Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PARIS + Vintage = St OUEN flea market !!!

Here are a few pictures of our parisian trip....

Unfortunatly, we didn't made a lot,
because all our trip in Paris are always really busy!
Familly, friends, visits and shopping...

About all these pictures were taken on the same day...

At St Ouen flea market...

the oldest flea market in the world!

Do you know that the word "flea market" comes from there? Because in the XIXth century, people started selling second hand clothes there and most of items were quite dirty, people don't wash them often, so there were a lot of fleas! That's why people started to call this place "flea market"... "marché aux puces" in french!

My personal Santa Claus found my Xmas present in this incredible shop! I have had since 40's hat for more than 10 years but never wear it... but I customized it with vintage velvet flowers to fit my outfit colors!

We haven't been to St Ouen for about 4 years and it changed a lot.

It's much more clean  than in the past (no flea anymore...)and 50's stuffs are eveywhere, you can see it's a fashionnable era nowadays... it used to be ART DECO last time we went there but now modernism is a must have!

There are so many nice small restaurants, so frenchy will say our american friends!

We spent all the day there but we didn't have time to see all what we wanted, it's so big!

It was a cold windy day but we had so much fun!

We were there with some really good friends of us,
 so it was even better!

That's not a cheap place but you can find almost everything that a vintage lover can dream about.

I really love the outfit that I was wearing on that day... a lovely 40's coat but not only...

Unfortunatly night was there really fast...
but it didn't stop us to shop vintage!

We went to a shop called "CASABLANCA" which is selling clothes before the 60's.  

I found there an amazing atomic NOS early 50's bikini... I have never dared to wear a bikini... perhaps at the next Viva Las Vegas pool party?

Here is why that outfit is so special to me... matching 40's coat and skirt!!!

Even if our stay was short (4 days) it's always such a pleasure to come back to Paris really one of the most beautiful city in the world!

Have you ever been in Paris?
Did you visit St Ouen flea market?


  1. I love the plaid coat and skirt combination! In fact, I think plaid is just about my favourite pattern for vintage winter wear.

    I went on a holiday to Paris by myself about 5 years ago and tried to go to Marché aux Puces de St. Ouen but couldn't find it when I got out of the train station and as I was on my own, I decided to leave it. I've always wanted to go back to Paris to go there, even more so now that you say it's a vintage lover's dream!

    Could you recommend any good (and reasonably priced) vintage shops in Paris? I found a few whilst I was there but some were quite pricey.

    1. Paris is quite pricey, most of vintage shoppes are quite expensive but not more than London. My favorite place to shop in Paris is Mamie and Mamie Blue in the same street.
      You can go to Vanves flea market, it's in the Streets saturday and sunday mornings.
      St Ouen flea market is really HUGE, I cannot believe that you didn't found it! It's between St Ouen Gate and Clignancourt. Not cheap but it's Worth a visit for sure!

    2. Thanks, I'll remember those shops! Yeah I think I got off at Clignacourt and there was some rubbishy street market right by the station and I got put off as I couldn't find St. Ouen!

  2. We were at Paris once, when we were freshly in love... so romantic! But we haven´t seen any flea markets. But I did some vintage shopping anyway: a 40s peachy night gown... ou lal la! We have to go again... your ensemble with the hat is so special and flattering xxx

  3. I have been many times in Paris. It is a wonderfull , nice city . I have also visited the St. Oeun flea Market. I like also the shops Mamie and Mamie Blue in rue de rochechouart.

  4. That looks like pure vintage flea market heaven to me. Ooooh, how I'd madly love to follow your lead and take a trip there one day. You guys both look so fantastic! I adore how you further embellished that terrific 40s chapeau.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. That flea market is on my "Bucket List'...hopefully one day I will end up visiting it! I absolutely love the flowers on your divine hat.

  6. I adore Paris! It really is one of my favourite cities that I have visited....I can't wait to go back! Hopefully this year I will be able to go with Aaron for a long weekend, maybe in the Spring or Summertime...

    I love that your coat and skirt match, and I really love the autumnal reds and oranges!

  7. rrrrr vous me donnez envie d'aller chiner à Paris !!!
    Superbe manteau, superbe ensemble, et ce chapeau ! comme ça, customisé de ces qqes fleurs accordées à ton manteau...juste magnifique !
    Moi quand je me balade à Clignancourt je suis plutôt en mode baroudeuse, je ne fais pas tant d'efforts de toilette...Mais je devrais peut-être :-)
    Vous êtes parfaits, comme toujours !
    As-tu fait de beaux achats ?

  8. Looks like a paradise! I can't say I've ever been to a flea market - I know the word but maybe we just don't have many in my area.

  9. Next - well, no this year I hope to be there! You both look very good in your outfits.

  10. i've never been to paris - maybe because my french is so horrible. i understand quite a bit but talking is almost impossible.
    as being married to an american guy, all the holiday plans will be made to visit his family in the us. so ... i won't see any other countries in the near future ;)

    i love your colourful coat. so beautiful.

  11. You just look sooooo cute!!! You're outfit was amazing!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn