Sunday, July 1, 2012


Do you remember THIS post when I spoke to you about the Maginot Line?

So this week-end was the event for which we made some pictures in March. It's IMMERHOF building.
 I took the oportunity to visit inside the casemates with some friends.

This fort was really well preserved, first thanks to the army and since 1974 thanks to volunteers.

You can find inside some big machines to pump water, produce electricity...

You can see here my 40's look for this WWII memories tour....

You can find also a kitchen...

A few bedrooms... only 1 bed for 3 soldiers!!!!

There was also an hospital...

Immerhof was a small fort during the WWII, "only" about 200 men inside and ... NO woman!

You can see on some wall messages from the G.I. who freed the fort the 5th of November 1944, most came from Texas and Louisiana.

You can also see some Pin-up that they drew... amazing, isn't it?

The turrets of artillery still works really well, they can shot a bombs until 10km!

In some other larger Maginot Line forts, there were even some trains under ground to carry bombs, food, soldiers....

It was also a vintage car meeting around Immerhof.

It was the first time of the year that our Cadillac went out due to some carburator problems.
We took our meal in a double deck bus from London...

Its owner made a funy 50's style diner inside.

I was wearing a really nice coton 40's dress just bought some weeks ago from North Star Vintage.
I didn't went out with my Chevy but I was the driver of our '59 Cadillac! My husband drove his '58 Lincoln.

Do you remember? I bought this incredible hat HERE.

Our friend Rémi made a promise to my husband some months ago...

to let him drive his Hot-Rod...

Our friends Chris went out for the first time with his new car....

Some of us seemed to be really pleased with the air ride!!!!

It's vintage cars' season now that's why about all week-ends we are out with all our GORMANDIZERS friends!!!

Have you ever visited some WWII heritage?
Are you a member of a vintage car club?

P.S.: Did you notice that I reached 200 followers????
 I must think about a nice GIVEAWAY, isn't it?


  1. Lovely pictures as always^^
    I think we've been to quite a few WWII memorial buildings so far - since we're from Germany and they are everywhere. But we've never been there in vintage clothing... Have to think about that when visiting one again.
    And we're not in an Oldtimer Club or vintage car club. I don't even know if there are any around here. Have to check that out.
    Love to hear about your 200 followers. Congratulations^^ A giveaway would be awesome - I always love those XD

  2. Congrats on reaching 200 followers! And I just adore the print on that dress! The 40s really had some of the loveliest prints.

  3. Everything about your outfit is absolutely lovely, but I'm especially smitten with that charming, elegant flower bedecked hat. You always know just how to accessorize any ensemble perfectly.

    Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on my vintage gingham dress post today, I really appreciate it and loved learning that you once spent time studying in Quebec - how cool! (I have French Canadian blood on my mother's side.)

    Wishing you a joyful, sun-kissed July!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love your hat and dress, you look simply wonderful! And the cars are great too.
    x Molly

  5. Joli post comme d'habitude !
    Un jour, quand nous serons de vieux croutons, il faudra faire un livre avec les photos de toutes ces virées nostalgia nostalgique !

  6. Great photos. I really like your dress. It looks great in contrast to your surroundings. The double decker bus looks like a lot of fun.

  7. Wonderful photos! And you look simply smashing!!! You just fit right in with the WWII uniforms and all of the other vintage stuff. Cute diner on the London bus, too. Fun!! Thanks for another interesting story along with the car show and your fellow Gormandizers. My dad was in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. I have his dog tags hanging on the corner of the mirror on my blond mahogany bureau. I also wear from time to time a piece of "Sweetheart Jewelry" that my dad made while overseas...out of airplane pieces.

  8. Such a great post!!!

    I'd like to keep in touch with you.
    What do you say about following each others blog via gfc and bloglovin?

    Let me know! Kisses,