Saturday, July 14, 2012

"14 juillet" winner...

Today is our national day here in FRANCE... but the weather is so awfull that about all village parties have been cancelled and the most of fireworks have been postponed... Wind, rain and cold where is our summer????

So we didn't go out today but just stay home to organise a bit our vintage clocks collection, I will share some pictures with you in some next posts...

But I'm here now to tell you who is the winner of my 200 followers giveway... Thanks to all the ladies who enter this small contest and hope my bracelet will find a lovely new home!!!

So the winner is the one who wrote the 2nd message... it's Sarah!
You can contact me via my new e-mail adress: to give me your full postal adress!

I will try to do my best to continue this blog with nice posts and pictures... it's really a hard work to always carry my camera everywhere and take time to write some new messages here but it's worth it mainly when I meet people who know me thru this blog!!!

Do you love to be part of a giveaway?
What will be your dream giveway (realistic of course)?


  1. Something that has helped me post more is download Blogger on my phone. I can now put pictures on the post in no time.

    A dream give away from you would be some of your lovely hats! I always admire how great they are.

  2. Happiest celebration wishes to you and all of the wonderful people of France! Canada Day, our national Day of celebrating all things Canuck and maple leaf covered :D, takes place in July, too (on July 1st).

    ♥ Jessica