really elegant and quite 30's inspired. Nowadays there are too much burlesque dancers who confound burlesque vintage show and streap tease, it was nice to see this beautiful and tasteful show where nothing was vulgar!

It was a unexpectedly really nice evening between friends, vintage cars, pin-up and wrestlers... a strange good mix!!!

Have you ever been to a wrestling show? Did you have fun?

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  1. Can't say I've ever been to a wrestling show! You look lovely. I love that dress.
    -Andi x