Thursday, June 26, 2014

TOURISTS from the past...

Here is our second day in Alsace... a little late...

We were really lucky with the weather!

It's important when you are travelling with a vintage car.

It's better to drive under the sun!

After a good night full of Rock'n Roll,

we woke up not too late in order to visit some flea markets.

They are really good most of the time in Alsace because they are big barns still full of old stuf!

But we also took time to visit some touristic villages...

The dress I was wearing is a french New Old Stock from the 40's!

The pattern and color is really nice with flowers and cherries.

It's quite rare to find that kind of stock in France,

but an antiques seller invited me some years ago to visit her to see a vintage stock that she found...

4 boxes full of 40's-50's dead stock clothes but a lot were not my size unfortunatly...

These pictures are from Riquewihr, one of the most touristic village in Alsace.

Here is my tourist husband...

bright 50's hawaiian shirt and blue high waist pants...

he even matched all walls colors!

A real fashion guy, isn't he?

we met some cute bunnies...

a crazy drunk fox...

we also visited some nice souvenirs stores.

I have also a new purse that I really want to show you!

It's from MIDAS, I love these large 50's-60's wickers!

For $30 on Ebay, a real steal!!!

And after 2 great days it was time to go back home...

Do you find a lot of NOS vintage clothes where you live?
What did you like visit recently?

Et voici avec un peu de retard les photos de notre 2ème jour en Alsace... le temps fût idéal pour profiter du trajet en ancienne, de quelques marchés aux puces et même pour jouer les touristes à Riquewihr! Je porte une robe neuve d'époque trouvée en France il y a quelques temps, c'est si rare de trouver des stocks jamais portés par chez nous!
- A+ -


  1. I love your dress!! So pretty and flattering!!

  2. The dress is lovely and you're right! It is difficult to find NOS clothing in Belgium/ France, you're really lucky that you found this beautiful dress.

    xoxo Emma

  3. What a sweet bag and the dress looks lovely on you. It looks like the perfect casual summer running around in dress.

  4. I LOVE your dress! I don't really find a lot of NOS in my area (Missouri in the US), because vintage isn't very popular here. I also have a theory that southern Missouri wasn't an area with very many wealthier people back in the day, so there just isn't an abundance of vintage clothing of any kind left around. (I think people "used it up and wore it out"!)

  5. You are such an inspiration! The dress is lovely on you.

  6. That dress fits you like a glove - perfect! Your photos always make we want to hop a plane immediately; everything is unbelievably picturesque!!!

  7. I love your dress--what an amazing find! I don't find a lot of deadstock where I live, but every once in awhile will come across a great item.

    I'm actually traveling to France next month for a band tour--we'll be playing in Cahors and La Rochelle but will be trying to see some of the sights on our days off. I'd love to hear your recommendations for places to visit/shops to check out, or meet up with you and your husband if we'll be near your area!

    1. Please send me a message at and I will give you a few tips...

  8. I just found your blog - and I like it so much! You and your husband look amazing! I wish my husband would dress like that, but then, he is very supportive and understanding, so I can't complain.

    Wonderful pictures of Alsace. Of course a marvelous trip in such a car! I have been there 3 years ago, but I was pregnant then and it was soooo hot, so I had not much energy to go treasure-hunting on flea markets.

    I so love your dress, that's amazing! I'm from Switzerland, and I can't find vintage clothes from the 40s/50s, not to speak of dead-stock items. It's really sad, but I do buy some stuff on Ebay or Etsy, and fortunately I can sew, so I am able to create my own vintage wardrobe. (That's where my husband enters the plan, he has to live with piles of fabric and patterns...)

    I will definitely come back often and get lots of inspiration!

    Warm regards from sunny Switzerland, Doris aka Mrs. Button

  9. This dress is such a wonderful find! It looks so lovely on you! :) All of your posts are making me want to take a holiday in France!!!

  10. I had to reread that line again about there being four boxes of deadstock 40s and 50s items just to make sure I'd seen it right the first time. What a truly fabulous joy it must have been to dig through them, even if there weren't a ton of items in your size. Just being, I find, in the prescience of so much vintage, let alone deadstock items, is always a special honour and treat unto itself.

    You guys both look sensational as always here!!! I really like how you opted for white hair flowers to compliment the white in your dress' print. Beautiful!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. You know the 40s also suit you so well. What a grand dress and a great print! I am amazed you were able to find such a dress surviving the war and post war years in France. A real accomplishment. This dress suits you so well and very pretty!

  12. i can't believe that you were able to find a dead stock 40s dress in france ... this piece is absolutely adorabel. the colour and print are so lovely. great find!
    no, there is not much dead stock stuff around. especialla here in berlin you have to be careful, things are mostly in sad conditions ...

  13. Your dresses are always so incredible and you wear them soooo well!!! I love your husband's look, too and of course the cars!!!

    How are you both received wearing vintage???? Do people like it or look at you "funny" and think you're both crazy? Do you only wear vintage in your free time or do you wear it to work? Just curious if you're vintage all the time or just in your free time.

    Enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your great finds and travels, too!

    1. Hi Krista! Thanks for following us! I must tell you that people are quite always happy to see us like that and most of the time ask for pictures. Most of them tell us that yesterday fashion was so elegant much more than today clothes. My husband wears vintage all the time, he has his own firm so he can do what he want. I'm a land surveyor so I cannot wear vintage at work because I have to wear pants, security shoes and helmet... but my boss and colleagues know that I'm fully vintage out of work.

    2. Oh, that's lovely that people are so nice and compliment you both on your vintage outfits! Yes, I completely agree that the fashion of yesteryear was so much more elegant than today's clothing. I LOVE the old classic movies as well and to see them dressed so elegantly is such a treat indeed! I wish more people would or could wear vintage clothing. People today dress very, very casually and sloppily all too often.

      I have a pair of 50's cat-eye sunglasses that I enjoy wearing in the summertime, but don't have any vintage clothing yet. I love all the classic cars and yours are wonderful! It's also enjoyable to watch all the old classic TV shows on YouTube or DVD as well! I am a housewife and stay-at-home mom and also a homeschooling mother, so I could wear vintage more often - house dresses! :) I also enjoy using the vintage schoolbooks that have been reprinted as well - there is quite a market for them now with homeschooling families.

      Thank you for sharing all your travels! Your husband is so handsome, too, with all his outfits! My husband would also enjoy vintage. He tries to find suits for work but it's hard where we live (USA but small town area).

      I think your house is also vintage, mid-century! We have a 50's reproduction refrigerator that looks like an "I Love Lucy" fridge! :)

  14. I love your dress, the colour, the pattern, everything. Where are your shoes from? :)

    1. Sanne, these shoes are from Rockets Original.

  15. Bon, j'avoue, je suis jalouse là ! Je suis une fanatique des sacs, et celui là est vraiment trop classe, trop beau...

    Superbe tenue, et Monsieur est très classe ! j'aime beaucoup cette robe, j'adore le bordeaux.