Sunday, October 12, 2014

CARA, my new pet!

I was happy to have been contacted a few weeks ago by ERSTWILDER.

It's one of my favorite modern costume jewels maker,

that I discovered a few years ago.

They allowed me to choose a few brooches from their new AMAZING collection to review.

All their designs are so cute,

but I immediatly fell in love with CARA!

That's this small black cat sitting on a shiny moon.

So elegant with a touch of Halloween spirit!

I wanted to wear it as soon it arrived in my mail box directly from Australia!

So I thought about an outfit that would match that brooch.

Orange, black and white were my inspiration!

Sylvain and I searched the perfect place for a Halloween mood...

Not easy in Europe because just a few people celebrate it.

So we thought about the meaning of the 1st November in France.

It's the day when we go to cemeteries to bring flowers to beloved people that left us.

So we believed that was the best place to present this outfit.

I first thought "Is that correct to take pictures in a cemetery?"

Our answer was a "yes"...

Our french cemeteries are so beautiful and peaceful.

You can pay respect to some people that you never met...

imagine what were their lives more than hundred years ago.

Some messages carved in stones tell you how much they were loved!

My husband was so elegant on that day!

You must want to know where he found the incredible Hollywood jacket...

In L.A.? No, he found it with help of a friend in Amsterdam this summer! Nice find!!!!

I love how he also matched all those colors with his tie.

My outfit was build around Cara, my new little pet!

A vintage 50's black dress...

My most AMAZING 40's shoes...

some orange bakelite jewels...

and I made myself some orange accessories with velvet ribons!

I also added this cachemire beret for a more feline look.

I usually don't wear a lot of orange but
 small touches like that is OK

I think I will be able to use this brooch in many ways: pinned on a purse, like a belt buckle, why not like a hair accessory?

So do you also fell in love with Cara?
 Yes? So I have a good new for you!!!!

Erstwilder is hosting a Halloween giveaway. If you want to wear this cute brooch on your cotume the 31st of October enter it HERE.

Are you also a fan of Erstwilder?
Do you celebrate Halloween where you live?

J'ai été heureuse il y a quelques semaines d'avoir été contactée par ERSTWILDER, l'un de mes créateurs favoris de broches d'inspiration rétro. Ils m'ont gentiment demandé de choisir quelques modèles dans leur nouvelle collection! Je suis immédiatement tombée amoureuse de Cara... ce petit chat parfaitement dans l'ambiance d'Halloween! Dès qu'il est arrivé dans ma boite, j'ai pensé à une tenue pour pouvoir le porter au plus vite! Orange, noir et blanc fûrent mon inspiration. Il fallait alors trouver un endroit qui évoque cet esprit et nous avons immédiatement pensé à la Toussaint et ses cimetières puisqu' au final, Halloween n'est pas très ancré dans notre culture. Une première question m'est venue... "Est-ce correct de prendre des photos dans un tel endroit?"... et au final, pourquoi pas? Nos cimetières sont parfois si beaux et tranquilles, on peut se recueillir sur des tombes de personnes que nous n'avons jamais connues, imaginer la vie qu'ils ont eu il y a des dizaines d'années, il est parfois émouvant de lire les messages des proches.
Vous souhaitez aussi adopté Cara? Alors c'est votre jour de chance! Erstwilder organise un petit concours pour Halloween, inscrivez-vous vite ICI.


  1. Didn't know my daughter is living with you ? ! Yes her name is Cara !

  2. Entered!
    Trop mignonne ta tenue d'Halloween et jadore le setting hihi


  3. gorgeous outfit! orange looks fantastic on you! cara is so cute and fun --- but i can't stop swwoning over those breath taking 40s shoes!

  4. I do love Erstwilder. I don't own anything yet, but I realllyyyy want Hyacinth the Hummingbird. I asked for it for my birthday and I didn't get it. )=

  5. Oh they have such adorable items!!!
    And I love your shoes, they are so classic!
    I've always wanted to do a photoshoot in a cemetery, but growing up, I always heard it was disrespectful to the deceased, but I see it as another way of honoring them. And your cemeteries are indeed very lovely places.

  6. J'A-DO-RE vos chaussures!! Très belle tenue, qui vous va très bien et qui met en valeur à merveille la broche! Avez-vous un site à me conseiller pour acheter ses broches? J'aimerai beaucoup en trouver...

    1. Bonjour! Perso, j'achète mes broches pour la plupart sur et les fais venir directement d'Australie. Mais il y a depuis peu un distributeur en Grande Bretagne (voir sur leur site). Je ferai d'ici peu un petit post sur ma collection avec des liens.

    2. Merci! Et vivement le post sur votre collection de broches, très bonne idée!

  7. Elle sont vraiment années 40 tes chaussures ???? Superbes !
    Vous êtes magnifiques comme toujours...
    La veste de Sylvain est canon, et ta petite broche me fait envie !!!
    Bises ;-)

    1. Oui, elles sont 40's, pas en état parfait, mais je n'en ai jamais revues de telles!!! Trouvaille chez MODES....

  8. They're creations are simply sublime!!! I don't own any yet myself, but I've swooned over, and longed for, them from afar for quite sometime now, as they've suit my cute + vintage loving style and wardrobe extremely well.

    You picked great a great choice in Cara and it/her terrifically well for October/Halloween, dear Laurence.

    Congrats on getting to add these awesome new jewelry treasures to your wardrobe!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. What a wonderfully delightful Halloween inspired outfit!! That brook is marvelous and I love the bat one too! It's a hard choice!