Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ELSASS Rock & Jive festival...

Here are some pictures of my birthday's week-end...

That will be a busy post!

We spent 2 days in Alsace...

Colmar is just 2.5 hours drive from home...

but architecture is so different!

It's like being on vacation in another country but no, it's just our wonderful France!

Sylvain and I met and lived in this area before moving to our actual place.

Old Colmar is also called the small Venice...

because of water everywhere.

It's a really touristic place at this period of the year.

Geraniums are everywhere at the balconies!

We were there for a special event, the first edition of ELSASS Rock & Jive festival,

but we also had time to enjoy the historic city center!

So nice to discover forgotten treasures like this door from a former fish store!

Here is an outfit that I also wore for VLV...

but had no time to take nice pictures,

so here it is again!

I must tell you that I was breathless when I found this dress in a vintage shop in Portland last April!

I really prayed for it to fit... and it fitted!!!!

Look at this AMAZING fabric!!!!

I never saw such a nice casual 40's dress... like new also!

I think it's really my best find from our US trip.

My tiki Miss L Fire sandals fitted perfectly with this dress.

We also enjoyed a few antiques shoppes in town...

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty where created in Colmar?

Her father, the sculptor Bartholdi, was from there, you can visit his museum in one of these old houses.

Here is my husband outfit...

Quite patriotic, isn't it?

He bought this tie in the vendors room at VLV.

I could not picture well his vintage tie bar but it's a '49 FORD front grill, found for a few bucks in an Antiques Mall in WA state.

  The seller probably didn't know what he was selling for this low price!

We travelled there with our '58 Lincoln...

top down on this wonderful day!!!

And we finish that full journey with Rn'R concerts.

Quick change for a fresh evening outside...

That was a small event but so well organized!

With great artists like Si Cranstoun...

I love small events...

you can enjoy concerts almost on stage!!!

Have you ever been in Colmar?
Do you prefer small or big events?

Quelques (ou plutôt beaucoup.... ) de photos du week-end que nous avons passé en Alsace pour la 1ère édition du Rock & Jive festival! Nous avons joué les touristes à Colmar, bien que Sylvain et moi ayons vécu plusieurs années dans cette région, c'est toujours un plaisir d'y revenir.
Gros coup de cœur pour la robe que je porte ici, probablement ma plus belle trouvaille lors de notre voyage aux USA: robe 40's californienne en parfait état!!!!
Ce petit festival fût bien sympathique et si bien organisé, nous avons pu apprécier les concerts au plus prêt des artistes.
Et vous, préférez-vous les petits festivals ou les plus gros évènements?
A très bientôt pour la suite de notre escapade alsacienne...


  1. Laurence and Sylvain,
    Just want to say as a long time follower, that I truly enjoy not only what you wear but WHERE you wear it. I have been to France but not Colmar. I did not know the Statue of Liberty was designed there, thanks for the history lesson. I have seen Lady Liberty in person, quiet impressive. Loved your outfits, and Laurence great score on the dress. You made me laugh when you said, you "prayed" that it would fit. I think I've said that same prayer many times myself. The concert looked like a lot of fun! I love small events where you can see the artist up close and personal. Makes it more special. XOXO LisaO

  2. the picture of you sitting in the Lincoln is a dream, love the colours of the dress xxx

  3. That really is one sensationally lovely pattern on your dress! What an exciting, fun filled way to celebrate your birthday. Happiest slightly belated wishes, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I just bought my second ever Mexican tourist jacket while in Vancouver and it's a green one that's similar to yours here. It has some moth nibbles, but is still wearable and was a total steal at $18.00, so I couldn't pass it up.

  4. I always love your style of writing, sense of humour and suspense of your posts. And, as usual, I adore your outfits. That dress is really quite outstanding and rare. What a find! And Sylvian is looking like quite the dapper chap once again. You two must have such fun taking all those marvellous photos. We are a very lucky bunch of readers, indeed !

  5. i love colmar. i've been there two or three times in the actual city - and quite often in the outskirts for grocery shopping when i was still living in the south of germany. elsass is a really beuatiful region not just beautiful in the summer, you can find amazing christmas markets there.

  6. Always enjoy your short trips and vacation photos! ...and this dress is truly amazing, what a great find!

  7. You both look fabulous! I'm glad that you had a fun birthday celebration - I will have to keep an eye out for that festival in the future, as it might be fun to spend a weekend in beautiful Colmar! :)

  8. Happy belated Birthday! And what a gorgeous dress, I can totally understand your joy of finding it.
    I know Colmar, but it has been a long time since I visited it. Maybe a good idea for the upcoming summer, it isn't that far. It is such a beautiful village.
    love, ette

  9. What a gorgeous town! It looks like a really lovely place to visit.

    As you say, the fabric on your dress is excellent.

  10. I'm so amazed by the way you always look together. You look like such a happy and beautiful couple, and I'm sure you are! X

  11. Colmar est vraiment une jolie ville, que j'ai eu la chance de visiter à deux reprises (une en été et une en hiver, avant Noël, évidemment). Comme d'habitude tu es très élégante. (Je trouve toujours ta parure fleur super mignonne), tout comme ton mari.

  12. J'adore Colmar !
    Vous êtes charmants tous les deux !