Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My husband and I have a special evening last week-end...

We went to theater!

We are often too lazy to go out on evenings for these kind of activities.

But when I saw more than 6 months ago...

that a famous Broadway musical will be coming in town,

I immadiatly reserved 2 seats.

That musical was WEST SIDE STORY!

The 10 shows planned were sold out in less than one week!

They chose this famous 50's musical to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Luxembourg Grand Theater.

The building is really special!

Freshly restored, but they respected its early 60's modern style.

Look at these huge lights!

That's a pity that most of people don't dress up anymore to go to theater...

But Sylvain and I decided to take out our evening wears!

It's not often that you can wear vintage evening dresses...

I think this 50's lace dress has stayed in my wardrobe unworn for almost 8 years!

That's why I don't buy vintage evening gowns anymore...

It's more easy for guys with their vintage suits!

Love this cream 50's flecked suit.

To speak a bit more about the musical...

that was a great show,

almost 40 dancers from Broadway...

great singers,

scenery and lighting were amazing...


we were disapointed with costumes,

it was supposed to take place in the 50's in NYC...

but they were wearing contemporary clothes,
not even a kind of retro style.

Do you often go to theater?
Have you ever seen WEST SIDE STORY?


  1. You look absolutely stunning in that outfit!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures! And your dress is just amazing!
    West Side Story, I saw it on Broadway 4 years ago and the costumes were vintage inspired at least!

  3. I love West Side Story. That is a bummer about the costumes - dressing in modern clothes isn't brave or interesting, it's easy. That theater is stunning and you look GORGEOUS!

  4. All of these pcitures are incredible. You and SYlvain look amazing in evening wear, I especially love the fur collar and the gloves. Sylvain looks like an Inspector in his picture under the light.

  5. You and Sylvian look so elegeant - awesome!

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  6. I don't go the theatre that often because it's quite expensive but when I do go, I love to wear my vintage evening wear! Most people don't dress up these days which is a shame.

    I love West Side Story the film but I haven't seen it as a musical. It's a bit of a shame that they didn't respect the clothing of the era that it's set in though!

    Oh and you two look fab as usual!

  7. you both have the best shots ever!!! and - as always you both look stunning in your evening wardrobes ...

    when i was still studying (stage and costume design) i went to theater quite often .... since i quit working in arts a while ago, i sadly don't go that often anymore. i suppose, i still need a break from being bored of seeing the same designs/ideas again and again on stage ... (hundreds of years ago i was an internee working for a production of west side story. now, all the songs are coming back to my mind) ;)

  8. That theatre is amazing! It's so good that they've respected its history in the restoration.

    And you both look ace in your photos - you may not buy many evening dresses now, but it's a good job you kept that one as it looks perfect.

  9. You both look wonderful, and WOW that theatre looks amazing! Such stunning interiors! I really love all of these photos. I must agree that it is a real shame that people don't dress up to go to the theatre anymore. Aaron and I always dress up for the theatre, and then spend the evening surrounded by people in jeans and tshirts! :(

  10. You both look breathtakingly fantastic and just as classy as can be! I love that you each opted for a mix of pale and dark hues for your evening at the theater ensembles. Very stylish, beautiful and elegant!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. What a beautiful dress! But I know it is so extremely rare you have occassions to use such dresses. And what a lovely theater, I wish I could visit it. :)

  12. You two make such a dashing couple! I love your dress and that theatre! Beautiful!

  13. You both look amazing^^ And what a gorgeous thatre that is - stunning! But how come you're all alone in there to take pictures? Where are all the other people? The probaly stood behind the camera looking in awe at your amazing lace dress^^ What a beauty^^

  14. I love West Side Story. That is a bummer about the costumes - dressing in modern clothes isn't brave or interesting, it's easy. That theater is stunning and you look nice.

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  15. I hate that most people do not dress up for the theater anymore. You both look fantastic! I love your hat!! I have a lace dress hanging in my closet also. I'm going to make an effort to wear it this year. :)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  16. Wow! I love everything you two are wearing in this post.
    C'est très chic! :)

    Bon weekend!

  17. So glad to see couples dressing well for the theater! I can see and hear West Side Story in my mind today as if it was 1962. Marvelous story, terrific score and an accurate representation of New York's upper W side during the era. Great post!

  18. Oh my goodness! You look fantastic! I just found your blog through another vintage blogger (The Fiercest Lilliputian) and I must say I am absolutely in love! I have only recently become interested in dressing vintage and so I love looking through vintage blogs for inspiration. I am having so much fun looking through your posts and pictures!

  19. Beautiful night out. It's so much fun to read and look at all your outings. I love the venue, they did a great job restoring it. You both look lovely and I sympathize with you about people's attire. We live in LA and it's dissapointing that the public can be so relaxed in their grooming even in elegant surroundings or special occasions. I love your hat and you've inspired me to make hats my must wear accessory for 2014!

  20. I don't even have the words to tell you how amazing your ensembles are, or how incredible this theater is-- it's all perfection!!
    What a shame it would be to not dress up to attend an event at this venue, seems like it just couldn't be appreciated if one wasn't dressed appropriately.