Monday, June 16, 2014

VLV #17: everything else....

Here are pictures from other days and nights in Viva last April!

2 first ones were from wednesday afternoon...

We didn't have any pictures of this first evening in Vegas...

we often don't want to carry our camera anywhere mainly during concerts.

Here are our thursday outfits.

My new to me LAS VEGAS vintage purse bought earlier in our US trip (here) fitted perfectly! I LOVE it!!!

Sylvain was in a hawaiian mood!

Thursday is also the day of the openning of the vendors rooms!!!

You had to be there at 5:00PM to not miss the best vintage treasures!!!

Everything sell so fast on the first hour...

I found some great stuff there, 

but some items were overpriced so I chose to wait the last day for the best bargains!

But that's a risk, I missed for example this 40's green dress...

I only have this picture for this wonderful red dres, friday's outfit...

But I wore it again a few days ago, so I will make a complete post about it, it's so gorgeous and unusual!

It's always the same problem for me... I'm always so tired at VLV that I can not fully enjoy all concerts.

On friday night, it was a great pleasure to meet Bex and Jakk from the blog Subversive Femme.

They are from Australia...

Viva is really the best place to meet people from all around the world from Berlin to Tokyo, from Toronto to Sydney! 

And here is already saturday night...

I usually don't plan my eveing wear a long time before departure...

I like to be comfy to be able to enjoy concerts and a bit of dance!

Sharing meals with friends in the middle of the night is also a Viva must do.

Did we win a few bucks at Las Vegas???

Nope... we don't even touch a slots machine... except for a few pictures!

Here is the outfit that I planned to wear for the pool party on sunday...

but we never made it to the pool.... just chatting with friends in the Orleans rooms... eatting some chocolate for Easter...

We laughted a lot seing Sylvain cosplaying a friend of us!!!

Don't you think there are almost twins? :-)

Just one more night to share together...

Just a last time in the vendors rooms...

did you know that you can easily have 50% discounts on sunday night?

A few more hours to enjoy the craziness of this event...

that was a really fun edition, hope to be there next year again!

At Vegas airport with our extra luggages... you can understand how we brought all THIS back home!

Are you planning to go to VLV next year?
Do you usually take a lot of pictures at Rn'R weekenders?

Et voici quelques clichés supplémentaires de notre séjour à Vegas... nous avons souvent laissé l'appareil photo dans la chambre pour ne pas s'encombrer, les photos ne sont donc pas si nombreux. Un des grand plaisir de Viva reste pour nous de passer de bons moments entre amis, nous avons louper le burlesque, la pool party, et alors? On a passé du bons temps tous ensemble, c'est ce qu'on retiendra! On espère y retourner l'année prochaine! Et vous?


  1. You look so pretty. I love the pink floral dress, and your hair is so pretty and fluffy.

    VLV looks like so much fun.

    I like the picture of all the ladies sitting on the bench. Wouldn't it be nice if most ladies wore pretty cotton dresses in the summer instead of shorts and tank tops?

  2. My Goodness!! Look at all the luggage full of treasures you took back to France!! Now I know where all the good vintage pieces are to be found!! In your closet! Seriously, you both look like you had a wonderful time. I'm glad the States is one of your destination to satisfy your obsession for vintage. Laurence, I absolutely love your Thursday outfit. The summer turquoise w/ brown print dress is probably one of the loveliest outfits I've ever seen on you. When your ready to part with it....I'll be waiting :) XOXO LisaO

  3. Such amazing outfits! Everyone is dressed so impressively. I especially love your long black dress with the leaf motif? Has a great color combination. So fun to see all these photographs.

  4. I have loved seeing your VLV photos! I hope to be able to meet you both next year!! :)

  5. Ma pref' c'est la bleue ! J'adore !
    Ah et puis celle avec les motifs verts et roses sur fond noir (ou marine ?) j'aime beaucoup aussi !!!
    Vous êtes superbes !
    rrrr ça donne trop envie !!!

  6. Don't you just adore it when you pick up a new (old or modern, whatever the case may be) piece on your travels and it ends up fitting awesomely with one of the outfits you brought along. I just had that happen with a vintage scarf I got while on our recent jaunt to Vancouver.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Wow, I love your blue Thursday dress. It really suits you.

  8. This year I missed Vegas - for the first time - since 2006 and for the fourth time since VLV 1 in 1998. I had a very good reason for missing it but I really whish I had been there! I can see you had such great fun! Next year we're BACK!