Wednesday, July 2, 2014

D-Day Anniversary in PARIS...

The 6th of June was the D-Day Anniversary in France...

we were in Paris for that special day.

The weather was just so perfect.

I had to wear a 40's outfit on that day!

Blue, white, red ... patriotic colors just hiden with a bit of yellow...

CLEVER when you know that french ladies could not wear openly these 3 colors together!

I also wore my 40's Lorraine Cross necklace.

A real symbol of french resistance... probably someone wore it hidden like me during the WWII...

What a pleasure to go back to Paris.

Probably the most beautiful city in the World!!!

Enjoying french croissants in the streets...

All details are so interesting in Paris...

you have to look anywhere from top to bottom to not miss anything!

But even if we go regulary to this beautiful city,

we really enjoy every stroll there,

architecture is amazing but also gardens!

Some details of Sylvain's outfit...

We had so much compliments on that day,

everybody thinking that we were dressed like that just for the D-Day.

There were no special event in Paris for this 70th Anniversary,

most of commemorations were in Normandy.

There will be many in Paris for the 25th of August,

when allies release the french capital!

A small visit to the Louvre museum...

We visited also some vintage shoppes...

but we were in Paris for another reason that I will share in my next post!

Did you hear about the D-day french commemorations?
What city is for you the most beautiful in the World?

Encore en retard pour ce post sur l'anniversaire du débarquement en Normandie... nous étions à Paris pour ce jour spécial.
Tenue 40's oblige, beaucoup de gens nous ont complimenté pensant que nous nous étions déguisés pour l'occasion!
Paris probablement la plus belle ville du monde (et oui, faut bien être un peu chauvins, non?), toujours un plaisir d'arpenter ses rues, boutiques et marchés aux puces...
On reviendra bientôt (très bientôt...), c'est sûr!
- Suite au prochain n° pour découvrir pourquoi nous sommes montés à la Capitale -


  1. I love Paris! We already have a weekend trip booked there in October...unfortunately it most likely will not be as sunny and warm as in these pictures!!!!

    You both look fabulous, as always!

  2. My grandfather was among the first wave of American soldiers on the beaches on D-Day. He's since past away, but always spoke of how much even during war he loved Paris. He said he wanted to buy my grandma a dress in Paris, but they wouldn't let him. He went back for the fiftieth anniversary of D-Day and still said Paris was one of the only reasons to go to Europe.
    Your dress is gorgeous and I love the fact that French women would've still worn the red, white, and blue even hidden the symbols of freedom in their clothing and jewelry despite what we would think were impossible circumstances.
    I hope very much that someday I can visit your beautiful country and especially Paris. I live between the Appalachain Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains in the southern U.S., so we have our own beauty, but I've always wanted to see Paris and France in general as I have French ancestry.

  3. Puis-je te demander où tu as trouvé tes jolies sandales ? Elles me font penser au modèle de Rockets Originals... est-ce que tu as eu l'occasion de tester cette marque ? Je n'ai pas encore osé me lancer...

    Vous êtez très élégants, quelles tenues !
    Et décidément, j'adore les couleurs de ta robe...

  4. Beautiful!!! You both are such stunners! I was in Paris back in 1993 in my younger days and actually met my husband in the Burgundy region, so France is special to my husband and me.

    The weather looks lovely for your trip, too!

  5. Wonderful Post!! What beautiful weather!! My husband and I are tentatively planning a return trip to Paris. Your pictures just wetted my appetite, of how much I miss it. It's really hard to beat the beauty of Paris. I can't compare it to anywhere else I've been.
    It's no surprise that you received so many compliments on your outfits. As always, you both look spruce and stylish. Laurence and Sylvain, I admire your ability to always have the perfect outfit for the perfect location/occasion. How do you do it?!? Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. XOXO LisaO

  6. You travel so much, I adore it! I just wonder what you guys are working because you seem to have quite a lot liberty in managing your time. How do you manage to have enough time for traveling so much?
    By the way, the hat is fabulous!

  7. I just love Paris. How wonderful for you to be able to visit this great city. It is very high on the list of my favorite places. There is just something so magical about Paris and you can never be bored just even strolling the lovely streets and taking in all of the sites around you. You look wonderful in your 40s outfit and I really liked your mention of how yellow was added to red white and blue...I never knew this.

  8. I also wanted to mention you got some really great photographs with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Love this!

  9. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple in a beautiful city.

    Sylvain always looks so sharp. And you always look so pretty. I love everything about your outfit, especially the hat. What a wonderful hat.

  10. Lovely photos, and I've just visited Paris for the first time myself. What is D-day? :)

  11. You both look smashing, as always.

    Paris is a lovely city.

  12. All the details are also interesting, and immensely pretty, in your beautiful 1940s outfit as well. I so adore the way, much as I strive to as well, you pull colours from your outfit to match your accessories and vice versa. The sense of visual harmony that doing so creates is one of the most important keys, IMO, to a truly memorable, gorgeous outfit (like yours here, of course).

    ♥ Jessica

  13. I ADORE your outfit, and your hat is marvelous!
    How amazing to be in Paris for the 70th D-Day anniversary! It's on my dream list to visit Paris or Normandy on a WWII anniversary day.
    A friend of mind had the chance to go with an American WWII veteran on his first return trip to Normandy for the anniversary this year! She said it was incredible!