Monday, July 7, 2014

Vintage FISHES necklace...

I told you in a previous post that we visited some flea markets in Paris...

I found there a vintage jewelery set that inspired me this outfit!

We had a real heat waves in France a few weeks ago, more than 35°C (100°F)...

Really perfect to go out in hawaiian shirt...

I love my husband in yellow...

Hawaiian shirts have always great designs...

I'm thinking about buying some for me... just because I like the fabrics!

We took all these pictures after 8:00PM, 
but it was still more than 30°C!

So I built a comfy outfit for hot weather...

 around that CRAZY necklace!!!

It was not a cheap find...

I fell in love at the first sight but I hesitated to buy it because I could not think about outfits that would fit it...

But it was so kitch and colorful, I could not miss it!!!

Can you believe that the matching vintage earrings where still available?

I don't know the exact era of that amazing set...

Probably between 50's to 80's.

I had to find the perfect accessories to match this fishy set.

Shells lucite 50's bracelet...

50's cord basket with shells!

Starfishes in the hair...

Vintage striped 50's top...

with matching flat espadrilles!

and to finish a 50's hawaiian blue skirt!!!

My "under the sea" mermaid look...

for an evening stroll near water,

and a cool drive after the sunset...

but not that close to water!!!

I really don't like this kind of crazy hot weather...

I'm definitively a north side gal!

What do you think of that CRAZY fishes set?
Do you like hot weather?

Dur de trouver une tenue vintage pour combattre les grosses chaleurs que nous avons eu il y a quelques semaines!!! J'ai été inspirée par une de mes nouvelles trouvailles aux puces de St Ouen... cette parure poissons très kitch. J'ai joué le total look sous la mer et une petite chemise vintage hawaïenne pour Sylvain. Dur, dur à suporter cette fournaise, je suis décidément bien une fille du Nord! Et vous?
- Bye, bye -


  1. Wow! This jewellery set it AMAZING!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Dear Laurence and Sylvain,
    "Kitch and Colorful" is correct. What a great find at the flea market. I wonder what era it's from also. Laurence, you assembled the perfect outfit for it as always. It looks nautical, you both need to go sailing now. That's the beauty of finding great vintage pieces, whether it's jewelry, shoes, a dress, hat or a purse. It's fun to build an outfit around the item you want to highlight.
    Wow!! A 100 degrees, that's hot anywhere. I really don't care for hot weather, unless I'm at the beach or by a pool sipping a cocktail.
    XOXO LisaO

  3. Oh woweee - this is one of my favourite outfits of yours yet! I am obsessed with underwater/seaside themed 50s things - so your clothes/ jewellery/bag etc. is a dream for me! That necklace is so incredible and the earrings and your bangle are too. I love that you even added starfish in your hair, I have some starfish clips that I haven't worn yet so I must do that soon. Once again, another stellar outfit from the accessorising queen!

  4. What a perfect summer outfit! I love cute and kitschy jewelry, too, and building outfits around them is so much fun. You definitely have an amazing sense of style and fun.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! And I love that your car matches, too! A robin's egg blue 56 Bel Air would go well with your outfits, too! :) I also love anything nautical/sea for the 50's and you made a lovely looking outfit around your jewelry! Hawaiian prints are great, too! I don't like the weather that hot, either. The low 80'sF/25C is a nice temp for summer, with low humidity and a slight breeze! Hope you get some cooler weather soon!

  6. What a funny necklace. I would also have bought it although I didn't have anything that matched. You always do such a great job putting together your outfits. :)

  7. So cute! I'm not a fan of the heat either. That necklace set could be 1940s; those kind of kitchy things were popular in the 40s too, but it could also be 80s. Hard to tell!

  8. Fishy fishy net ! J'adore !
    C'est très cool et vous avez l'air d'avoir passer un bon moment sous ce soleil qui n'est malheureusement plus d'actualité ...

    Je vous souhaite de passer une agréable semaine les amoureux !


  9. What a fun necklace! And your outfit is totally cute.

    I love Sylvain's shirt. What a wonderful print. And is that King Kamehameha on the shirt?

  10. That set is amazing!!! I've been looking for a fish jewelry set but have not seen anything as great as yours! Wow!! Great find and great summer post!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  11. That necklace is bonkers but amazing. Great that you found the earrings too. I really like how you have put the outfit together. The starfish with the snood is a really good touch.

  12. Superbe tenue de sirène ! J'ai pensé à vous deux lors de ma dernière virée au bureau de poste...

  13. I ADORE this jewelry set!! And the outfit you built around it is so lovely. Perfect for those really hot days. Love the Hawaiian shirt, too!


  14. Gloriously cute, summery outfit! I love how much thought you put into coordinating everything. The whole picture is immensely cohesive and looks so beautiful on you. Fabulous score on this from-the-sea inspired set. It's uber cute and fun!

    ♥ Jessica

  15. Les accessoires sont adorables et drôles à la fois. J'adore !