Sunday, January 19, 2014

A frozen BALLERINA...

Winter is quite not the best season for flea markets...

and you will understand why after these following pictures!
That was on the morning of the first local flea market of the year...
and it was FREEZING!!!!
Not easy to find motivation to go out with such a weather!
A must to keep hand warm, a vintage MUFF of course!
I bought this white New Look vintage coat in Brussels a few month ago.
It was handmade but I must tell you that some details make me think that it's not an original from the 50's.
However a princess style 50's coat in a larger size and moreover in white color is almost impossible to find, mainly for 30 euros!
My husband also wore a cream coat.
One of the more stylish he has ever found!
But what to wear under a coat to fight this cold weather???
Wool of course!
Wool stocking, felt wool boots...

Wool 50's sweater, wool vintage circle skirt...
I felt like a vintage ballerina!
I love this scarf, found for a few bucks in a vintage shop in Hollywood.
Another detail, a 40's ballerina brooch!
You cannot see my blouse but it was also with ballerinas pattern!
But I must tell you that despite all this wool, I felt so COOOOOLLLLDDD!
Sylvain was just frozen...
We didn't find much at that flea market...
except a few nice 45 RPM.
We are really missing our summer flea markets under the sun!
What do you wear for these kind of freezing days?
Have you still flea markets in winter where you live?


  1. oh I love your scarf, I dream of a ballerinascarf for so long but I coundn´t find one for a good price in the US and they are too pricy on etsy :( and you really look like a Russian princess in that coat... xxx

  2. Your coat looks gorgeous - and what a bargain^^ Winter flea markets are aweful for good looking vintage gals. Leat's hope there are not too many cold days to come^^

  3. Enchanting! <3 I also wear only wool in Winter and that's the only thing that keeps me warm ;)

  4. Degas himself could not have painted a more beautiful (or stylishly attired) ballerina than you here, my dear friend. I adore this white coat - I've never wanted a white coat of my own more than I do now having seen how exquisitely you've styled this one. Vintage fashion swoon! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. It must be the muff. When I wore a muff and cape on Christmas, someone told me I looked like Anastasia!

    Love the ballerina scarf!

  6. Oh Laurence, I just love your coat! You look just like a princess in it too:) It fits you wonderfully and I love that it has a fresh cream quality to it. So hard to find lighter colored coats that have stood the test of time. And an amazing deal at that. Love the muff too! A wonderful winter outfit. And, of course your husband looks very well dressed too! You two do so well together...two peas in a pod:)

  7. Your outerwear is incredible, you look so royal!

  8. omg, this coat is so gorgeous. if it is an originalp iece or not ... it looks too good to be true! i would wear it right away! ok, maybe i wouldn't dare to wear it to a flea market on a wet flea market day. in my case it would get some icky stains from digging through dusty flea market stalls ...

    i also adore the outfit you wear under the coat: you look stunning!

  9. omg...the skirt *-*

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  10. Original vintage or not, your coat is beautiful. I bet the two of you were the most stylish couple shopping that day.

  11. The outdoor flea markets close here for a couple months, but there are a few indoor ones. Unfortunately there are very few of either here and most just sell cheap modern junk. Your coat and muff and skirt are amazing. I love a ballerina ;)

  12. Oh my! You look so lovely! I love anything with ballerinas on it-- so a brooch, shirt, and scarf fill me with joy!! ;) You both always look fantastic!
    Our flea market has been scarce with finds lately too. Can't wait for spring!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn