Thursday, February 20, 2014


Have you ever heard about HARCOURT Studio?

It's the most famous photographers studio in France since 1934.

I don't known if HARCOURT is famous out of France...

They are really well know for their vintage style black and white portraits.

All stars from the Golden age were pictured by them from Clark Gable to Brigitte Bardot, but also modern actors like Jean Dujardin.

I could have show you many and many gorgeous portraits,

but I will only show you this one!

This is an original from the 40's that Sylvain and I found in an old movie theater in Lille.

Just a french starlette but you can see the quality of this picture!

So why am I speaking about Harcourt Studio?

That's because we heard about something amazing for Valentine's day...

One of Harcourt's photographer will be at a commercial center near home and will picture a portrait for free for all couples that will come. So Romantic!!!

We were really excited because do you know how much costs a portrait in their studio?

About 2000 euros!!! Can you believe that???

So I chose this classic 40's style for the shoot...

Vintage 40's crepe dress with nice details.

Sylvain wanted to wear his new 50's sweater.

We have to wait a bit, because a lot of couples wanted a nice portrait...

And here is the result...

I must tell you that we were quite dissapointed..

The lights give a really nice background on this picture,

But as it was free, I don't think the photographer gave his best...

There are some really bad shadows on both our faces,

picture could have been a bit more dynamic...
we think we look quite fater and older on that picture...

finally our personnal little pictures are not so bad!

I think if a photographer don't take time to understand their models...

see what can be their best angles and change lights orientation from model to model, he cannot have a perfect result.
You must take time to have a good portrait!

Have you ever heard about HARCOURT Studio?
What do you think about this picture?


  1. I saw that Sylvain went to Paris and in this city you can find Harcourt's photobooth in different places (Franck & Fils, MK2 Bibliothèque, Le Bon Marché), and you can do your own portrait for 10€. Well, it's a photobooth, not a real photographer, but I dit it and it's nice :)

  2. I was in the middle of responding to your wonderful post and I think it may have gotten lost in the action. I got distracted with the children. Anyways, I wanted to say that it is so wonderful you were able to get a picture from this event and I hope that you are able to try again in the future as you two are the perfect subjects for such a photography event. You were spot on in your attire and I think maybe the photographer was not taking into effect the light and shadows created by having two people involved and not just one. But, regardless a wonderful experience.

  3. I agree with you about the picture. I think the photographer was tired already and did not take his proper time to make sure to eliminate the shadows and such -- too many couples! But I do think that it was still very romantic. I did hear about the studio, but had no idea how much is costs. Both of you look marvelous in your gorgeous ensembles and it is amazing how poor lighting can capture a moment in such a way that people almost don't look like themselves.

  4. Oh I love this pics *-*

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  5. What a fabulous idea! Too bad you were not happy with the results. At least you took some wonderful photos of each other while you were there. Amazing details on your dress and I love the color of that purse!

  6. I have made make up for so many portrait shootings and can say: this light is a horror! with one or two more back lights you would look as beautiful as you are... BTW great dress! xxx

  7. Oh dear, that's a shame. One should always give their best work when creating, whether the client is paying or not, as you never know what they'll (the client) will say about them. It's a shame your image didn't turn out as well as you guys wanted. It's still lovely, but I completely agree about the shadows.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. you both look as great as always ... sadly the famous photographer weren't able to show this on his work ... - "The lights give a really nice background on this picture,..." - its really sad that he didn't do a good job and that the harcourt fond isn't on it ... but, i suppose it was still a nice and fun thing to go there ...

    your crepe dress is absolutely adorable ....

  9. i know harcourt from some celbrity cards i didn't won on ebay. now i know why they went for a lot of money ... ;)

  10. don't moan on this photographer, it was for free so it's not like you have paid a ton of money for this picture it was FREE and don't compare the work from 1940's where they take around 5 to 6 hours for a photography stills for a movie star, the camera were different than today and picture was printed old way on paper whche aged and gave a warm color, today it's digital, so if you want to have a perfect photography from a professional using old camera and lights like the picture from 1940's you have to paid a lot of money for a good quality picture, don't forget you got photographed in a commercial center, Harcourt used photography studios in the old days, different times different quality and like I said it was free so don't expect high quality when it's free

    1. I think that you are being a bit harsh!

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  12. It's always sad when you admire someone/something or their work only to experience it in the flesh and be disappointed. I know you didn't pay for the pickies but that's not the point, you really had every reason to be disappointed.
    You two always look fab and it is sad that the photo doesn't capture that. xx Shauna

  13. I think the idea of the photo shoot is quite romantic, it's too bad you weren't too pleased with the results. On the plus side, you've taken such wonderful photographs of each other, as usual.
    You both look incredibly sharp, I particularly love your earrings and Sylvain's tie tack!

  14. Sad portrait, you both look SO much better in your own photos. But it was a lovely idea. :)

  15. I am sorry the photo did not turn out as well as you had hoped. But you both look wonderful nonetheless! As always, the two most stylish folks I have EVER seen!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn
    PS. I want your handbag! ;) Love it!

  16. Your professional portrait does not compare with your own photography! You and the gentleman look wonderful. That dress (which you purchased from my friend and colleague, I've just learned) is absolutely perfect on you. It's a shame you were disappointed with the Harcourt experience. But you do have lovely images to remember the day.