Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Between RAINDROPS.....

Last week-end, we brunched with friends on sunday.

Sylvain wanted absolutly to go with a vintage car...

Some friends did the same!

We chose to drive my 54' Chevy...

It seemed to be a good choice because sun came back after rain...

We really don't know hox to dress with this kind of weather...

My husband is already in the autumnal side,

with wool and plaid!

 I cannot bring myself to live my summer wardrobe...

 I really love simple vintage coton dresses with belt to tight.

They are so comfy and easy to wear, more than jeans for sure!

Just add a classic sweater and you are ready to go out!

Here is probably the biggest vintage brooch of my collection... HUGE!!!

But this beautiful sun was to good to stay...

Rain, rain, rain...

When my californian friends say that they like rain, 
I really don't understand!

I HATE rain!!!

Sylvain was finally right with is warmer clothes...

I have hunt for some more plaid stuff in my wardrobe for the upcoming cold,

Plaid look good on men and women, a classic!

You can find plaid and tartan on about everything from the 40's-50's: skirts, jackets, shoes, purses...

Although I like plaid so much, it's too early for me.

The only good side of rain is that I can add one more accessory to my outfit...


Red gives happiness to any outfit, isn't it?

I really don't like to drive my vintage car under the rain, it can be dangerous so I asked my husband to drive me safetly home!

Do you drive your vintage car under the rain?
Do you feel like me it's too early for plaid?

Petite sortie avec ma Chevrolet 54 pour aller "bruncher" entre amis le week-end passé... nous pensions passer entre les gouttes après quelques beaux rayons de soleil, mais malheureusement nous n'avons pas eu de chance! Comment des gens peuvent dire qu'ils aiment la pluie, je la déteste personnellement, elle peut ruiner n'importe quel beau projet! Dur, dur de trouver la tenue adéquate par un tel temps, entre été et automne... alors que Sylvain a déjà ressorti les vestes de laines à carreaux, j'ai bien du mal à me séparer des mes robes coton 50's si confortables (bien plus qu'un jeans...). Et vous, pensez-vous qu'il est trop tôt pour changer de garde robe?
- A+ -


  1. Sensationally lovely ensemble!!! I adore royal blue - it just doesn't get enough fashion play at all. I think part of my passion for it stretches back to when I was a Girl Guide and that was the colour of our uniforms.

    Red really does lend happiness to any outfit, I completely agree and wear it often myself for that very reason.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I think some of us Californians love the rain so much because we never get any! California is really dry right now.

  3. Impeccable styling as usual--- you look absolutely radiant in blue!

  4. You and your Husband look wonderful as usual. Just a quick question - how do you secure your silky head scarves? I have been wearing mine lately and are finding them after a while of wearing (when they warm up to body temperature) slipping and I feel then a need to re-tie them to keep them firmly on my head.

    1. To secure my scarves, I use 4 bobby pins in the back, 2 crosses on each side, usualy I don't use any on the front if they are many of light silk but nylon or heavy silk need to be secure in the front with one or 2 more pins. Hope it helps!

  5. I love your umbrella collection, such a good idea. I think we hate rain, because we get so much of it. I also adore plaid and have been searching for some plaid clothes for autumn and winter, and have been lucky to find some nice plaid dresses. But I feel just like you, they'll have to wait, I will still use my summer dresses with a cardigan for a few more weeks. Love your car. And tell Sylvain he is one of the most stylish men I've ever seen. :)

  6. I hate the rain too!! It means I have to rethink an outfit! But I do love plaid and it's never too early to start wearing it :)

  7. I love plaid and it's just now time to start wearing it. I wore a vintage-style plaid jacket yesterday as a matter of fact. And no, I don't drive my classic-in-the making Mustang in the rain. Or snow. But I did drive it on Sunday to the grocery.

  8. I'd love some rain now, we rarely get it down in Southern California! But your dress is splendid. And I always say, it's never too early for plaid!

  9. That is a staggeringly lovely car. If I had one like that, I think I'd spend ages sitting in it even if I never went anywhere!

    I think we get too much rain in western Europe to get excited about it...

  10. Rain sucks, right, worse than snow. I love that car! check out my blog umhomemnacidade.com


  11. You've inspired a royal blue and red ensemble for my outing to a bridal shower today! I was considering today a wash as far as clothes, but you've saved me! :)

  12. i have to say: it's never too early for plaid. i love plaid all over the year - and if it's not mainly red coloured it's not too wintery.

    i love your blue-red-white outfit. just wonderful!!!!

  13. You both look so nice here. I especially love Sylvain's suit. I love plaid and the fall is my favorite season. It won't start here for awhile but I am looking forward to it. I agree with you that dresses are much more comfortable than jeans. I don't get why so many women love the modern tight jeans look.

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your car!!!! Plaid is marvelous! Looking forward to seeing your winter wardrobe, since I live in a cooler climate overall!

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