Sunday, March 18, 2012

A trip to the USA !!!!

So we are leaving for California in 6 days and I'm so excited!!!!
The USA is one of our favorite destination to travel, it's so easy to rent a car knowing where you want to start and where you want to finish and make a crazy road trip!!!

Our first trip there together was in late 90's. I was only 19 years old and it was for a 5 weeks travel along the Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. I will remember it all my life!

What we love the most are Antique Malls! These kind of goodies supermarkets don't exist in Europe... We can spend hours inside to look at all these treasures!

In front of an Antique Market during our last US trip!

It will be our third time to California (fifth for my husband!) so it will be more a shopping trip than a touristic trip!!!
We will spend 4-5 days in San Fransisco and afterward it will be Los Angeles and we will finish by Viva Las Vegas!!!

I was so afraid to see that a lot of gals were preparing their VLV suitcase 3 month ago!!!! I finished mine only today.

Here is an overview of what I put in my suitcase:

I packed a lot of coton dresses, easy to wear and can be worn with a sweater for cooler weather!

As I cannot bring all the coats I want and my hats, I needed to choose a lot of cool costume jewelery!!!

I also packed some hawaian stuff for Viva.

Also some evening dresses...

We usually use vintage suitcases but for plane boarding we use modern ones because they are so bad treated!!! I'm always afraid to put my vintage clothes in the holds of the aircraft because I fear that they can lose my suitcase!!!

I will bring with me a special skirt for Easter!!!! So cute...
I'm afraid not to have bring a lot of warm clothes!!! We will see.


But it's OK for me everything is ready: clothes, shoes, hair stuff, jewelery.... it's my husband worries now to pack his things... much more easy for a guy, isn't it?


I hope to be able to meet some of you in VLV and why not share a drink! I'm praying for good weather....

Will you be at Viva Las Vegas this year?

Do you know amazing places not to miss in SF, LA or Vegas?
Vintage clothing shoppes? Antique Malls? Flea markets?
 Museums? Restaurants? Club?


  1. I hope I get to meet you when you are in San Francisco! I will be working all week at La Rosa on Haight Street, but Sunday and Wednesday are my days off.

    Have a safe trip!

    1. We will arrive in SF at about 2PM on Saturday, it's pretty sure that we will not stay at our hotel even after a 15 hours trip!!!! Hope to see you there. It close at which hour on Saturday?

    2. We close at 7 PM. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Also, I will work next Sunday if you don't make it to the shop.

    3. and just a weather has been cool, 50-60F in San Francisco lately, and also with rain. Bring an umbrella and a warm coat.

  2. I'm so happy for you! I loved everything you packed-I am sure the weather is going to be super nice in Cali-def check the internet beforehand as well. Cannot wait to hear about your adventures!! xox

  3. Ohh how fun! My husband lived in LA for a bit and we went on our honey moon there. I hope you have a wonderful trip, it's so lovely!


  4. come to redlands ca. Its only about an hour away from l.a and we have lots and lots of antique and vintage stores. you will love it.

  5. Have a wonderfully fun and safe trip! I won't be at VLV, so I'm sorry I won't get to meet you. Hopefully you will come back to Chicago, or I will make it back to France-- have not been there since I was in college!

  6. Wow it sounds like you are going to have an amazing time! Have a great and safe trip. I love all your clothes you've packed and I can't wait to see some pictures! XxxX

  7. Oooohhh, it looks like you're all set for any kind of event you might encounter on this side of the Atlantic. I really like the selection you went with and can totally relate to what you said about fearing your vintage items will get lost by the airline. I recently moved across the country (from Ontario to British Columbia), and brought almost no vintage clothing in my suitcases on the plane, preferring to risk its safe arrival with our movers instead (happy to report everything arrived safely).

    Wishing you both a marvelous, fun filled trip!
    ♥ Jessica

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  9. Hi there, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Lieber Blog award. Please go to my blog to read the directions on how to keep it going.

  10. Hi, tu es française et ça fait plaisir de voir enfin un blog sur le vintage way of life écrit par une française. Je commence tout juste aussi. Bonne continuation , je suis ton blog avec attention :-)

  11. Merci, c'est aussi sympa de voir que des français suivent le blog! La vie vintage est plutôt un peu morte, même si depuis quelques temps la mode du burlesque et de la custom culture a ajouté quelques adaptes.