Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turban style

So it's our last week-end in France... Our plane will take off from Paris to San Fransisco next Saturday!!! For those who don't know, we are going to Viva Las Vegas.
It was time to do last minute shopping in order to prepare our suitcases.
Here is today's look for both of us:

So I chose a 40's look with a turban.

We had a wonderful week with warm temperatures and sun. But as usual, our week-end is windy and rainy!!!

"...Just singing in the rain...."

Time to show you another of my vintage umbrellas...

I found this purse more than 10 years ago in the largest european flea market in Lille. It's the first week-end of Septembre every year and it's really crazy: 2 days non stop day and night about 10000 dealers!!!! 

My umbrella come from a flea market in Belgium bought for 50 cents and this dress is the first 40's dress I ever owned. I found it in a small french flea market and it's quite rare to find vintage clothes in flea markets here. 

My husband  and I often try to match our clothes by era and colors but not today... complete opposite!!! He wore a 50's gray style.

Turban is really convenient for the bad hair days!!! And also when you travel and cannot bring hats with you...

This nice 50's shirt is my last birthday present for him!

I saved this 40's wool jacket from a Halloween rack in a small shop in Montréal 2 years ago for CAN$7!!! What a bargain...

Do you often wear turban ?
Do you sometimes try to match your man's clothes ?


  1. You two look fabulous like always. I wish I were going to Viva Las Vegas. Maybe next year.

  2. You two look incredible!!! Love both your outfits. And I can't believe the swell bargain you got on that gorgeous green jacket!

  3. You both do look great! I will be working next Saturday-Tuesday at La Rosa, so I hope I get a chance to meet you both.

  4. Wow your turbans look gorgeous! I presume you've made it out of a scarf. If so, could you possibly do a tutorial, because I can never do my scarf properly! You look gorgeous and your husband looks very dapper! Have a lovely holiday! XxxX

  5. Wouahou ! You are just beautiful !

  6. This looks gorgeous... I like wearing turbans and headscarves too, especially if I haven't taken out my pincurls yet!



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