Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage cars show

It was a really busy week-end for me, I bring a lot of nice pictures for you dear readers but I was so tired that I didn't post anything! So we went to Reims last Saturday for a big vintage cars show.

A lot of nice cars....

But also one of my favorite vintage clothes dealer!!!

She always has a lot of amazing vintage hats, most of them are often new old stock!

It's always the first stall that I visit in this swap meet that we visit every year!

I can spend hours to look at all these treasures!!!

My problem is when I try a hat I must definitively buy it! So much style, colors and NOS!!! I could not resist....

I came back home with all the above hats and another late 40's black hat and for a quite affordable price...

I resisted to this beautiful bra and fur stole because they were not in perfect condition... so hard!

There were also a lot of cars parts and some vintage toys.

Some WWII memorabilia...

Car parts and car parts....

The hat I'm wearing is one of my first vintage hat but I cannot believe it was the first time I wore it!!! Its veil are so fragile...

Here are both of us in front of our friends' car, a '55 Cadillac. It was the bride's car for our wedding!

Most of parts are for french vintage cars so we don't go there for that but more to meet some interesting people and of course friends.

It was still cold this week-end.

And after a good chineese restaurant with friends, it was time to come back home... 

It's harder and harder to store all my vintage hats....

Oh, I also came back with this pretty 50's dress and this vintage slip...

Can you resist to vintage clothes that fit you?
Have you a month vintage budget? 


  1. Gosh - the hats!! I'm so jealous! I especially love the beige and the red! The red dress looks amazing too! I'm starting to have the same problem with storing my vintage hats... and bags!
    And to answer your question, if I find something that fits I MUST have it! Unless it's very expensive. I left a 40s dress in Berlin that cost 140 euros because I thought it was too much and I still think about that dress... My budget changes from month to month depending on how much spare cash I have! :)

  2. Hats! Oh, I think I'd end up emptying my bank account if I ever ran across that many vintage hats all together at one time.

    I don't often find vintage (fitting me or otherwise) so that's not a problem. I do have a monthly shopping budget that gets split between sewing, knitting, and vintage (via etsy) depending upon what I'm feeling that month.

  3. That dress is wonderful! I love your hat that you were wearing, so great.


  4. all those lovely hats.I would never be able to choose just the dress and slip.You look so cute.

  5. Oh, the hats! The first one is absolute perfection, it looks like it was made for you. The dress is very cute too.
    And I can´t stop looking at the red hat with the single feather (the one in the second picture). I think it´s got my name written on it in big letters.

    I´m on a very tight budget at the moment, 20€ for shopping each month is the maximum. But I became a pretty good bargainer that way :)

  6. Lovely dresses and such gorgeous hats, I adore where you keep your hats too! It looks like you had an amazing time, such great stalls and cars! XxxX

  7. I've seen that car somewhere! That black one in the first photo… Lightbulb! The movie Anne Frank! The Germans drove cars like that in the movie. Wow! Look how old and amazing it is..

    - Jennifer Townsend

  8. Looks like you had some serious fun at the car show! You even dress the part! I think that is the fun part of going to these kinds of events. You can feel the vintage vibe in the air that you want to partake in the event by dressing some classy old fashioned wardrobe. The cars and the outfits were stunning, and definitely timeless.

    [Sebastian Gaydos]

  9. At first, I really thought that it was a vintage hat show! Hehe! There are a lot of fabulous hats, but really my eyes were focused on those classic cars, especially on the first photo! I would love to wear one of those dresses and hats while driving that classic! Haha!

  10. I like your taste, Laurence! Vintage fashion, along with the classic cars, just remind me of the Victorian era when sophistication rules! What’s your favorite vintage car? Mine would be a 1940 Cadillac! :D

  11. My car ('54 Bel air) is one of my favorites, I also love Pontiac from 1948-1953. Corvette 1953-54 can be also a dream!