Sunday, February 16, 2014


Few days ago, Sylvain left me alone at home to go to a special event in Paris...
It took place in the famous "Grand Palais",
an amazing 19th century building.
 The french motor show was organized there each year from 1901 to 1961.
On that day, those cars from the past came back in this huge "cathedral" for an auctions sale.
On the first day of the show, potential bidders could inspect closely these beauties!
Only people registered for auctions were allowed to enter,
so it was not crowdy at all.
so you may have understood that Sylvain had a special idea in his head...
(even if our garage is already full...)
So many nice cars and bikes!!
As usualy in Europe, most of cars were english or italian.
Sylvain's brother, who was with him, fell in love with this fully restored E-Type Jaguar from 1961.
But my hubby remains faithful to his love for american cars like this '47 Cadillac convertible!
However that was not for this car that he came for... 
He coveted this pink '59 Caddy convertible which was
the star of "Pink Cadillac", a 1989 movie with Clint Eastwood!
A lot of documentations was provided to certify its particular history.
Sylvain spent a long time to look carefully at the real condition of this beauty.
Even if it was far from perfect,
for example repainted rapidly in pink for the movie,
it was still an amazing car with an unique history value!!
After a short night full of pink... dreams, Sylvain came back for the auctions day!
The estimation for this car was quite reasonable: about $ 34000-48000, so Sylvain was pretty confident to win the car...
It was the first time he took part of an auction. He was so excited! Sylvain bid three times...
But he finally lost the car! 
Result was $ 83800: far too much for the condition of this pink lady...and for his budget!!!
Anyway, it was a nice experience in a magical place!

Have you ever neen part of en auctions sale ?
Did you know "Grand Palais" in Paris ?


  1. A very well played out story, so sorry that Sylvan didn't win the car. I'm sure he was disappointed but now he has the wonderful experience of bidding and seeing the car up close. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful images. Another interesting thing is how this car ended up in Paris?

  2. Très belles images et c'est magnifiquement raconté ! En vous souhaitant plus de chance pour la prochaine vente aux enchères ! A bientôt, Didier

  3. Wow! So jealous of Sylvain to be surrounded by such beautiful cars! The only bidding I've ever done is on ebay and it's ususally vintage clothing. My trip to Paris if 2012 unfortuneately did not include a visit to "Grand Palaise", next time for sure. The interior reminds of the pictures I've seen of Penn Station in NY. Very beautiful art nouveau, my favorite. Sylvain as always you dressed impeccably, you'll get the car next time.

  4. Such gorgeous cars! I can't drive, but I always love looking at vintage vehicles. It is a shame Sylvain didn't get the Cadillac, but perhaps there is a better car out there, just waiting for him to buy it.

  5. Oh, I'm sad to hear he didn't win, poor boy. But you're right, the price was way too expensive. Give him a hug from me. :)

  6. Wonderfully engaging recap of how this day played out for your honey. I'm sorry that he wasn't able to land this gorgeous pink ride in the end. That is rather steep for such a car though, and ultimately it's better that he didn't vastly overpay.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. so sad , that you man didn't win the car.
    the photos are amazing. ... so many beautiful cars and what an amazing venue for an oltimer car auction. wow.

    we went several times to a vintage auction, organized from a charity shop. it was very fun and excitng every time.

  8. Oh I wish he had won! But now you can find the more perfect car for you!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn