Sunday, March 4, 2012


I will have a great piece of news to announce next month! And for that I needed to shoot some vintage style portraits of myself... not easy with our small camera with no professional photographer, but the model is great, isn't she? :-)))

So here is the result of this fast shooting:

For this shooting and also for a friend's birthday party, I chose this outfit. I really love vintage suits but it's somethimes hard to find the perfect size! Moreover you are often overdress with a suit nowadays but I don't care! It's not a shame to be elegant!!!

I will speak a bit more about my accessories.

I have just received those amazing Miss L Fire shoes in black suede and leather with fake snake print! These shoes are so beautiful and I love all their details!!! I decided to wear a matching snake skin purse and I picked up a nice lilac lucite set. I love lilac color I think it suits me but I know that a lot of people don't like lilac color...

The flecked fabric and the details of this suit are so NEW LOOK!!! Brooches are such lovely accessories what a pity that modern fashion doens't use them anymore... 

My hat has a heart shape. Lovely!

It's time to go out with just a fur stole... spring will be here soon!

What do you think about this picture's colors? My husband loves and I'm not a big fan.

I tried a new hair style and I think it turned out great!

And a special thanks for my nice photographer....

He is also worth a portait, isn't he?

And why not a big kiss???

Do you like to be a model ?
Do your often wear vintage suits ?


  1. sublime!!j'adore votre look 40's/50's,votre façon de vivre,votre déco intérieur,enfin tout...:-)

  2. Very nice ensemble :)

    I love to wear vintage suits and I often wear them...when I can find them in a usable size. My problem is always the skirt - the ladies back then had some very tiny waist lines....or/and perhaps they used a larger size jacket to get a more bulky/maskuline look (in the 40's) together with a tight skirt.

    I like the black/white pictures...the colored one not so much. The black and white pictures have a more vintage feel to them.

    your hair looks great with that little black hat :)

  3. Quelle superbe idée se shooting ^^ J'adore votre chapeau ainsi que la broche. La photo couleur est très bien, en même temps :vue le modèle et le photographe ^^
    Bonne semaine a vous deux.

  4. I like the black and white photos and I like the pin on your jacket, but what I just love LOVE is the collar on your blouse. It is just beautiful! I can't help wondering what the rest of the blouse looks like.

  5. I love love love them all. And of course you have to end it with a kiss!! hehehe Jus beautiful-keeping doing it! xox

  6. You look great! I was so lucky the other day to find a suit that fitted me! Those shoes are lovely- I have ordered them in green. :)

  7. You look amazing, great pictures! I have to say I'm quite curious about what you're going to announce ;)

  8. I love that, "it's not a shame to be elegant"

    you look lovely in your suit!

  9. You both look great! Such lovely photos and I adore those shoes! XxxX

  10. beautiful photos.your outfit is amazing.Your hair looks great.