Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to NORMANDY!

Another late post from June....

we left for a week-end in Normandy with some friends.

We were driving their '55 FORD.

Weather was just perfect!!!

We were not there for cows from Normandy...

but for a 50's event!

Cars, bikes, music... and friends!

        Some followers asked me a few posts ago if Sylvain
          and I work because we are travelling so much...

I was a bit surprised with those comments because we have both full time jobs!

We are travelling on week-ends and we are lucky enough to have 5 weeks of paid vacations in France!

Normandy is about 6 hours drive from home 
but we first stopped in Paris.

It was nice to meet new people...

even some that were already our blog followers.

We really spent a nice day there.

Here is what I wore on that sunny journey...

A really old 50's french sweater (one of my first vintage purchase ever...)

and a new circle skirt made of a vintage fabric.

It was custom sew for me by Debora from The Black Pinafore.

I must tell you that I'm always dissapointed with repro clothing and had 2 bad experiences with custom made items, but I was so pleased with what I received from her!

Did you notice my new lucite cat?

Matching sweater and car...

Being quite far away from home...

we were able to see some new (to us) vintage cars.

This day finished with some doo-wop around a street corner...

and going back to our charming hotel for more adventures in Normandy!

How much paid vacations do you have in your country?
Did you have some good experiences with repro and custom made items?

Nous avons passé un petit week-end en Normandie fin juin pour le festival Back in the 50's. Nous avons eu la chance d'y être conduits en FORD 1955! Le temps était parfait pour cette petite escapade improvisée entre amis... certaines personnes m'ont demandé il y a peu si Sylvain et moi travaillions car ils avaient un peu l'impression avec le blog que nous étions toujours en vadrouille! Et bien oui, on travaille à temps plein, mais nous passons nos week-ends et vacances de ci delà pour nourrir notre passion!!!
Juste un petit mot sur la jupe magnifique que je portais ici, elle a été confectionnée pour moi dans un tissu d'époque par Debora de The Black Pinafore. Cela me reconcilie un peu avec la repro car en général, je suis toujours déçue...
- A+ pour de d'aventures normandes -


  1. America will never get 5 weeks paid vacation...we're a bunch of robots!

  2. your skirt is as nice as Debora from The Black Pinafore is. Love your sunglasses and the cat pin! xxx

  3. Laurence and Sylvain,
    Beautiful weather!! I bet the event was fun and entertaining. Laurence, I always enjoy and look forward to reading your blog regardless of when it happens. I love what you are both wearing. Laurence great skirt, terrific ensemble. I've never had anything custom made but your reference to The Black Pinafore may convince me to try it. Sylvain's looks dapper in his matching sweater. Wow, where does that man find his cloths!?! Sylvain, do you buy your cloths first, then try and find a matching car OR do you purchase the car first-then find the matching cloths? :) LOL
    Good paid vacations I think in America depends on who you work for. Some companies are stingy and make you work x-amount of years before you can get a descent vacation. Most government jobs I think have the best vacation benefits. Mine is pretty good. I was able to vacation in Europe twice in one year. Each trip was more then a week.
    XOXO LisaO

  4. Hi Laurence, what a pleasure to see this post and especially to be mentioned on your blog, even if I do not comment often, I read you for 3 years now, and I must say that I am always waiting for your new post.
    What you say is true, there is always a risk in not being satisfied with the achievements at a distance, and in my case it happened once, but it all worked out.

    In Italy the summer holidays for state employees varies from 2 to 4 weeks, while freelancers do not have paid vacation.

    Enjoy the summer.

  5. That sweater is beautiful and I love the cat brooch! Such a pretty outfit! I've always been nervous to try custom made pieces, but your new skirt looks lovely! :-)

  6. Here in the USA, it's up to the employer how paid vacation time works. IIRC, my husband has had 5 weeks right from the start at his current job, which he's had for several years.

    My daughter, who is two years in the work force, started off with 3 weeks and will over time go up to 5 weeks. I am not sure of the timetable for this. I think she has 4 weeks for this year. Her boyfriend, who graduated with her, got nothing for the first year, and now 2 weeks for his second year. I have no idea how he accumulates vacation days and what the limit is.

    Back in the days when there were many factory jobs, it was common for the whole factory to close down for two weeks in the summer and everyone took vacation at that time. No choice in the matter. I don't know if factories still do this since there aren't any big companies that would employ thousands around here anymore.

    You and Sylvain always look so wonderful and go to so many fun places. I enjoy all your stories and pictures so much.

  7. Most Americans get two weeks of vacation so five weeks seems like a lot to us! I'm a professor so while I do get more than two weeks off, I get them between semesters and don't have any choice in when I get time off!

  8. I simply adore that top on you. I bet it goes with almost everything. And I have a case of serious earring envy. As always, you look wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us.

  9. looks like you guys had a wonderful time there! this outfit is my new favourite out of your collection. the little sweater is to die for and it looks so good with the skirt. love it.

    don't ask me about my holiday time ... minimum here in germany is 21 days ... in my last job i had 29 days (companies can choose how many holiday days they offer, if you work for the estate holiday time grows with your age ...) ... since i started the new job, i have to life with the minimum ... sniff.

  10. Oh my, your posts make me so happy! Five weeks vacation is just more evidence of the superiority of French culture.

  11. We also have five weeks paid vacation in Denmark, many even have six! I don't, so I pay the sixth week myself. I know you both work full time, but what is your work? I wonder what they say at work when you dress so vintage? I work at a very large company, and everybody is different, so I'm not that special. :)

  12. I live in the USA and my employer doesn't give traditional paid vacation, we simply get a double paycheck on the anniversary of when you are hired. I would give anything for just a couple of weeks off to get things done lol. :)

  13. It never ceases to amaze me what strangers or folks who only vaguely know you online will ask. Perhaps it's the polite Canadian in me, but that seems like a very rude question (which anyone who followed your blog for a bit of time would know anyhow, as I remember some earlier posts in which you discussed your work) and I hope that it didn't offend you (or your husband).

    It's awesome that you get so much time off your country. If you work full time in most types of jobs here in Canada, you get two weeks a year, but can "earn" more in some companies as you remain with them for longer. Tony, for example, has been with his for eight years now and gets 15 business days off per year.

    Love your outfit here and that sweet, gorgeous vintage ride you guys got to travel around in!

    ♥ Jessica

  14. I have no idea how much payed holiday we have in Switzerland, I guess it depends a lot from your employer, but it's surely never 5 weeks. However, being a stay-at-home mom now, I lost completely track of those things. I never would dare to ask such a question, I think it's everybody personal business how to spend their spare time. I enjoy it so much to see your traveling posts to places I would like to see too, so following your blog just gives me a "holiday feeling" - for free. So please do not stop to post about your travels!

    You certainly had a wonderful time in Normandy - all those wonderfully dressed people, sharing the same passion for vintage clothing, cars, etc - you all look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards from Switzerland, Doris aka Mrs. Button

  15. I'm in the UK and I think I get 25 working days, but that's more than the legal minimum.

    You and Sylvain certainly get the most out of your holiday time - I love seeing the adventures you both have. And those are some splendid cars in your latest photos.

  16. You look perfectly cool and lovely for a hot summer day! Love the lucite cat!