Thursday, January 2, 2014

A sunday at MUSEUMS...

And here is our last day in Bruxelles...

We enjoyed a really good breakfast at the hotel...

to give us strength to visit 3 museums!

We usually don't visit museums when we come to Bruxelles...

probably because we usually only spent only one day there for shopping!

So the first museum we chose to visit was...

the Comic Strip one!
You cannot visit the Tintin's city without seing every everywhere cartoon characters everywhere on the walls!

This museum is also an historical buiding.

It's an old departement store.

 Built in the early XXthe century...
ART NOUVEAU is everywhere!

Victor HORTA was the architect.

I'm not a huge fan of Comic Strips...

But my husband is!

He came back in his childhood...

while visiting those expositions!

 After that, we also visited HORTA's house.
Unfortunatly, no picture was allowed inside.
It's so rare to be able to visit these kind of ART NOUVEAU houses!

Dressed like this, a man asked us if we were Scottish...
some people's questions can be sometimes so crazy and funny!!!

After that, we took a break to enjoy Belgium Gastronomy!

Actually, french fries are not french but belgian!!!

After a little stroll in the city...

we spent all the afternoon in...


Another huge museum in an amazing building!

Sylvain was in heaven...

So many vintage cars to see!

We took a lot of time to visit because...

Sylvain told me the story behind each car...

he also looked at every details...

he also took MANY, MANY pictures!!!

All eras were presented...

We definitively must spent more time to visit museums,
that was a really nice sunday! 

Do you like to visit museums?
What kind of museums are you interested with:
 cars, fashion, architecture, painting....?


  1. Chez Léon is not bad but you have to come to Liège to taste the wonderful "boulettes liégeoises" (nothing is better in the world ;) )!

  2. Tres charmante votre jour a Bruxelles. Je rigolais a le petit blague Ecossais. Je suis une étudiante de français, Excusez moi mes erreurs!

    You had a charming day in Brussels. I laughed at the Scottish joke! Also a student of French, please excuse my mistakes.

  3. This looks like such an interesting day, your photos illustrate it so well. The comic strip one made me giggle. I love going to museums and galleries, especially to see costume exhibitions.

  4. happy new year, my dear!

    wonderful pictures! i really enjoyed them. they really tell a little story and they show that you both had much fun there.

    i really like museums ... but for some reasons i haven't made it to the 'museums insel' here in berlin yet - although i life here for some months now. i really want to see the pergamon and the egyptian museum. the renewed architecture of the buildings must be amazing.

  5. great pics, I have to go to Brussels next year! happy 2014 to both of you, looking forward to your posts in this new year... xxx

  6. That sounds like precisely the kind of day I'd create if I was visiting a major city, too. I always beeline for museums, vintage shops, and (classic) art galleries first when I travel.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I have only recently found your website and have been enjoying myself reading you old posts. I especially enjoyed your trip to Venice! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts, which are so well put together. This one was as good as ever - lovely clothes, beautiful photographs and useful explanations. Thank you!