Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween at EUROPA PARK !!!

Of course we have Disneyland in France....

but we have another wonderful park near our place!


It's in Germany about 2 hours drive from home,

so when we saw such a beautiful weather last week-end,

 we decided to go there for a day!

Moreover, we heard that the park provides a new decoration for Halloween!

Thousands of pumkins everywhere, that was so AMAZING!

Europa Park can really be compared to Disneyland,

it's not cheap decorated, I even think that there are more attractions than at Mickey's place!

The site is almost 40 years old...

so there are a lot of big trees and nice vegetation.

It can be compared to Epcot center in Florida,
but Epcot is younger (1982)!

It's show a bit of all our european countries: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, G.B., Scandinavia, Greece, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Iceland...

It's the biggest park in Europe for size,

second if you count the number of visitors.

We were there in familly and we spent such a nice day!

Here is my outfit on that special day.

A vintage 50's skirt with a nautical theme.

Wore with a vintage peasant blouse... quite bavarian....

A lot of people thought I was dressed like that for Oktober fest!

We were in Germany afterall...

I wore for the first time my new Minnetonka mocs.

They are so comfy for a all day long walk!

But I must tell you that I'm really disspointed with Minnetonka policy...

You can only buy their shoes from your own country,
so they can do the prices they want!

Only $48 in the USA (free shipping) and 90 euros (+ 9euros shipping) for the same pair in France!!!!!!!!!!!

They are nuts! So I bought mine on Etsy!

Mine dapper man in the park...

Ties even for a day like this!

Even if you cannot see it on our pictures...

the park was really crowdy.

We were supposed to leave in late afternoon,

but with such a nice weather,

we finally stayed until the night came!

So we could enjoy some more attractions without waiting too long!

It was also great to see all these decors with lights.

So if you have a chance to go to Europa Park one day,
don't hesitate!

Have you ever heard about Europa Park?
What is your favorite park next to your place?

Certainement le dernier jour aux couleurs estivales, nous devions impérativement profiter de ces derniers rayons de soleil avant notre hibernation.... nous avons donc choisi de nous rendre en famille à Europa Park en Allemagne! Second parc européen en terme de visiteurs et le 1er en superficie et qui tient largement la comparaison avec Disneyland. La déco pour Halloween était tout simplement époustouflante, des milliers de citrouilles dispersées dans le parc!!! Nous avons traversés l'Europe en quelques heures avec des yeux d'enfants retrouvés. Bref, on vous conseille ce parc vivement si vous passez dans la région. Et vous, quel est votre parc préféré?
Je porte ici mes nouveaux mocassins Minnetonka, je voulais testé cette marque depuis longtemps, mais j'ai été fort déçue de leur politique... on est obligé d'acheter dans notre pays, ils pratiquent alors des prix complètement débiles! Vendu 48$ aux USA, ils demandent presque 90 euros en France!!! J'ai donc attendu d'en trouver une paire sur Etsy...
- A+ -


  1. Heard from Europa park but never visited it.
    Favorit park is the Efteling in the Netherlands, not far from Antwerp where I live

  2. I love this park. Went there last year shortly before Halloween as well, so with all the decoration, too. I like that is is so old and you still find some traces of the old 70ies park every now and then. And as you said, all the huge trees make it really beautiful.
    I planned to go there this year, too, but didn't find time until now, sadly.

  3. what a cool park and I love your Bavarian inspired ensemble
    retro rover

  4. Thanks for the tip. I've never heard of Europa Park and we often visit Germany. Did you visit "Denmark" in the park? :) You both look lovely, as always, :)

  5. Spooktastically awesome looking!!! Halloween is my favourite holiday and would be lining up every October if we had something like that around these parts (alas, Canada has extremely few amusement parks - rats!).

    You guys look terrific (as always). Your heart jewelry is sensational!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. How fun is this! It really gets me in the spirit for Halloween. I live near the setting for Sleepy Hollow so maybe I should pay a visit down there. Giving me ideas:)

  7. you really live close to karlsrueh, where i lived before i moved to berlin! but i never made it to the town called rust and europa park! what a pity! the pictures you took there are so great ... looks like you both had a great day there.

    as always, i'm totally in love with your outfit!

  8. This place looks so nifty! And no, I had never heard of it before!