Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Around the Lake....

This week-end was the first days of my summer vacation!

So I drove my '54 chevy to a small vintage cars event.

It was near a charming lake...

I chose to wear yellow that is a pretty hard color to wear for a blonde gal.

You will certainly recognize one of the most famous french car, the 2 CV (2 horses) from CITROEN.

Most of the cars were european...

and in these kind of local events, there are more and more cars from the 70's, 80's and even 90's... I don't like this so much...

But there are also some nice things from the era we love.

Here is the ARONDE (means swallow) from SIMCA a small french car from the 50's.

The colors of these pictures are quite light due to a mistake of selection on my camera, but it's not so bad... give a vintage look, isn't it?

I bought these dress 4 years ago at Viva Las Vegas.

The DS from CITROEN is also a iconic french car from the 50's really futurist for this era.

Another french car a DYNA from Panhard.

This is a 1922 DELAGE a really luxurious french car.

You will ask me what is this egg next to my car.... just a vintage 50's pump for firemen!

This cute little red MG from the 50's is our neighbours one.

A small utility car, the Prairie model from RENAULT.

We also find some time to visit a nice flea market and here are my finds of the day, all these for 2 euros...

One bakelite bangle and another made of plastic probably from the 60's like this cute chineese brooch.

And I was lucky enough today to find this CUTE little purse from the 50's made with a kind of coconut!!!!

Do you know some french cars from the 50's?
What do you think a this coconut purse?


  1. Nos jolies françaises ont leur charme aussi. Moins extravagantes certes mais charmantes tout de même.

    Très jolies photos.

  2. I really like the coconut purse, anything that is out of the ordinary I like.

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I particularly like the Aronde; that swallow hood ornament is pretty neat!

  4. No need to worry, you look wonderful in yellow! :)

  5. You look wonderful in the yellow-just like sunshine!!! And I adore that cute little coconut purse! OMG-it's soooo cute! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!

  6. That coconut purse is so whimsically wonderful and cute as all get out!

    You look absolutely beautiful in yellow. It adds such a lovely hit of warmth to your colouring and seems like the perfect hue to sport as July comes to a close.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Hello, and thank you for your comment on my blog! For some reason I had missed your blog, but I'm glad I found it! You look very dashing in that outfit, and I'm SO jealous you have a '54 Chevy!!! I did a post a while ago about a thing called American Car Show that I went to. After leaving it, and seeing all the modern cars parked outside, you realize how boring they look compared to the good old ones... :) xx

  8. you car is really beautiful! and i love the yellow look. almost as much as i love that little coconut head purse!